Lucky Number 7

prodigal cowboy

When I returned to Silhouette Special to write IN CARE OF SAM BEAUDRY about three years ago I wasn’t thinking of writing a series of connected stories.  I tend to come up with one idea at a time and become thoroughly engrossed in making a story of it.  But Sam Beaudry had a brother whose pickup broke down at the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary.  And that brother had a friend.  And the friend had a friend.  And that friend had two sons.  And soon I had a whole community of people who were interested in seeing the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary live long and prosper.  With THE PRODIGAL COWBOY—on sale August 21 in paperback and a few weeks later in ebook format—I’m up to the seventh book, which has to be lucky for Logan Wolf Track’s younger son, Ethan, because that cowboy needs all the luck he can get.

I love a good bad boy, and that’s exactly who Ethan is.  He’s been in touch with his brother—rodeo cowboy Trace Wolf Track (COWBOY, TAKE ME AWAY), and he ran into his father, Logan briefly at the Double D in ONCE A FATHER.  But his relationship with Logan has been strained in recent years.  Sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, this former hometown hero has become a man apart from his family and friends.

But at least one of his old friends hasn’t forgotten him.  Bella Primeaux was a smart, shy high school underclassman when she last saw Ethan, and she’s the first to admit she had a secret crush on him.  But carrying a torch was never her style.  Now that Ethan’s a free man and Bella’s an independent professional woman—a local celebrity as a TV news reporter—what could they possibly have in common?  Covering the wild horse training competition gives Bella access to people who could help her uncover a political scandal she believes to be brewing under the South Dakota sun, but putting the pieces of the puzzle together gets complicated when Ethan suddenly appears to be one of them.

Do you remember your first schoolgirl (or boy) crush?  The one who was too old, too cool, too hot, too wild, too far out of reach?  ‘Fess up, friends, and I’ll draw one name from among the comments and send that person a copy of ONCE A FATHER, which features all three Wolf Track men.


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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10 Responses to Lucky Number 7

  1. Yes I do. His name was Michael B. He had curly black hair and big brown eyes that overflowed with mischief and sexiness. He wore jeans that fit really well and a belt with a big buckle. I worked behind the counter in the library and he would come in to get books. He would never actually flirt with me but he would always fit the endearment, ‘sexy’ somewhere in our encounter. Wicked. I didn’t keep track of him but I’m sure he’s still wild.

  2. Stonehawk says:

    I had a crush on one person in high school regardless of what grade the person was. anyway that person had an attitude despite looking pleasant to the eye enough to avoid being friendly with that person. oh well. too bad I couldn’t be more friendly with that person despite them having an attitude i didn’t seem to like.

  3. Laney4 says:

    Oh boy, do I. He was gorgeous. Nice voice too. And he was my neighbour. OMG. I found out that he liked to practise tennis by playing against a building a few blocks over, so I too began “playing tennis” there. He was sweet to me, but I was, after all about 4 years younger and very naive.
    Talk about naive? I found out after I graduated high school (and after he moved) that he was gay! Boy, were my signals ever off/not working. Perhaps I was too young back then. It was, after all, around 1972, and in my small town, I doubt I even knew what gay meant at 13 years of age.

  4. superauntkx9 says:

    For me it was one of my teachers in High School.. He was my homeroom teacher in grade 12 and I just adored him.. He was always so polite and respectful of me. And he seemed to treat me differernt from the other girls.. He would laugh and joke with the other girls in class, but he never did with me. I aksed him one day why and he told me that you treat a lady like a lady… I was so flattered.. And then I remember at Graduation when he came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek after I gave my Validicatorian address and told my parents that they raised a lovely daughter. I think I swooned…

  5. leannebanks says:

    Oh, yes, the cool, hot guy. Never looked twice at me.:) I could have gotten into a lot of trouble, so it’s probably all for the best!:)

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    LOL Kathy. I remember my crushes VERY well. First there was Brent. Then there was Fred LOL. Then there was Brent again. And, yes Mr. Smith – my biology teacher. I guess you could say I was fickle :o)

  7. Wilma Frana says:

    There weren’t many boys in my neighborhood one-room school. The only one in my grade was a nerd.

  8. Okay, my turn. I had a crush on the boy down the street–Artie–from the time I was about 13 until I got into high school–9th grade–and he was a senior, at which point he blended in with a sea of “cool” senior boys, and he wasn’t even very high up there in the rankings. But that summer before 7th grade he must not have been able to go anywhere because he was around for the neighborhood kid baseball games and backyard golf and I got to be in his cherished presence. After that, he was the older boy who made my little heart go pitty pat. During those jr high days I would watch for his car to pass the house and imagine where he was going and the cool things he would be doing. By 9th grade i was beginning to realize that I was pretty nerdy anyway, but a girl could dream.

    And, yes, Bella’s memories of her schoolgirl crush borrowed from my own. You never forget how you felt when that very first incredible guy walked by.

  9. bn100 says:

    Not really.

  10. Desere says:

    Yes I do he was the coolst guy in school,you know the “jock” and he went along with the prettiest girl in school.I did hear he did not turn out so great so yeah lucky for me he never looked my way 🙂 Thank you for the lovely giveaway !

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