Wedding Bells…..again!

During the winter I posted about our son’s wedding, and we’re at it again. Only this time, it’s our only daughter, and I’m sure glad we had that earlier experience in preparation for Emily’s!

 BRIAN WEDDING   FOR BLOG IMG_2511 - Version 2

Brian’s fiancée Julie was incredibly organized and well-prepared, but we still got to help out with the all of the decorating and afterwards, the process of dismantling what had been a candlelit fairyland the night before. This time, we are doing all the planning. Wow! Times have sure changed since my own wedding, back in the dark ages.

Wedding shows were held in the mid-seventies, but now there are so many of them to choose from–and the goods and services are mind boggling! I figured we’d be set, once the dress and the DJ and florist and venue and cake person and photographer and

1  TUX APPT  IMG_2295

videographer and soloist and violists and make-up artist were chosen, but there are meetings upon meetings with these people as the details are slowly, carefully ironed out. Here is Emily, trying on one of the bridesmaid’s dresses, as she won’t let me share one of her wedding gown–yet!


bridesmaid dress  P1020302

There are floral arrangements and other decorations to plan. Backdrops and invitations to choose, guest lists and menus and myriad other details to figure out.

And I love it.

Love it, but also feel a twinge of sadness and nostalgia as the big day draws near. Wasn’t it just last year when Emily was toddling around the house in her white-blonde braids and diapers? Heading off for her first day of kindergarten? Riding her pony Penelope in the backyard? Now here she is in grad school, planning her wedding, with stars in her eyes over what her future will hold. In just a month, our baby will be gone…and we will truly have an empty nest. It’s funny, how once we had kids, they became the focal part of our lives, and it seemed as if life would revolve around them forever. And yet all too soon they have flown away into careers and families of their own. Makes me wish I’d had three more, just to be able to savor these years longer!

So how about you–what are some of the stages in life that have taken you by surprise? And do you have any wedding advice to share? We could sure use it!


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12 Responses to Wedding Bells…..again!

  1. Cindy Gerard says:

    fun photos, Rox and wow, I’ve had too many milestones to list or count. We have a big wedding anniversary coming up in June. I don’t even feel like I’m that OLD let along married that many years. when did that happne?

  2. LOL, Cindy. I marvel about our upcoming anniversary, too. It doesn’t even seem possible! Are you having a big celebration on your anniversary?

  3. debradixon says:

    Rox– My kidlet (not so kidlet) isn’t married yet, but he’s bought his first house. That kind of freaks me out that he’s so young (to me) and yet he has this life plan. He wanted a house on a lake and went out and got one. Now he’s starting a big renovation before he moves in. I’m sure when he does get married he’ll have it “all in hand.” LOL! Or elope. I’d pay real money to see him dealing with a bride who wants an uber fancy wedding.

    • Your son sounds amazing–goal oriented and hard working, with real vision. You raised him well!
      I totally agree–it’s mind boggling to see one’s kids grow up. I STILL want to grab for their hands when we’re walking across a street!

  4. loisgreiman says:

    Congrats, Rox. Weddings are fun…and expensive…and exhausting…and scary. As you probably know, my only daughter got married last fall. It was very nice but I thought I’d probably die without her in the house. So far I’ve survived though…mostly by expanding on my equestrian endeavors… which she helps with, so that’s wonderful. We’ve always been more like friends than mother and daughter and it’s even more that way now.

    Have fun with the planning.

    • I can relate, Lois, in that I’ve become a lot more involved in my old interests–the horses and photography–as the three kids have grown up and gone off to college. You are so fortunate to have your daughter close by. When Emily’s fiance finishes his Phd in social work, he’ll be searching for a large university and a tenure track, research-based position. It will likely be far, far away. 😦 I will miss her so much! But I’m concentrating on the fact that they’ll be here for the next two years at least, while they finish grad school. And on the up side, Andy and his family are up in Wisconsin, and Brian is settling just a half-hour away. I’m thankful for that!

  5. Oh, Rox, what a wonderful, stressful, wonderful unforgettable time you’re going to have. Our (only) daughter’s wedding was an incredible chapter in our lives. 12 years ago–hard to believe. Hey, that’s a board I should do for Pinterest.

    • That’s about the time our oldest son got married, too. I need to go back on the blog here and read about Pinterest again. I’m fascinated! What sort of board would you do?

  6. Leanne says:

    Roxanne, what an exciting time for all of you! I hope you’ll cherish all the wonderful moments (and forget the others! lol).

  7. luvwriter40 says:

    Hi Rox, Emily looks like she’s enjoying every moment of the wedding planning. I agree that it doesn’t seem possible how quickly everything flies by. I was just at the party store tonight buying decorations for Tanner and Karlee’s graduation party. Looking through all their baby pictures is bittersweet. I know you will treasure all the new memories you’ll be making:)

  8. Emily is indeed enjoying the process. She has turned every facet into a research project, bless her heart, and I cannot wait to see it all come together. On the other hand, I can definitely wait. I know from Brian’s wedding in January that all of the hard work and anticipation will culminate in a beautiful evening that will be over in the blink of an eye. I just pray that the photographer and videographer do a really, really good job of capturing the day!

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