How Does Your Garden Grow?

These are the days that I dream about all year long.  Sleeping in until eight–heaven.  Digging in the dirt, messing around with my garden, or just sitting on the patio sipping a cold one–paradise.

When I get stuck in my writing, I’ll often mosey outside and admire my flowers while I work out a thorny plot problem before heading back to work.  That freedom…that ability to just go for a walk in the morning, or take a little stroll for a work break is what I dream of all year.

Some of these pictures are from a couple weeks ago in preparation for a post I…um…sort of missed.  Here’s my dirty walk before I cleaned it after my three days spent potting flowers.  After you fill all the available space in your yard you turn to pots, and any sunny space you can manage to drop a few.

I’ve included a before and after shot of the new raised flower bed I’ve been begging for for the last three years.  Since construction had to wait until after crops were planted we were scrunched for new plants to put in.  In my mind I’m already picturing the way it’ll look in three or four years since that’s how long it takes to really get a bed established.  Right now it looks…freshly planted, LOL.  A far cry from the overgrown weedy mess it was before.  But give me time…

The old one is in the background.  As you can see, I lost control of it long ago, LOL.  I’d look for plants that were unique, things you couldn’t find just everywhere.  What I didn’t do is plan…for color, size, space…anything.  And it shows!

Below is the new one.  It’ll be years before it fills in, sigh, but I took a different approach this time around.  Tried to pay attention to how big things get, and was quite firm with myself adhering to a height limit I set.  And the thought was to place contrasting

colors against each other, but of course everything’s new so we really can’t tell if I succeeded or not.  What I did find is that well established plants object to being transplanted 😦  There are a few things in there that are life support!

The rest of the pics are just because I had them.  And to think I always thought my older sister was such a loser for taking pictures of her flower beds, LOL.  At least I have an *excuse*.  I had a blog to write!

Are you a gardener?  What do you grow?  If you have flowers, I’d love to hear about the most unique thing in your garden.  I’ve got a list for my Springhill order and I’m dying to add to it!      


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17 Responses to How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. leannebanks says:

    Kylie, I love how your transforming your garden. So many pretty flowers!:) I’m not much of a gardener at all. I plant sporadically and enjoy our flowering bushes and plants. I’m thinking it would be fun to have a fountain somewhere in my backyard, though. That could be lovely.:) Enjoy your pretties!:)

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Fountains are fun, Leanne! We have two now. What’s fun is that now my dh is even getting in to beautifying the yard. Downside is, he has an opinion on what I’m doing!

  2. Linda says:

    Your gardens are beautiful. I tend the flowers at the clinic where I work. In the last two years I have transformed it from dead shrubs to a decent looking flower bed along the walkway. But like you I did not plan so well when it came to some of the tall ones but we make do.

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Linda I got pretty hard-nosed with some of the things in my gardens this year. Some no longer get to live here anymore 🙂 because they got too tall. I’d like more space for the tall stuff but I think I’m maxxed out on yard space!

  3. michelehauf says:

    I love the raised beds! You’ll have to update with pics in a few years.
    I always say I’m not a gardener, but I guess I am on a small scale. I don’t do flowers, because those are just too hard and require actual *care*. I plant succulents and they can take care of themselves, but I do like making faery gardens with them, so the actual gardening part is more like creating neighborhoods and paths and stuff.

  4. Kylie Brant says:

    Michele, the paths make the space magical, don’t they? I’d love enough space that I could have winding paths through the beds, with maybe a bench or gazebo in the center. I think I need to win the lottery…I need a bigger yard!

  5. loisgreiman says:

    Very pretty, Kylie. I’m a gardener in my heart but not in my hands…or maybe my time allotment. I do love the earth and the things it can foster though. So amazing.

  6. Beautiful!!!! I just love all of your gorgeous flowers. This year we added more flower beds and more space to our vegetable garden, and I’ve been trying to keep up with the weeding and watering. My favorites are rather ordinary but with special meaning: ferns, hostas and irises from my mother’s gardens.

    You are an inspiration!

  7. Thank you for leading me down your garden path, Kylie. I’ve neglected mine this year, but you’ve inspired me to go out and grab some plants before they take the tents down.

  8. Cindy Gerard says:

    Such beautiful flowers. So many varieties and colors and yet you make it all work. I LOVE flowers but Tom is the gardener at our house. He has beautiful flower beds and pots. I water them occasionally but mostly I just enjoy them and smile.

  9. Kylie Brant says:

    Lucky you! I know you have some beautiful beds but didn’t know Tom was the gardener. I just learned today that they have crimson gallardia. Where have I been??? I’m not real keen on the common type but this is kind cool. I’m a sucker for the pretty colored cone flowers rather than the common purple, too.

  10. Leanne, I love your garden! I am a gardener, too…and I drive my husband nuts every spring. “Oh, honey, the daylilies are starting to pop up!” “Oh, guess what…there’s a new sprout on my passion flower!”.”The clematis are budding!” “Check this out…all four clematis on this trellis are blooming at once!” Every day, a new exclamation! I took pix of my butterfly bush in full bloom the other day, to send to you. Today, a monarch is hovering over them, and landing on the purple and orange coneflowers.

    When I get stuck…I go outside and garden. Digging in the soil, getting dirt under the fingernails, brings me back to the most basic, esoteric of mindsets, and clears all the jumble from my thoughts so that clarity prevails. Then I can go back inside and write that difficult passage.

    My question to you…what do you do in winter, when the gardens are bare? I grow orchids in the house, so I have flowers inside, too. And they are easy…they thrive on neglect!

    Hearts and flowers,

  11. Oops, and just realized…this is Kylie’s post! So Kylie, I love your garden! And all the other comments pertain to you…except the one about taking pix of the butterfly bush to send…which I took for Leanne in response to one of her earlier posts.


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