When You’re a Wimp

Please welcome the amazing Elle Kennedy to the ‘vert today.  And bonus!!! She’s giving a book away!  Woo Woo!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to be riding with the top down today—my hair looks really good windblown. Actually, it doesn’t. Also, I’ve never ridden in a convertible before (I know, right?), which, incidentally, sets the tone for this guest blog.

I’m a total wimp. I really, really am. I don’t do anything exciting, unless you count playing board games, or taking an occasional vacation to an all-inclusive resort. Or watching a lot of TV. Reading. Walking my dog. Yes, people, I’m a real daredevil.


But when you’re a wimp, there are also a lot of benefits. Like, nobody will be pointing guns at you, you won’t have any broken bones because goons won’t be torturing you, you’ll never be locked up in a sociopath’s Colombian prison. Um, what else…oh, pretty much everything that happens to my heroine in MIDNIGHT RESCUE.

I have to admit, I might have been a little tough on Abby. Fortunately, she is fully capable of handling all the horrible situations I threw her way. As an assassin, she can handle herself, thank you very much.

I think it’s ironic, the things my dark imagination will come up with, when in reality, I’m more of a hiding-in-the-corner gal than a running-toward-danger one. Don’t get me wrong—I’m no pushover. I’ll stand up for myself, defend my family and friends until my dying breath, and I’ll fight for what I believe in. But come on, one time I FAINTED after stubbing my toe (In my defense, it was the worst stubbing ever and I’m pretty sure I broke my little toe because of it, so don’t judge!)

That’s the beautiful thing about writing fiction, though. You can create whatever crazy, dangerous, terrifying situation you want, and then live vicariously through your characters—all the while remaining in the wimpy safety of your home, putting an ice pack on your baby toe!

So, I’m curious—any daredevils out there? Any fellow wimps? What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done—or always wanted to do but haven’t? Anyone who comments today will be entered in a draw to win a copy of MIDNIGHT RESCUE, so don’t be shy! Giveaway ends at midnight eastern time.

clip_image004Elle Kennedy currently publishes with Signet Eclipse, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, and Samhain Publishing. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting! Her latest release, MIDNIGHT RESCUE, is the first book in a new romantic suspense series Killer Instincts. MIDNIGHT RESCUE is available for purchase now! Check out Elle’s website www.ellekennedy.com, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter (@ElleKennedy)


About cindygerard

Cindy Gerard is a New York Times best-selling author of action packed romantic suspense novels. Learn more about Cindy at http://www.cindygerard.com
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25 Responses to When You’re a Wimp

  1. TrishJ says:

    I am a total wimp. I wish I could take a deep breath and just take that leap, but I have to analyze everything and will talk myself out of it. I guess the most daring (stupid) thing I.have ever done was ride the roller coaster on top of the New York casino in Vegas. I know, what happens in Vegas.stays in Vegas. And it wasn’t really THAT dangerous, but it was waaay out of my comfort zone. That’s why my heroines need to be kick ass gals.

  2. Willa says:

    Oooh – another wimp here . . although I can ‘man up’ when dared. Don’t you hate being dared? Especially by a group of guy friends? I once went on the Wall of Death at the fair after being dared. Basically it looked like a hamster’s wheel lying on it’s back and after being strapped in (gulp!) around the edges, it spun around and then started to tilt up until you were riding sideways on a hamster wheel. This was for fun???! Cue rubber legs . . shaky stomach . . . but an enormous feeling of ‘I did it’!!

    • ellekennedy says:

      Willa, when someone dares me to do something I don’t want to do, I just laugh at them. Seriously, call me a chicken or a wimp or any mocking name you want, but there’s no way I’m doing it, pal. Which shows a lot of guts, IMO—resisting a mob who’s trying to force you to do something crazy? That’s real bravery right there 🙂

      • Willa says:

        Ah yes, but I plead mitigating circumstances M’Lud . . . I was only 15 at the time 🙂

        NOW I would say – pfffffffffffffft! 😉

  3. CrystalGB says:

    i am a total wimp. My husband is always trying to get me to try adventurous things but I refuse a lot. The most dangerous thing i have done is go 4-wheeler riding on steep trails through the mountains with my husband.

