So maybe I’m feeling a little overwhelmed these days.  But I could use some help.  As a matter of fact, I could use some *super-human help.*

I’ve only been in school for seven days so far.  (Okay, I was on vacation one of those days, but who’s counting?)  They added four students to my roster in the first three days.  Which would have been ok if I hadn’t started with eighteen special ed students.  Twenty-two special ed students at the beginning of the year is worthy of a “Wow.”

As in how the heck am I ever going to pull this off?  And what the hell am I going to do with we start identifying new students?  (I usually get seven or eight new students a year.)  I feel overwhelmed.  In need of help.

Super-hero help.

So let’s talk about that.  Look around at what’s in ::your:: life right now.  What sort of super-hero traits would come in handy?  There are so many to choose from, some already ascribed to known super-heroes (because of course they exist.)  But what if you could SELF-SELECT your own powers?

Ah.  That opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities.

I’ll go first, because, well, it’s my post.  I’d like to have cloning powers.  Not because two of me is anything short of frightening, but because it is going to take at least two me’s to get around to 22 special ed students.  I can only hope when I start cloning myself it isn’t like Multiplicity when every successive clone gets a little dumber.  I don’t have that many brain cells left in the original me.

After I clone myself…hmmm…what else?  I’ve always thought multiple lives would come in handy.  And invisibility whenever I chose it.  Omniscience would be good.  With all those traits I could walk into the worst neighborhoods, into war-torn countries and snatch kids from dangerous/unfit homes and place them with families who would nurture them.

Bullets wouldn’t necessarily bounce off me.  I’d scar.  I’d die and be automatically re-born in the same life form.  (Is it disturbing that I’ve given this thought?)  And I’d carry the scars I’d accumulated, and the memories because I’m a writer and that’s what makes our characters interesting.

So let’s see.  What do I have so far?  A cloned, automatically reincarnated being with powers of invisibility and omniscience.  Not so much to ask, really.  I’ll leave the cloaks of utter stupidity and anti-logic vests for the politicians.  Wait; it appears they’ve already claimed them 🙂

What would you choose?  What super powers could you use right now?  What would you use them for? Would they be used for good or for evil?  (Because evil could be a whole lot of fun, too!)

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15 Responses to Build-a-Super-Hero

  1. What an intriguing…totally fascinating post. But first of all, I’ve got to say that I am–and always have been–totally in awe of you, Kylie. Now–with your often-times impossible load at school, plus all the wonderful books you write. And earlier, while you had your job AND were raising five active kids, AND were writing. Anyone who snivels about “wishing they could write someday, but gosh, they work and have a couple of kids, so just don’t have time” needs to look at what you have accomplished and then shut up! 🙂

    As for super powers, you already have them. 🙂 But I love your idea of being able to rescue children in need. Count me in, there. I also wish I could fly. It would be so glorious! And I’d love to be able to instantly visit our kids and grandkiddies, no matter how far away they are, so I could pop in for grandma-time babysitting whenever they needed some help.

    • kylie brant says:

      Ooh, cool idea, Rox! I’d love to drop in instantly with the kiddos too. I’d also like to transport myself back in time and relive special moments…or even the daily craziness raising kids was!

  2. leannebanks says:

    Love your post! A great way to start out Monday. With all those kids, I’m hoping some of your super power wishes come true! In my case, I would also love to fly, have an invisibility cloak, and speed write. Yes, I consider that a super power.:)

  3. kylie brant says:

    No kidding, Leanne, speed writing is definitely a super power. I’d love to have that. Also one that will make me focus when I should be writing!

  4. Cindy Gerard says:

    I agree with Rox. I’ve always thought you already had super powers – don’t know how you do it.
    As for my own super powers – I’ll go total Pollyanna here. I’d cure the ill, achieve world peace and clean Washington out of ALL politicians – starting at the top and working down. No mercy, no bias.

  5. loisgreiman says:

    I need some sort of teleportation, too. And a super brain would be nice. Think of the things we could create: clean energy for instance.

  6. kylie brant says:

    Super brain…great thought, Lois. Although for mine I’d be content to just have my memory back!

  7. sweetcindal says:

    the super power I would like is probably not the same as most . I would like the power to hear. To make people well.

  8. sweetcindal says:

    that was heal not hear.

  9. I would be able to fly like Superman and breathe underwater. I know exactly what it would be like because I’ve dreamed both many time. Only I didn’t have both powers at the same time. The thing is, I don’t like to drive.

  10. kylie brant says:

    If I could breathe underwater maybe I’d be a better swimmer 😦 I don’t put my face in the water!

  11. Linda says:

    Ah super powers.. I always thought mothers and teachers already had those.. the whole eyes in the back of your head kind! Truly admire anyone who is a teacher. But if I could have super powers they would ones that help me heal my patients and thus make people happy. But I would glady help Cindy clean out all politicians from Washington.. jefferson had it right when he wrote about over throwing the government every 200 years.

  12. Kylie Brant says:

    Linda, we’re due then!

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