A Rock Star To Love

Paul McCartney had me at hello. Actually, it was more like “Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you…” that Sunday night forty nine years ago when the Beatles made the American debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.

I thought I’d go blind with the joy. My father insisted I’d go blind sitting so close to the television. I didn’t go blind. Just a little crazy for Paul. The cute one. The angel faced, smiling, sweet Paul who, I was convinced, was singing from his heart directly into mine.

If I remember correctly The Beatles did three Ed Sullivan shows, a few concerts and then headed back home to the UK. They returned the following summer with a very busy tour schedule. Beatlemania had taken hold and this time there was no way I was going to miss seeing The Beatles up close and personal. Especially Paul. I had become a Beatlemaniac, a groupie separated from her subject by the mere width of the Atlantic Ocean.

Back then I lived in an innocent margin of time within rock band history. When I look back I can hardly believe my parents allowed me and a girlfriend (both 15 at the time) to spend the afternoon in Atlantic City unsupervised. Of course these were pre-casino days, when tourists strolled the boardwalk, marveled at the diving horse out on the Steel Pier or were in town simply to discover the best clam bar. We passed up all that to stand in front of the hotel where Paul and company were staying. Along with a couple hundred others, we stood behind the police barricades and chanted their names. Pandemonium set in when one of Beatles slipped a Cuban heel boot (if you remember the early days you remember those boots) on the sill between the window and the draperies. Whose boot? Whose hand? Which one was teasing us? Was it Paul? More screaming.

Later on we made it over to Atlantic City Convention Hall for the concert. One of the opening acts was the phenomenal Righteous Brothers, but Paul, playing his bass guitar left-handed, shaking his silky, dark hair and singing to me, was all I wanted. And I got it, standing on my chair, like all the others, waving wildly and screaming my brains out. My throat was sore for days afterward. I didn’t care. Sore throats heal but the thrill of seeing my good guy “hero” in person would last a long, long time.

During that short time before psychedelic drugs and violence gave rock concerts an iffy reputation, I managed to see quite a few bands. To name a few, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Herman’s Hermits, and The Animals. Like the tee shirt reads, “I may be old but I got to see the cool bands.” Fun memories, but they all pale next to one fact; in the summer of ’64 I got to see the coolest band of all. The Beatles.

The blurry photos I took with my cheesy little camera have vanished, the Atlantic City Convention Hall was torn down and The Beatles eventually broke up. But I’ve managed to keep my ticket stub from that night forty-eight years ago.

Beatles Ticket

It’s in our safe, next to the other “important” papers. Even though those memories aren’t going anywhere I’d hate to lose that keepsake. Sometimes when I need a special document or a piece of “good” jewelry I take out the ticket and look at it. It always makes me smile.

And, Paul McCartney, if you’re reading this, I still have a crush on you.

Paul McCartney


Admit it, you have a favorite rock star. So tell us about him – what tripped your trigger? Did you see him in concert? Do you still have a crush on him?  

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31 Responses to A Rock Star To Love

  1. Kathie says:

    What a blast from the past!! I too watched the Beatles American Debut on Ed Sullivan all those years ago. I was so excited I could barely breath but George was my choice. It is one of those things you remember with uncanny clarity. Myself and 3 friends even did a mock concert for the rest of the school, dressing the part. Thank You for bringing up the memories!!!!

  2. lizkflaherty says:

    George, the quiet one, was “my” Beatle, too. I My friend got to see them in Indianapolis on September 3–I think of ’65–and I cried all day because I didn’t get to go. I saw A HARD DAY’S NIGHT seven times in the theatre. We sang, “We love you Beatles, oh yes we do…” for days on end on the school bus.I look back and know beyond all doubt that in February of ’64, with that first Sullivan show. life changed irrevocably.

    I loved the post.

  3. sweetcindal says:

     I loved the Beatles too and yes Paul was my drug of choice. 🙂 Still is and I am 58 years old. 🙂 Cindy Rushford    


  4. Kylie Brant says:

    I still remember seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I was in first grade I think. I remember asking my mom, “Why are all those girls screaming?” LOL. I’m not a screamer but I do love the Beatles. I’ve managed to pass down my love for lots of the old bands to my kids but they never really got the Beatles. Loved Paul and George.