  4. Leanne says:

    Welcome Elle! Love the sound of this book!:) I’m pretty wimpy about anything involving weapons. I don’t do rollercoasters because they’re jerky and it feels like I’m paying to possibly plunge to my death. That said, I’ve done indoor sky-diving in Las Vegas, zip-lining down a mountain over the ocean (a little scary, but fun. I would do it again!), para-sailing with my daughter and I’ve also been on a hot air balloon ride. I’m sure I’m very tame compared to others.:)

  5. Cindy Gerard says:

    The books sounds great Elle! congrats. Gorgeous cover.
    I’ve always considered myself a wimp but I’ve found a bit of an adventurer lucking inside these past few years. I’ve gone white water rafting, zip lining, jumped off a 40 foot cliff into the Colorato … took my first helecopter ride … and have taken 2 since :o) But you will NOT get me on a roller coaster. Nah Ah, no way, never!

  6. Welcome, Elle! First let me add that one of the most enjoyable things about writing fiction is also one of the best things about reading it–vicarious living dangerously. Gotta get MIDNIGHT RESCUE for an instant fix!

    I have a paralyzing fear of heights, which cuts me out of a lot of risk-taking. Not that I don’t keep trying. I’ll hang back from the edge, and then I’ll think, “Ridiculous. I can do this. I want to see what everyone else is oohing and ahhing over.” So I try. Can’t do it. Physically can’t do it. I’ve used that feeling in my books a time or two.

    Closer to the ground I’ve taken some stupid risks. Once when Clyde was just starting a horse–had a saddle on her but hadn’t been on her yet–I got on her. She didn’t do anything. I got off and said, “See?” No choice, he had to get on her. And then I saw what she could have done to me. (He stayed on. I would have gone flying.)

  7. ellekennedy says:

    Guys, I hate roller coasters! As Leanne said, “it feels like I’m paying to possibly plunge to my death”. Yep. I agree.

  8. AlisonP says:

    Hi Elle! The book sounds amazing! I’m pretty wimpy. My ideal vacation is sitting on a beach with a book, no adventures required. I do enjoy rollercoasters occassionally, but you’ll never catch me jumping out a plane, or bungee jumping.

  9. I hear ya! I had a dream a few years back that a lion was chasing me through our stable-I locked myself in one of the empty stall and it growled at clawed at the bars. I’m not someone who knows how to interpert dreams, but I felt that it was telling me to face a fear that I was struggling with. It took me some time-but I did it! And it felt very good. Yep I’m a wimp, but I manage to rise above sometimes too! Looking forward to reading about Abby and her courage!

  10. Linda says:

    Not a wimp, but have learned to be a bit more cautious in the last few years. I don’t do roller coasters any more either since I developed a really bad inner ear infection. As for my non-wimpy self it used to involve some risk taking. That is until the risk taking landed me in a hospital with no insurance 😦 and then could not work for a while. That last risk involved trying to help a client get his calf out of the pen where the mama cow had decided that all who entered must die.. and said client was a 78 year old man. We got the calf out and I got the client out of the pen before the cow clobbered me and then tried to cream me. Woke in the hospital some time later and the client came by a few days later to tell me he shot the cow. So now I am a lot more cautious at least with the larger animals.
    Will have to find your book to read it sounds like my kind of book.

  11. iwritebooks says:

    Oh, total wimp here. Riskiest ever done? Paragliding…at an all-inclusive resort. But love to experience all kinds of things through books!–This is me, Christie Ridgway. WordPress is playing with me again today.

