A day with the LAPD

As you’ve seen in some previous posts, some of us were in Anaheim last week for the national Romance Writers of America conference. What a week it was!  When we unpack on a Monday and settle in, the trip home on Sunday seems a long ways off, but the time always flies too quickly and then it’s over.   Back home, and back to work!

 The Kiss of Death Mystery & Suspense chapter of RWA always plans a day-long tour on the day before the conference starts.  This year was my daughter Emily’s fourth RWA conference, but her first time on a KOD tour.  This year we spent the day with the LAPD, and it was quite a day!

The officers and staff members   gave us an incredible opportunity to tour their training facilities and gave us some wonderful presentations.

The horse’s name is Montana.  He is paired with the officer in the photo, and they usually work together on a six hour shift, but when situations demand it, it can be far longer.  This officer hadn’t owned horses before he bid on this position, but he sure gets plenty of saddle time now!  And no, the bad guys don’t get to ride double with the officer on the way to jail.  🙂   There’s a patrol car nearby to haul them away!

Here is Sage, the bloodhound.  Unlike  the other specialized dogs on the force,  she is much less intense, and is supposed to be a friendly, easy-going  type of dog.  She sure is.  She basked in all of the attention from those of us on the tour.

Below is a photo of  some recruits who were practicing arrest techniques; the next photo shows the  place  where they begin developing the necessary driving skills.

Think its easy to be a cop?  Ever critical when you hear of a suspect being shot by the police?  Split-second, life and death decisions are incredibly difficult.  A moment too late–and perhaps the officer or his partner could die.  The wrong decision, and an innocent person could be hurt.

After this tour,  I only have total admiration for what they do–and do so well–a thousand times a year.  Here at the training center, they begin to develop those skills with a computerized weapon and countless scenarios that are played on a screen, requiring instant decisions.   The exercise–the recruit’s response, and even his (or her) accuracy with the weapon, are then played back and analyzed. In the photo of two gals aiming at the screen,  Emily is on the right.

Speaking of practice, we got to don helmets, buckle into a five-point harness and ride in a patrol car racing around the practice course at a high rate of speed through a serpentine of tight turns, sirens blaring.  Talk about exciting!   After Emily and I got out of the car, our driver–one of the driving instructors–took off her helmet, shook out her hair and turned around.  She was petite, drop-dead gorgeous, with a wonderful sense of humor.  She said her  little boy is so proud–he says she is the coolest mommy in the world, because she’s a policeman AND he thinks she is a race car driver, too!

Here is a beautiful garden complete with a waterfall, behind the main buildings.  So lovely and peaceful!

Have you ever enrolled in a citizen’s police academy or a fire department citizen’s academy in your area?  I did both a few years ago, in our town, and both were totally amazing. if you ever have the chance, don’t hesitate!

Have you enrolled in other  classes or lessons of any kind as an adult?  What is the most interesting, fun, or fascinating thing you’ve done?

Have a wonderful day!

Roxanne Rustand

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4 Responses to A day with the LAPD

  1. Kylie Brant says:

    I’m still so jealous of your day, Rox! It sounds fabulous and great research material!

  2. Thanks, Kylie. It was a lot of fun!

  3. leannebanks says:

    Roxanne, what a great blog! Looks so educational and fun too!:) My big adult class was beading. Yep, that’s heart attack material.lol

  4. Beading sounds fun! I have no idea what that means, but since it probably involves a needle and thread, I already know its beyond me. 🙂

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