Multiple Personality Disorder (and a single, orderly prize)

It’s our great pleasure to welcome two of the most beloved writers on the planet.  Together they occupy one seat in the convertible.  Readers know her as Anne Stuart and Kristina Douglas, but her friends the world over know her as Krissie.  Her imagination, her versatility, her storytelling gifts know no bounds.  Who better to forge heroes from angels than a true goddess?

I’ve been writing since the beginning of time, or close to it, and I am wise beyond my years, which considering my years, that’s saying a lot. And for the first thirty-five years of being a published novelist I went by one name. My name, Anne Stuart, though everyone called me by my middle name, Kristina aka Krissie. I wrote gothics, romantic suspense, regencies, historical romances, straight suspense, and series romances as Anne Stuart.

But when I decided I wanted to branch out and write paranormal romances with vampires and angels and werewolves, oh my (not really werewolves yet), I decided I needed a new name, a new persona. So I decided Kristina Douglas was a good option – my name plus my father’s and brother’s name. Then I had to figure out who the hell Kristina was. I figured she was dark and mysterious, a woman of a certain age, as the French say. Maybe in her forties, though she wouldn’t tell. At first I thought some kind of Natasha Gudenov-vibe. Big slouchy hat, a throaty voice, thin and dressed in black.


Naah, maybe not.

How about a bleached blonde bombshell, slightly faded, with big boobs and an even bigger laugh? She dresses in pink like a faded Southern belle, but she embraces life with incredible joy. Would she write about blood-drinking fallen angels? Uh, no.

Is she tall, slender, with porcelain skin and red hair? Maybe green eyes and a sharp little chin?

Or maybe, just maybe, she looks like me. Only better.

It’s weirdly schizophrenic when I do a booksigning – I’m so used to signing Anne Stuart that I do it automatically. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but I kind of like being brand new and shiny. Print runs don’t matter because I’m a debut author, all the old rules no longer apply.

And no one expects anything of me. I don’t have to write dark and dangerous men (though I think that’s hard-wired into me), I don’t have to do anything but tell stories.

I’ve always had a thing for fallen angels (not to mention vampires). I love the idea of pure beauty laid waste – I’m a woman of extremes. I’ve written about two of the lesser known angels (unless you happen to like anime, video games or “Supernatural”): Raziel and Azazel. To up the ante I gave Azazel (once played by the divine but sadly-clothed Michael Fassbender) the perfect woman. Lilith.

This book, Warrior, is slightly different. For once I took a real (ahem) angel, the archangel Michael, tossed him out of heaven and gave him the Roman goddess of war. I’m building up to Lucifer, the king of the fallen ones, but in the meantime I need a few more angels to deal with. Anyone got any ideas?

Right now I love the idea of the good ones falling. Because in my universe God has taken a powder and left the evil Archangel Uriel in charge. He’s responsible for all the smiting and the wars and AIDS and children dying. God gave humans free will and then let them at it. Big mistake.


So if anyone can think of an entertaining angel for me to bring low and then redeem him with the love of a good woman, let me know. In the meantime, enjoy WARRIOR, particularly the cover, aka Flaming Crotch o’ Death. Kristina Douglas thanks you.

Kathleen has a $5 gift certificate from Amazon for one randomly chosen visitor who can a) sell us on her favorite Anne Stuart novel in 25 words or less (refresh your memory here and this is only a sampling) or b) suggest an entertaining angel that Kristina Douglas’s can sink her teeth into.  Metaphorically speaking—we don’t want her to burn her tongue.


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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13 Responses to Multiple Personality Disorder (and a single, orderly prize)

  1. Kylie Brant says:

    Congrats on your new venture, Krissie! Re-inventing ourselves is what keeps writers surviving in this world…good luck with your new persona. I’m sure she’ll be as fab as the original!

  2. Cindy Gerard says:

    We are so honored and thrilled to have BOTH of you riding in the ‘vert today. And that flaming crotch alone makes me want to rush out and by the book. I have questions – namely, did the warrior survive the heat? Yowser.
    And I think you ought to take on Gabriel – there’s definately a story there :o)

  3. laurieg72 says:

    ICE BLUE= Taka, assasin, Japanese Mafia, Commitee, orders, kill, steal , museum, blue bowl, Summer, travel, Japan, lies, seduction, love…

  4. flchen1 says:

    LOL! WOW, Anne/Kristina! Great to “meet” you! Can’t wait to try your Kristina books 😉 And I have to agree with Cindy–Gabriel has a story to tell, I’m sure! Or… Lucifer–isn’t he the top dog of the fallen angels?

  5. diane says:

    Black Ice – Chateau, rendezvous, linguist, complex hero, mysterious group, resourceful, compelling attraction, dark, suspenseful, sexual tension, redeeming protaganist, intrigues, undercover mission.

  6. Jacquie Biggar says:

    Love, love all your books Krissy. It’s hard to pick a fav but I’d have to say one of mine was Shadows at Sunset, loved the big old mansion that’s haunted idea. Also I loved Raziel, what a great storyline! Can’t wait to see what that mind of yours thinks up next, lol

  7. loisgreiman says:

    🙂 Flaming Crotch of Death. Thanks for the grins, Krissy. So good to have you with us.

  8. michelehauf says:

    Welcome Krissie/Kristina/Anne/WhoeverTheHeckYouAre! Adding this one to my must-read list right now. Still pass by my bookshelf and lovingly touch the spine of Prince of Swords every so often. I love your dark heroes!

  9. Krissie, good morning. Oops. Nearly afternoon here. I’m stressed-for-guests mode today–getting ready for a sleepover birthday party for 10-yr-old girls. Will Nana survive from dusk until dawn? Might need a blood transfusion. Must ask the experts. Krissie Anne, Michele. Do heroic vampires do it in reverse?

  10. christieridgway says:

    Krissie! I just started reading WARRIOR this morning. Loving it! Thanks for visiting us here. 🙂 And I do not know =any= angels. 😉

  11. Ellie says:

    Cold as Ice : Rogues, razor’s edge, chills, Texan billionaire. Yacht, Dedicated operator, unscrupulous, twisted.

  12. Stephenia says:

    Love the book cover of ‘warrior’ – looks like one hot read. I did not realize you were also Anne Stuart – I love your books by that name, they have an edge to them that is unique. I have not read you as Kristina Douglas, but now am intrigued.

    how about a saint instead of an angel? Saint George always looks fierce – riding on his horse with his sword to slay the dragon…………

    if you really want an angel – how about Metatron – he is the guardian or keeper of the watch

  13. bn100 says:

    How about an angel that likes to gamble and play tricks?

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