Are You Appy?

With the way technology blazes lately, it seems there’s something new to learn or acquire almost daily. iPhone 5, anyone? If I used a cell phone, I’d so be on that one.  Alas, if I exceed two minutes call time a month, it is something to dial home about.

But what about apps? What do you, as a reader, think about author apps? I’ve just debuted an app for my Beautiful Creatures world. In the app you’ll find a complete list of my books, buy links, excerpts, videos, photos, and I can live tweet news and will be featuring cover reveals on the app before anyone else can see them. It’s kind of fun, and I had a great time putting it together.  Readers are reading on electronic devices all the time, so an app seemed the next new thing to try.  But what do you think?  Would an app featuring all the above appeal to you, or can you get your information from the computer at home?  (Oh, by the way, it’s free, and Android users can get it at It’ll be available for Apple users soon.)

I should also  mention I’ve two new releases out this month (sort of new, anyway). ROGUE ANGEL: THE MATADOR’S CROWN is my fourth entry into the Rogue Angel action-adventure fantasy series written under the Alex Archer pseudonym. This story is set in Cadiz and features bull fighters, flamenco dancers, and guys with guns (gotta have guys with guns).

Also this month, I’m thrilled to announce that I finally got back the rights to my first book, DARK RAPTURE, which was originally pubbed in 1997.  A vampire romance written before Twilight. Go figure!  😉  Anyway, I’m calling this the remastered edition because I went through and did some light editing, slapped on a gorgeous new cover, and voila!

Do weigh in on the apps question, pretty please?


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13 Responses to Are You Appy?

  1. loisgreiman says:

    Good question, Michele. I’m not a techie person as you know, but I’m fascinated to learn what other readers are interested in.

  2. I had no idea such a thing existed. But with the way the world is changing in a technological sense, one barely blinks and there’s something new–blinks again, and it’s commonplace. I’m not sure I would use this–there’s already so many apps on my phone and iPad anyway, but I think it’s amazing and very cool that you are on the forefront of this! I imagine we’ll all be trying to do this before long!

  3. Forgot to add…congratulations on your new releases. They look fabulous!!!

  4. Christie Ridgway says:

    Oh, that DARK RAPTURE cover is beautiful! I have a smartphone and some apps on it that are cool but I am hardly ever away from home so I don’t play with them much. Surfer Guy and Son1 and Son2 are all over that kind of stuff…they’re always checking their fantasy football league stuff on their phones.

    I think the author apps are cool. I can see readers really getting into it!

  5. leannebanks says:

    Michele! Congrats on the fab new releases! And for re-issuing the earlier book. I’m a bit behind the times on apps. I just got an Apple 4s and I love it, but I’m using it mostly for basic stuff like texting and talking.:) I keep telling myself I’m going to get more appy….. I just haven’t gotten there yet!:)

  6. I happen to this this is a GREAT idea Michele!! It helps your readers keep up with your books and also helps new readers of your books with the reading order of the series!! I have an iPhone and I LOVE all my apps!! I am definitely going to be getting yours when it comes out for Apple!!
    WOO HOO!!!

  7. Kylie Brant says:

    I am sooo impressed with you, Michele! You’re apps sound great. I’m not so much into apps as I find it easier to look things up on the computer. Screen / print size is getting to be a problem for me 🙂

  8. michelehauf says:

    I do like knowing I can have my own little app on my electronic device about a favorite author. I think it feels more personal than a website. And if you get exclusive updates, that’s cool. But who knows?

  9. Cindy Gerard says:

    This is so cool Michele. But I’m not appy :o( I need to be, I just know it but somehow I just never get there. You are sooo leading edge :o) Congrats on the new releases. way cool!

  10. Linda says:

    I think I am a Ludite. My cell phone is just a phone and hate to say it but really don’t even like voice mail on the phone. I prefer to find my information on a computer and once I am away from a computer I don’t feel the need to be 100% connected. I feel like I need down time and maybe I am just old fashioned. For those who are Appy hope they like it. Congrats on your books though!

  11. Tina says:

    I would love to get the app! I wish more authors did it!

  12. taurus says:

    I rely on my computer for author/book updates. However, family and friends love the apps on their
    phones. I know there are apps available for my Nook Color, but I haven’t checked any out.

  13. alisongail99 says:

    Sounds Great.. id use both android on my ereader and the Apple on my ipod

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