    • It’s sad that two of them are gone. At least it wasn’t drug overdoses. I think it’s interesting that no one has mentioned John as their favorite. He was very “challenging” for young teens. And Ringo, a teddy bear.

  5. leannebanks says:

    Beatles Schmeatles, Give me Davy Jones!:) lol I came later to love the Beatles, but I do enjoy a lot of their music now. SO COOL that you still have your ticket stub to that concert!!!! Good for you! And congrats on those new books!:) xo

    • Maybe it’s that British accent – it gets me every time. About the ticket stub; I wish I knew what I did with my Rolling Stones one. They were kind of “out there” crazy but that early concert still had most girls in sweet, Chelsea collar dresses. So glad I was on the innocent side of fandom that summer.
      Davy Jones had a house just a few miles from mine until her passed recently.

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    Love this post, Susan and the memories and since you mentioned it, John WAS my favorite. He was so mysterious an serious yet he had this wry sense of humor. And those glasses. Swoon. I adored him!

  7. Mysterious, that’s the word. He was operating on and from many levels and, ultimately, that was a gift to us. We are so fortunate that the music lives on…except when we’re in an elevator or shopping mall! The music thrills but the voices resonate – together, magic.

  8. superauntkx9 says:

    I loved the Beatles, who didn’t, Paul and George were always my two favs and every time I too hear’ CLose your eyes and I’ll kiss you”, I sigh… But I must admit my favs were, Elvis and also The Everly Brothers, Don and Phil. I got to see them at a Dinner/Nightclub when I was 14. It was my birthday gift from my parents and my grandmother… It was the biggest thrill of my young life… I will never forget having my first grown up fine dinning experience and then moving over to the stage area where these little tables were set up and sitting donw and being one from the stage.. My granmother often said that this was the time when she started to lose her hearing because of all the loud music.. And everytime I hear them on the radio or what ever i am listening to, It brings back that memory…

  9. MaryC says:

    I remember seeing the news footage of the Beatles landing in NY and how upset my older sister was that she missed it. Our Dad was amazed at the amount of money she spent on Beatles records, magazines and merchandise. The Beatle that interested me most is John.

  10. Tina says:

    I never was into the Beatles but I grew up with Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. Now that was a bad boy you could fall in love with! As a teenager I also fell in love with Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and I still have a crush on Bono (U2)…

  11. Kelli Jo Calvert says:

    As a kid, it was Shawn Cassidy, then I found out John Travolta could sing!! In high school, it was Matthew Nelson, not Gunner, Michael Tramp – lead singer of White Lion, and Joe Elliott – lead singer of Def Leppard. Matthew Nelson’s still hot!!

  12. chey says:

    Bryan Adams is one of my favourites.

  13. Susan, Susan, Paul is mine. Mine mine mine. I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t go with my girlfriends when the Beatles played Shea Stadium in ’65. We lived in Western Massachusetts, and I think they took the train. They said they couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t see much, but they were THERE. I wish I had gone. In the late 60’s I saw most of the really big groups–except the Stones–and I did see Paul when he came to Mpls on tour with Linda. The cool thing was that my kids went with me. My son, now well into his 30’s (okay, 39) still says it was the best concert he’s ever been to. And he just took his daughters to see KISS. I could go on and on about concerts, but Paul was the best.

    • Dearest Kathleen – I will allow you an insanity defense, if you insist about this Paul being yours thing, but since he’s married AGAIN the truth is up in the air. Thanks for commenting.

      • I just wanted everyone to know that that last photo of Paul McCartney, strolling down an L.A. street, was courtesy of shutterstock.com taken by professional photographer Helga Esteb. Wish I could have taken it myself. Damn, he just keeps getting better.

  14. bn100 says:

    No favorite rock star.

  15. How fun to read your blog today! I remember going to a Beatles concert in Minneapolis. The place was packed and they were so far away that we couldn’t really see their faces, but it was fun to be there.I think every girl at my school had a crush on Paul!

  16. I remember watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show and making a total idiot of myself as I danced and sang along. George was my favorite. Love this post. Brings back fond memories of times spent on the Jersey Shore. I love it that you still have your ticket. Wish I could see a concert for $3.95.

  17. loisgreiman says:

    Great post, Susan. Thanks. But…I never did have a rock star crush and now I feel like I missed something. Is it too late??

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