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Did I get your attention?

I have some promo copies of an anthology with stories by Deirdre Knight, me, and Laura Florand, scheduled to come out at the end of the month. Would you like an early copy? Comment to win!

I love my story, “Weddings, Ink.” The idea popped into my head some time back and this is what I wrote on a post-it and slapped on my office wall: “She writes personalized wedding vows as a profession.” When the editor called me about the theme of the anthology, brides, I asked her if that meant the heroine had to be the bride. She heard that note of excitement in my voice, coming from staring at that pink post-it on the wall. “No…” she said, and when I pitched my idea she was on board.

My heroine is contracted to write the vows of her ex-stepsister, a near-Bridezilla, who insists heroine Charlotte attend a weekend with the wedding party in order to write vows that capture her love for her groom. Unfortunately, the groom’s brother and best man is none other than Charlotte’s ex.

I loved Charlotte and Luke’s story–how this determined man is not willing to let prickly (for good reason!) Charlotte get away from him again. These two belong together and I can’t wait for you to read their story.

So…it’s centered around wedding vows. What did you do/what do you plan to do? I’m ashamed to say I didn’t write my own. I was under a time crunch and traveling for work right  before my ceremony, so I went traditional.

Comment to win!

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36 Responses to FREE BOOKS! Giveaway!

  1. Amethyst1 says:

    This anthology sounds great! 🙂

    Wedding vows… I probably wouldn’t write my own because I’m not good at writing sentimental things.

  2. Liz Flaherty says:

    Sounds wonderful. I never met an anthology I didn’t like, either. 🙂

  3. Kathy Johnson says:

    I’m definitely in, I do love anthologies.

  4. TrishJ says:

    Weddings are so romantic. Didn’t write my vows. I was so nervous standing up there I would have forgotten them anyway. Love to win a copy of your book.

  5. CateS says:

    Love anthologies. I didn’t write my vows either time. Thanks for a great giveaway !!

  6. leisa prater says:

    I love to read about weddings…mine was a disaster and didn’t end well…so I think time has passed me by on weddings but I love to read about HEA’S…Thank you!!!!!

  7. iwritebooks says:

    You guys are all in the running and I have several copies, so come back tomorrow to see who wins. I really wish I’d written my own vows but definitely that would have been a lot of pressure. I’m sure Surfer Guy (my dh) was glad he didn’t have to think up anything as well!

  8. christieridgway says:

    Once again, wordpress messes with me. That’s my comment above.

  9. jeannie murphy says:

    I can feel for u – have worked the last 103 days straight with no days off, and still have 5 days to go – guess what I do. My last major deadline is April 15, but OH! they we’re so nice to us and gave us two more days to work.

  10. Christie, nothing makes me swoon like a wedding story, and you do them swoon-tastically!

  11. eli yanti says:

    wow.. the cover looks so georgeous :). so curious

  12. Debbie Mekler says:

    Love the story idea. I’ll admit, we went traditional with vows and most of the ceremony. My dh refused to see me in my dress beforehand because he wanted “that moment.” 🙂

  13. MamaJen says:

    I love anthologies. We used traditional vows, also.

  14. Leanne says:

    Christie, this sounds great! I love wedding stories and anthologies! Perfect combo! As for our vows, we went traditional, but I did not say OBEY! Ack!

  15. christieridgway says:

    “Traditional” doesn’t mean it has “obey” in there anymore, does it?! Ack. No obeying. Debbie, I think it’s so sweet that our dh wanted that moment. I think my dh was only told when and where to show up. Actually, I remember he was =much= less nervous than me. And we’d been together for 7 years. Still felt like a BIG step.

  16. Melissa M. says:

    Three amazing authors all in one book! Super excited! Can’t wait to read.

  17. Virginia says:

    I love anthologies and this one sounds great.

    We just use the standard vows during our wedding in a small country church.

  18. Kim Matlock says:

    I would love to win a copy.

    I was too scared… We didn’t write our own vows. We moved to CA just the two of us in September. In November I went back to TX to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. It was the first time since we were together that we were apart for a week. He picked me up at the airport and told me that he couldn’t be without me like that again. That he wanted to get married. I was like okay. I thought he meant down the road. But we got married the beginning of January.

