While the Cats Are Away…

Lois in Lincoln

The ‘vert has left the building.  Most of our riders have flown off to Anaheim for Romance Writers of America’s annual  national conference.  They’ll be speaking, attending workshops, signing books—here’s Lois doing just that a few years ago in Lincoln, NE—and partying like it’s 2012.

So here I sit, feeling sorry for myself because I have nothing to wear.  Okay, I have a pressing book deadline.  I’ve attended many many RWA conferences, and they are nothing short of spectacular, culminating in the gala RITA Award ceremony on July 28.  You can get the news at rwa.org.  

But I do have some news to share.  My second audio book just came out from Audible Audio!

audio TTF 

THIS TIME FOREVER was my RITA winner.  It’s a contemporary love story about a man who goes to prison for a crime he didn’t comment and a woman who’s on the jury that convicted him.  The book is scheduled to be published by Bell Bridge Books in digital and trade paperback in October.

Audio YNCT

YOU NEVER CAN TELL is also available as an audio book.  It’s especially exciting for me because after dona (that’s Lakota for many) years of being published, these are my first audio editions!  I love to listen to books when I’m on the road.  Narrator Katrina Carmony has a lovely voice.  She’s part Hupa Indian from the Hoopa Valley Tribe in California.  Since we chose her to narrate, she and I have visited extensively by phone.  She’s currently recording THE LAST GOOD MAN.

What’s your favorite book format nowadays?  Are your buying/borrowing/reading habits changing?


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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11 Responses to While the Cats Are Away…

  1. I got left behind this year, too, Kathleen. But I also having a deadline breathing down my neck for the fourth Hawks Mountain book, WINTER MAGIC. As for my favorite format, I’m very eclectic in my preferemces. Sometimes, I just like to curl up with an actual book in my hand, and other times, a book on my Kindle is okay. I only listen to books in the car, which I much prefer to listening to music. Weird? Yep. Looking forward to my next trip to town and a couple hours with THIS TIME FOREVER.

  2. I confess to being a total digital addict. I LOVE being able to have hundreds of books with me at any one time. I’m reading a paperback right now and I can only read it at night (because of time) and in the living room with a bright light (living room so to not keep hubby awake and bright light because I’M OLD!). I love digital because I can control the font and the lighting and it’s easy to carry.

    However, I adore audiobooks! I keep one going in my car at all times.

  3. Hello Kathleen. So happy we got This Time Forever out to your readers/listeners. I was very touched by the story & the characters, Several of them reminded me of some of my elders. I could actually hear their voice as I recorded your wonderful book! As for your question. All of my books are audio now. But if I really enjoy a book I will buy the hardback version. I still have a bookcase with my all time favorites, I have several of yours in my limited collection!

  4. Trish Jensen says:

    Hey, you just drove your ‘vert right down my alley. My VERY favorite form of “reading” is to be read to. Must be from the warm and fuzzy memories of my mother reading to me every night. And then going to riding camp, and the counselor reading a chapter a night while we all slowly drifted off to sleep.
    Anyway, I’ve been an Audible member for close to five years now, and LOVE listening to books. I hate long drives, unless I’m in the middle of a great audio book. I despise housecleaning, laundry, whatever, except it’s almost painless now since I just stick on the headphones and “read” while I’m doing these drudge chores.
    So guess what the first thing I’m doing after posting this? 🙂 And I can’t wait to “read” your book. 🙂

  5. michelehauf says:

    I think it’s just me and you in the vert, Kathy! Will you drive? I like to watch the scenery.

    Congrats on the audio book. Fun stuff. Always interesting to listen to others act out your words.

  6. Linda says:

    I will admit that I don’t listen to audio books.. this may have something to do with my using radio/television as background/ white noise while I read. Yet more then half the time I can tell you what is going on with the program or what songs have played over the last few minutes. Hmmm wonder if I listened to a book and read a book if it would work that I could read two books at the same time. I might have to try an audio book again since I drive an hour and half to work.

    • Ha! Reading two books at a time would definitely be multi…well, not tasking. Multi relaxing? But I get you on the background noise. I watch the news and read the newspaper at the same time, and I get something out of both. Maybe something approaching a full story?

  7. I adore a good hardback, and unfortunately they are becoming less and less common. Lowcountry Bribe is coming out in audio this fall, and I have to admit I’ve only “heard” ONE book in my life. Love reading them aloud, but not the other way around. Fast reader …like gobbling up books a little faster than that, I’m afraid. But I have friends who swear by their audio books, and one who has Parkinsons who only listens to his books. I think they’re a great alternative. The more formats the better! Books ought to be published on anything, IMO!

  8. Jody Vitek says:

    I’m not an audio listener, but love your cover! Very rarely do I borrow a book. I’m a buyer and a new buyer on Kindle. As much as I love my Kindle, there’s just something about holding a book in your hands, manually turning the pages and there’s a smell too. Congrats on the re-releases!

  9. MaryC says:

    I enjoy all formats. My Nook is wonderful for travel and books only available digitally, I got hooked on audio when I listened to the Harry Potter books. My favorite is print – I have a habit of flipping back and rereading sections and there is just something about the feel of holding a book..

  10. I love paper format; but when traveling love my Kindle and my iPad. We missed you in Anaheim!!

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