  12. catslady says:

    My most daring endeavors are bowling, bocci and darts – more dangerous for bystanders than me lol. I can’t even ride a bike. We lived on a hill and my parents were overprotective. My husband tried teaching me but he bought a too large racing bike – sure. Then he thought he’d try teaching me skiing and I made everyone on the tow rope fall off behind me when it just kept slipping from my hands. Swimming – I can’t tread water. Tennis was a no go too (sigh). But I have to add my husband has no patience lol.

  13. Jane says:

    Congrats on the new release, Elle. I’m definitely not a daredevil. I’m hoping that one day I’ll overcome my fear of heights to go bungee jumping. Ziplining is another I would love to try.

  14. loisgreiman says:

    Welcome Elle. So good to have you here.

  15. bn100 says:

    I’d like to go skydiving, but haven’t done it yet.

  16. Nicole says:

    I wish I had more guts but I always think of the consequences before end. So I don’t take to much risk. One thing I would love to try is zip lining. It looks like so much fun. Maybe one day.

  17. flchen1 says:

    Massive wimp, Elle. Combine that with a deathly fear of heights and well, even the threat of being mocked mercilessly won’t sway me. I’d watch episodes of The Amazing Race and think, well, see, I’d lose that million right there! Ziplining? No thanks! Skydiving? Not a chance! Crawling out onto some scaffolding somewhere way up where? Nuh uh.

    I like to think that maybe I could “man up” if I needed to, say to rescue my kids or something. But honestly, I’m not sure I wouldn’t just yell, “You just get down here yourself!” and leave it at that!

    • Stephenia says:

      I always think the Amazing Race looks like loads of fun, but am not sure I’d be physically up to it anymore. There have been a few older couples on that show and I applaud their stamina!

      • ellekennedy says:

        Oh man, I agree. Some of those Amazing Race couples are badass! I could never do that show because I’d end up refusing to do any of the risky tasks and my partner would probably hate me forever for making them lose out on the big payout lol

  18. Stephenia says:

    I like a good adventure – more-so when I was younger, now I am more cautious, because I don’t want to break something that won’t heal quickly. But nothing too over-the-top. I’d like to hot air balloon, it looks like fun. I have rappelled, hiked up falls, rode in a helicoptor, zip lined (i’d love to do this in a rain forest), snorkeled, skied, gaped over tall buildings and mountains, camped in the woods (hey, there are snakes and bears out there, so I consider this adventurous). We even swam in the East China Sea with jelly fish – what was I thinking? I like reading books with strong, adventurous women, look forward to your book!

  19. Marta Milian says:

    I’m a fellow wimp. Afraid of heights so I don’t do roller coasters. Faint at the sight of blood. The couple of times my daughter has needed sutures I’ve ended up in a bed as well!! I like my everyday routine. No surprises (however, when you have children that’s impossible.) I’m a single mom with two girls (14 & 10) I’ve been called adventurous because I travel alone with them all the time. Last year we flew to N.Y., drove to Canada. Spend a few days there then drove back to N.Y. and spend the rest of the week in the Big Apple. A couple of years ago we flew to D.C.(their first time on a plane) and toured the entire city. In between long trips we go to Disney World in Orlando a couple times a year. I have friends that tell me I’m very courageous to do this alone with 2 children considering how bad I am with directions. But I have 100% faith in my GPS. Can’t wait to read your book. Although I’m a HUGE wimp I love reading about the fearless heroines in the stories. I encourage my daughters to be brave and not be to afraid. I don’t need to do too much encouraging with my oldest. She’s a dare devil….no fear AT ALL!!! and that scares me

  20. Nora Braun says:

    My entry into wimpdom showed itself clearly when I stayed at grandpa’s farm as a kid. I really wanted to learn to milk the cow, so grandpa gamely agreed to teach me. The push pull for the utters sounded easy enough, but that cow had my number. Every time I latched on and tried to get something going, she flicked me with a tail and gave me ‘the eye’ over her massive shoulder. It didn’t take too many flicks for this wimp to let the cow keep her milk!

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