    We got married in Vegas, just the two of us. He made all the arrangements. I picked out my princess gown and the color of my roses.

    Traditional love, honor, cherish… Never obey… We bought know that I don’t do anything someone tells me to do.

  19. Carole Fiore says:

    I love wedding stories, I didn’t write any special vows, just the old fashion words, which is ok! Were seperated now after 22yrs. of marriage but still believe in love and love to see others in love-this weekend my dear friends daughter is getting married under a buch of pecan tress in the country so romantic and they are so cute together. love to read your story!

  20. Jackie Delude says:

    I am so looking forward to this book! I love the way you write you bring the reader in and don’t let go! Thanks for many great reads!

  21. Na S. says:

    Wedding stories are so sweet and even more so when reading in the Spring/Summer. That’s because there are so many weddings going on.

  22. Sheri Cornwell says:

    Can’t wait!

  23. PatriciaW says:

    Love wedding stories and especially anthologies. Weddings, Ink sounds intriguing. Very novel.

  24. Clare says:

    I got married so long ago that doing your own vows was considered almost deviant ! There is no way on earth my husband would have written his own unless it was ‘I love you so let’s get married’. Man of few words.

  25. christieridgway says:

    I don’t feel so bad I didn’t write my vows…most of us seemed to have gone the traditional route!

  26. ov099 says:

    Hmm… I haven’t a clue what I would do, actually… if you google vows, there are plenty of non-ordinary ceremonies and the like out there. So perhaps if I didn’t go the totally original route, one could always put together a ceremony/vows from those. Or at least help inspire an original one. But there is help out there… and definitely would want something a little bit different than the every day stuff. 🙂


  27. Monikarw says:

    Oh, Christie!!! Can’t wait to read this book 🙂

    Umm, I wanna write my own vows! I’m waiting to meet the right guy, I know he’ll inspired me! 😉
    don’t feel bad.. The traditional vows are SO BEAUTIFUL! & what’s important is that u mean it! 🙂

  28. MEME ME!!! You know I am a sucker for your voice.

  29. willie71 says:

    I love wedding stories, I’d love to win this.

  30. Laney4 says:

    We too were “traditional” and didn’t write our own vows. I was 22 and nervous enough without having that thrown into the equation. Now thirty years later, I would choose to write my own, but I have no plans to renew my marriage vows nor remarry, LOL.
    After my parents were gone in the nineties, my way of thinking changed. I “came into my own”. Then when I turned 50, my thinking changed again. Now I put ME first (sometimes, as opposed to rarely) and I try a lot more new things. Last year I wrote a song and sang it at our badminton banquet acapella (and I’m not a singer, not even with karaoke), so reciting my own vows sounds like it would be much easier, at least for me. My husband, on the other hand, wouldn’t be too thrilled with that idea….
    Congrats on the anthology. I’ve never read any of your books but would love to give this book a whirl!

  31. christieridgway says:

    Laney4: “badminton banquet”? That sounds like fun! Brings back good memories…I won a co-ed badminton tourney in PE in high school…I was so proud! 🙂

  32. kris says:

    would love to win!
    we basically wrote our own, very short vows. something along the lines of “do you?” “yup”, “do you?” “yup”. 🙂 it worked for me.

  33. flchen1 says:

    Wow–I TOTALLY want this anthology! I love the premise. And well, I love anthologies! As for vows, we went with relatively traditional. While I love how personal and intimate those self-written vows can be, I think the emotion those bring out is best reserved for the couple to share. I’m not sure I wanted everyone at my wedding privy to those heartfelt declarations–I’d want those just for me 🙂 Selfish, I guess, but there it is.

    BTW, small world, Christie–I shelve books at our local Friends-of-the-Library with one of your elementary school teachers (4th grade, maybe?) She reads your books because you write them 🙂

  34. Terri Reed says:

    Love the cover and the story premises.

  35. Karen says:

    Christie, I’ve never read one of your books that I didn’t absolutely love!! Can say the same for Deirdre, but have never read anything from Laura – would love, love, love to get the chance!

  36. barbed1951 says:

    I’m not very imaginative, so I’d probably go traditional if I were to marry again. The first time, I went traditional as well. This sounds like a great anthology, I’m looking forward to reading it.

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