Eve Gaddy and Toys of the Writer’s Trade

Yes, you read that right.  I’m talking toys and tools.  What are the tools writers need?  What are the toys they can’t live without?

First of all, we need electronics.  Oh, I know some writers swear by writing long-hand and some love their ancient typewriters.  But most of us love computers.  (And hate them as well, but that’s another topic.)  Fax machines, copiers, scanners, printers, and of course, the laptop or desktop computer.  Notebooks, netbooks, Ipads, Ipods, e-readers of all kinds–writers use them all.  Some of us like our old faithful, with its ancient operating system and various word processing programs.  Some, like me, like the newer models.  (Although I did have to partition my Macbook Air because I write in a program that only Windows supports.)

We are fascinated with the Internet.  The possibilities for research and ideas are endless.  And email, while it can be a time sink, is also wonderful for communicating with other writers.  Back in the dark ages, we had to send out chapters in the mail for our critique partners to read and comment on.  It took forever.  Now I can send a chapter through email to my critique partner in England and she can comment immediately.  Assuming she isn’t asleep because of the time difference.  I can send my entire manuscript in to my publisher and not have to depend on the post office.  It’s quite a change.

But what we writers really love are office supplies.  Pens!  Oh, the possibilities of pens!  Glitter pens, highlighters, ball point, glide, gel, sparkle.  Erasable ink, fountain pens, fine point markers, thick line markers, markers of all varieties.  Everything in a rainbow of colors!  Oh, the pleasure to write and glide across the surface of your paper with that special pen.  We’re certain they add to our creativity.  How could they not, as pretty as they are?  They’re actually useful too, particularly highlighters.  You can use them to mark different viewpoints, different scenes, highlight important things in your manuscript that you want to be able to find again.

I must mention stickers, as I’ve only lately come to really appreciate them.  Some of us like to use them to mark our progress.  A line of stickers on the calendar to show that I’ve achieved my writing goal for a number of days is very inspiring.  Besides, stickers are fun.  The variety is astonishing.  No longer do stickers only come as gold stars.  Sparkly stickers, plain stickers, large and small stickers.  Butterflies, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, stars, numbers, animals galore.  Rainbows, castles, light bulbs.  I could go on.  There’s probably a sticker for anything you can dream up.

Look for me at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby in the sticker department along with all the teachers.  Sometimes I pretend I’m buying them for my granddaughters, but they’re not even two yet.  It’s my little secret.

Then there are clips.  Paper clips, binder clips.  Big clips, tiny clips.  Again, in rainbows of colors.  Index cards.  Did you know index cards come in all varieties as well?  White ones, colored ones, lined ones, colored lines.  Making the decision what type to use can be very time consuming.

One of my personal favorites, sticky notes.  They come in every conceivable color and every conceivable size.  Tiny ones to mark things, large ones to write scenes on, or notes of any variety.  And then there are the ones that have funny sayings or pictures.  My problem with those is I like to save them.  I can spend hours in the store just reading the funny ones.

More fun things are jump or flash drives.  These small items are not only incredibly convenient to keep multiple copies of your current manuscript in case of computer malfunction or to keep up with different computers, but guess what?  They come in all sizes, colors and varieties as well.  I recently found Loony Toons jump drives.  I chose Sylvester for my first one and let me tell you, I smile whenever I use it.

Santa Claus has an easy time with my stocking.  All he has to do is fill it with office supplies and I’m a happy camper.  What office supplies do you like?

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26 Responses to Eve Gaddy and Toys of the Writer’s Trade

  1. Kylie Brant says:

    Hi Evie!!! Welcome! Since I lounge on a chaise with my laptop I don’t do much with office supplies. But at school I am partial to mini neon colored notepads. Apparently so are my students because the pads ‘walk off’ frequently 🙂

  2. All right, Eve, how did you sneak into my office without getting caught? Oh, yeah, I’ve got stuff. Why do we gleefully anticipate the month of August? Back to school sales at Staples and Office Depot, of course! Notebooks, folders, markers, pencils–4 for $1, limit 4 (take a kid along). How long will it take us to use all this stuff? Who cares! We are stocked to the gills.

    I’m so glad to see you, Eve! Please sign this book for me. Oh, drat. I know I had a pen in my purse somewhere.

  3. michelehauf says:

    Welcome, Eve! Love that cover and the man!

    I’m always picking up sticky notes and notepads. I have tons of them, but there are so many cute ones, how can you NOT buy them? I also like file folders, but rarely use them lately. And blank journals! But oh, to make a mark on those beautiful pristine pages? I don’t think so! 😉

  4. debradixon says:

    I recently became addicted to the Staples ARC books. Now everyone in the office is using them. Can’t live without them.

  5. Carolina says:

    definitely extra fine tip pen and most recently sticky notes.

