I love Finley Anderson Tanner.  She’s an underachiever and fashion-holic who still manages to solve mysteries.  Rhonda Pollero has penned another fabulous, funny mystery with SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR.  Here she is!Smile

slightlyirregular2012 (2)

Thanks to the Riding with the Top Down ladies for inviting me!

Slightly Irregular is the 4thinstallment in my Finley Anderson Tanner (F.A.T.) mystery series. I like to think of it as what would happen if Elle Woods had to solve a crime.

Finley is an underachieving-by-choice paralegal in West Palm Beach. Luckily for me, Publisher’s Weeklycalled it, “Fun.” That was the intention. Yes, there is a mystery but the way Finley goes about solving crimes is unorthodox and often unplanned. She does the wrong things for the right reason. And she isn’t alone. She has 3 great friends she uses as sounding boards and mother who takes criticism to a new level. She also has Liam and Tony. However, for Finley, every man is measured against sexy P.I. Liam, who comes with his own baggage. He’s still close to his ex-wife and he’s pretty closed-mouthed when it comes to revealing anything about himself. Of course this makes Finley nuts, especially since Liam seems to know everything about everything in her life.

Due to her mother’s controlling nature, Finley has lost access to her trust fund, forcing her into the mysterious world of thrift shops and eBay. She hides her discount shopping from even her closest friends. When she isn’t solving crimes, she’s busy buying parts on eBay to build her own Rolex. Sadly for Finley, eBay doesn’t sell clues.

In Slightly Irregular, clues are sparse. After all, the crime she’s working on is more than a decade old and in order for her to get the upper hand, she has to investigate one of the partners in her law firm. Things go from bad to worse when one of her friends gets dragged into the danger. As always, Liam is there for her when she needs him most.

But in the end, it is Finley who saves the day.

This is a fun series to write. Finley is quick-witted, self-deprecating, insecure, and determined all at the same time. She is attracted to Tony, who, on paper at least, is the perfect man for her. It’s Liam she dreams about. In this book, Liam escorts Finley to her sister’s society wedding to disastrous results. Her mother isn’t happy and when Cassidy is miserable, she takes it out on Finley.

People often ask me if Finley and I are alike. Yes, in that we share the same mother (actually mine was worse but that’s what therapy is for *g*). Yes, in that we find humor in inappropriate situations. No when it comes to shopping and designers. I actually hate shopping, so that’s the hardest part of the research for this series. And a big no when it comes to jumping into danger. I’m more the call 9-1-1 type.

To read an excerpt, visit http://www.rhondapollero.com . There you’ll also find an excerpt of Bargain Hunting, the next in the series.  Or you can find SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR on Amazon right now at  http://tinyurl.com/7wwb9xb

Happy Reading,


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  1. Cindy Gerard says:

    Hey Rhonda!! Welcome back to the vert! I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Finley – from the very first word in the very first book. Can't wait to get my copy of Slightly Irregular. And I love the new cover look – somebody made some tweaks :o()

  2. Leanne says:

    Welcome to Top Down Rhonda! You know how much I love the Finley books, so I’m thrilled that you are here!:)

  3. loisgreiman says:

    Thanks for joining us, Rhonda. This sounds like just the kind of book I like to read. Can’t wait.

  4. michelehauf says:

    Welcome, Rhonda. Sounds like a fun read! Will have to add that to my ‘must get’ list.

  5. Mary Louise says:

    Yeah Rhonda! You look fabulous sitting at the wheel by the way….. a perfect fit! I have read every Finley book and they keep getting better. More power to you, Rhonda.

  6. Mary Ricksen says:

    You’re back with a vengeance! Go Finlay! Looking forward to another great adventure!
    Rhonda you are somethin’ else!

  7. Thanks so much, I feel so comfy here in the passenger’s seat of the vert. And I’m just as happy as you folks that Finley is finally back! And she’s on a roll. The next one comes out in October, so this is the year of the Finley

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