Debra – A holiday!

A look at the calendar this week should fill me with joy and giggles!  There’s a holiday!  However, as someone who runs a business in the crosshairs of industry change, holidays are luxuries I can ill afford.

I’m not complaining.  Just stating a fact.  My Ops Manager is as bad about not taking holidays as I am.  Especially ones in the middle of the week.  The other folks in the company are taking the holiday (as well they should) with the exception of our Editorial Director.  I’m betting she’s working, catching up on reading, listening to voice talent auditions.  Or catching up on the trade publications about the industry.

Sounds like great fun unless you’d rather be sleeping, knitting, quilting or reading a book you won’t be editing!

We do all enjoy our jobs.  The world doesn’t end if we take a holiday, but sometimes we know that working means the day after the holiday will be one that gives us an extra bounce in our step.  We’ll feel smug and on top of things.  (For about 5 minutes.)  The “To Do” list will have shrunk to merely epic proportions.  I’ll have gotten five manuscripts off my slush pile!  Huzzah!

So, this 4th of July, I’ll be working.  Someone has to check on our SEAL OF MY DREAMS promotion on Barnes & Noble!  That web browser doesn’t refresh itself!

Are you bad about working holidays or do you actually take a real holiday, sleep late and then nap just because you can?

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14 Responses to Debra – A holiday!

  1. leannebanks says:

    Deb, we’re “doing” this July 4th. Grilling burgers for family then attending a baseball game with fireworks afterward. I may try to sneak in a little writing since I’m on deadline.:) Stay cool!

    • debradixon says:

      I’m sure we’ll be grilling at least, but hubby does that. I just have to show up and eat! 🙂

      Being on deadline was probably where working through holidays began for me!

  2. Cindy Gerard says:

    I’m one of those bad ones, Deb. Sometimes I actually take a holiday but if there’s a book due or editorial responses etc. you’ll find me working – at least part of the day. I am doing something that I haven’t done in years, though, and that’s taking a couple months off from writing this summer. I’m loving the break. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m NOT working LOL Still all those marketing issues and line and copy edits to do plus, catching up on reader mail, new story development — you know the scene — but I don’t have a summer or end of summer deadline looming and it’s – well – it’s just feeling pretty darn good!

    • debradixon says:

      Cindy– Isn’t it amazing how much work a writer does that has nothing at all to do with writing! Gee, what a refreshing thing to go to an RWA National without a deadline hanging over your head!

  3. Linda says:

    I would say it is a 50/50 split as to if I take a holiday off or not. This is the first 4th of July off in three years (not on call) but I will be taking a critter home with me so no one else has to come to the clinic to take care of her. With my job I am on call a lot during the holidays so when I do get the day off I try to make the most of it. So this year besides taking Sandy home I will most likely be grilling for the family and making a few deserts as well. Have had few requests for blueberry pineapple crunch cake!

    • debradixon says:

      Oh, yeah. I bet you do see so many holidays “hijacked” in service of emergencies. But the pet owners love and adore you for that. We just had to make an emergency run with a friend and her cat to the local afterhours emergency clinic. I remember thinking how lucky we are to have a staffed facility guaranteed to help no matter the time of night or wee hours of the morning.

  4. Ah, holidays. I remember them well. A teacher marks them on her calendar with a day-off smile on her face. A writer looks at the calendar, finds ( ) Day pre-printed and says, Oh! It’s ( ) day.

  5. debradixon says:

    Yes, sadly the staff had an intervention yesterday and said, “We will not be here on Wednesday. It is a holiday. Do not text us to find out where we are.”

  6. Sonya Heaney says:

    Well *I* will definitely be working tomorrow (today, actually, it’s already the 4th here!). No holiday happening in Australia!
    I work better when I’m not organised and don’t plan in advance. The only holiday I couldn’t see myself doing anything on is Christmas.

  7. debradixon says:

    Ah! Australia is definitely working tomorrow. I feel better. And the Ukraine. LOL! You work better when you aren’t organized and don’t plan? You could bottle that essence and make a boatload of money. (g)

  8. I’ll definitely be workin’, I promise! Things are beginning to look better on the homefront.

  9. Lisa Scott says:

    Nope! won’t be working. July 4th is my birthday! (although when I worked in TV news I never got to take it off because July is a ratings month.) I’ve asked people around the country to set off fireworks in honor of my big day. We’ll see if they comply.

  10. Eve Gaddy says:

    Don’t feel bad, Deb. I work holidays. Not always for long but long enough to keep the book in my head. It allows my subconscious to work while I play the rest of the day.:) In fact, I have now worked every day for the last year. I didn’t set out to do that but I tend to be a little obsessive.:)

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