  6. Oh, Eve….this is soooo me. I love office supply stores second only to book stores. Be still my heart. 🙂 Really enjoyed your post!!

    Debra, what are Staples ARC books? Do you mean this is where you print ARCS, or is this something else?

  7. Eve Gaddy says:

    Yes, what are Staples ARC books? They sound intriguing.:) Thanks for asking me to visit!

    • Katy Cooper says:

      Staples ARC disc binders are the same thing as Levenger’s Circa system (and both are based on the Rollabind system). It’s really hard to explain but the covers and pages are punched in such a way that they hook onto a series of solid discs. They stay in place until you tug them free. Unlike 3-ring binders, you don’t have to open rings to move pages–you just tug them free. It makes reorganizing crazy-easy. I’m a *huge* fan. I don’t know how I managed without them…

  8. Maggie Shayne says:

    I love the business card sized magnets. You peel off the backing, and stick any business card to them, and have a home made fridge magnet with your most frequently used numbers on it. I have a whole row on my fridge, pizza place, vet, BFF, the local Nissan garage… Priceless! Love those tiny post-its too. Was using them this very morning. Great post, Eve! (And I too want to know what those ARC books are?)

  9. OMG! An office supply store for me is like Home Depot is to my hubby. I could waste hours exploring, discovering and, alas, buying. LOVE sticky notes, especailly the ones shaped like butterflies.

  10. Leanne says:

    Welcome Eve!:) I love pens with different color inks and notebooks that have wonder woman on them… or Johnny Depp … or a cute kitty…. Nothing overly mature. It must remind me of something I would have wanted when I was in the fourth grade.

  11. Eve Gaddy says:

    I forgot about notebooks! I love the small spiral ones. Especially the pretty ones. I always carry them in my purse. I use the notes on my Iphone too, but I still like the old fashioned spiral notebooks.

  12. Trish Jensen says:

    Since the closest Staples and Office Depot are at least 40 minutes away, I do much of my office supply buying online. I’ll think, “All I need is red pens. Nothing more. Red pens, and you’re gone, Trish.” By the time I’ve checked out I have more supplies than an entire elementary school would need in a year. Just let me check out what’s new in notebooks. Filing systems. And I can never leave the site without a life’s worth supply of Maxine sticky notes. Do any of these further my writing? Heck no! But opening that box taking out the treasures inside is Christmas ten-fold.

  13. Lisa Scott says:

    I buy far too many cute little notebooks for doodling ideas when the words won’t come. Like enough that if the zombie apocalypse comes, I won’t need to worry about looting Office Max.

  14. Eve–
    I’ve often wondered if I love office supplies because I’m a writer, or the other way around! I think the office supply thing came first so maybe it’s the latter. Then again, maybe my love of notebooks, pads of paper, index cards, post-its (I love the huge ones you can hang on the wall and have all kinds of room to scribble) and the like was just foreshadowing of my future. 😉 And pens. Oh, yes, pens. Fountain pens. I love them, pain though they can sometimes be. (I said that once in a workshop at a regional conference and was promptly gifted with a half dozen or so from readers after I got home. My readers are wonderful, so I’ve learned to be careful about what I say since!) Oh, and gel pens with the boldest point I can find, which allows me to kid myself that my handwriting looks artistic and not just chaotic. Yep, office supply junkie, that’s me.

  15. So funny. I always thought I was the only office supply nerd in the world — turns out I’m just a writer!

  16. Lindi says:

    I love colored post it notes and pens. A must have. Oh, and colored paper, too. To jot notes down. One of my cp’s always gets me office supplies for my b-day.

  17. I’ve craving a trip to Staples! I haven’t been there in several weeks! The store is 25 miles from my house, so I have to plan my trips for when I also need to go to the nearby mall. I have rewards dollars to spend and my list of “needs” is growing. I do go to Office Depot once in a while They carry the big notebook that I like for journal writing. It stays together longer while I go through its 200 pages. I have a box of pens and refills in my supply closet. And stacks of post its and pads of various kinds. I’ve always loved paper and pens. I can remember as a child in Los Angeles that I had a stash hidden in the closet where my twin brother couldn’t find it.

  18. Laurie Bishop says:

    I’m laughing! I so love office supplies! I’d get stuck in the “school” isle when I was a kid. I’m not sure what the fascination is but I’m like a mosquito heading for the zapper. As for writing, I don’t miss a typewriter. The computer is/was a Godsend. But I still love to write longhand, especially when I need inspiration.

    My hands are getting cranky these days, though. That doesn’t prevent me from needing a 12-step program for pen buying.

  19. Beth Goddard says:

    Oh and I’m an organizer fanatic–as in Franklin Covey. I don’t like the electronic versions as well because my scribbles will job my memory. Crazy, huh. Great to see you here, Eve!

  20. Beth Goddard says:

    Sorry. JOG my memory. My typos have been horrendous lately!

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