Oscar Recap – someone has to do it!

I’m not a big fan of the Oscars.  Over all I think it’s a bit pretentious (okay, a LOT pretentious) and generally I’ve not seen half the films that are nominated and can never figure out WHY the ones that win, win.  However, this year, with the return of Billy Crytal as the host  (love that guy) I had to tune in and watch.  And boy am I glad I did.

There were some weird moments, people – and some funny ones.  Here’s my take in bullet points:

* Billy – fun and funny – he did not disappoint.  Especially the kiss between him and George Clooney.  Anyone see that?

* Jennifer Lopez and her – ahem – golden globes.  Seriously – did you see THAT?  Was she having an Elaine from Seinfield Christmas card moment with her niparoonie peaking (or possibly peeking – pun intended) moment both on the red carpet and when she presented?

* I love Robert Downy Jr, but can the man NOT simply present an award without making it into a production (albeit funny production)

* Angelega – I mean Angelina – Jolie.  Come on.  Yes, we know you’re the most beautiful woman in the world but did you REALLY have to pose on stage hip jutted, leg extended just so to make certain we all saw the creamy white thigh peeking (not peaking) through your yards of designer gown?  Seriously.  It was beyond ridiculous.  Good momma, humanitarian, married to Brad – was that not enough?  You had to point out more perfection?  Although frankly, I though she looked a bit emaciated.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a bit ridiculous because someone set up a twitter page JUST about her LEG – of course it’s ALL over every headline now.  Just so you know, pages were also set up for Bradley (yum,yum) Cooper’s Mustache and Martin Scorsese’s Eyebrows LOL

* Ellen DeGeneres – I LOVE Ellen.  She got almost as much air time as Billy in her hysterical  J.C. Penny ads.  Those ads alone were worth the price of admission.  So much fun!

* Another fun moment was Sandra Bullock speaking Chinese with a distinct German Accent.  Too funny

* Honorable mention for grins goes to Will Farrell and Zach Galifianakis (I should get points for spelling that right).  Their twin cymbals bungling act was hysterical.

* Points also go to Chris Rock who made fun of actors who say that voice-overs in animated films is so hard, pointing out that manual labor is hard – not reading lines.

* The Cirque du Soleil was performance was phenomenal!

There were more moments but, let’s move on to what we’re all really interested in:  The dresses.  Here are some of my favorites – and not so favorites


The Anga-legga Pose.  Seriously?


meryl streep6212539.bin

Meryl missed for me on this one



Cameron Diaz looked pretty good


emma stone6212443.bin

Emma Stone is so cute but this just didn’t

do it for me


melissa mccarthy6212540.bin

I love Melissa McCarthy but I’m not sure this

was the dress for her


michelle williams6212435.bin

Michelle Williams looks incredible!


penelope cruz6212537.bin

Penelope Cruz – what’s to say?  Perfection



Ah, JaLo. I love her but …

is she nipping out??  You decide.

So – anyone else have any memorable moments you’d like to share?  Favorite dresses?  And what about JaLo?  Did she or didn’t she??  Any favorite movies among the nominees? Favorite actors/actresses?  I saw The Help and Money Ball and thought both were amazing.  Have to admit I am intrigued by The Artist.


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17 Responses to Oscar Recap – someone has to do it!

  1. sorry Cindy. I didn’t watch this year. But I’m not an Angelina fan. That leg act came across as so phoney and unnatural.

    I’m one of the few who didn’t love The Help. I couldn’t connect with it.

  2. Cindy Gerard says:

    I so hear you on the Angelina pose. Seriously. She lost a ton of points with me. Phoney is the absolute correct word.

    • Did you see the guy–part of one of the accepting groups, don’t remember which–who stuck the same pose as a joke? It fell flat, too, mainly because he couldn’t let it go when he didn’t get much reaction. Foolishness all the way around. Playing down to the audience if you ask me.

  3. jane Picray says:

    I LOVED J Edgar. Yes the movie itself was a little cumbersome, but DiCaprio was amazing. I have never been a fan of his, but in this movie he WAS Hoover!!!!! The entire movie should not have been snubbed. I read everything I can about Hoover, so following the flashbacks were made easier for me. There have been other movies that were not so great in many ways but a standout performance was honored just as DiCaprio’s should have been!!!!!

  4. Linda says:

    I only watched part of it…. having to get up at 5 am to go to work I tend to head to bed by 9:30. But as for the dresses, well they are dresses and none are anything I would ever want to wear. Though as a plus person myself I think Melissa McCarthy’s dress is a good choice. Films- well let’s see I saw Puss in Boots, and really want to see the Glenn Close film and the Artist but as for the other nominee’s… ehhh not so much, as is normally the case. Yes Billy was good and Circ de Sole is always worth catching. For J-Lo and Ang- well they want to flaunt what they have but really who needs it.

  5. loisgreiman says:

    What WAS with the pose. It was weird. I kept expecting some kind of joke. Ummmm, but no.
    And…predictably, after that I fell asleep. Hmmmm, that must say something about me AND the Oscars.

  6. michelehauf says:

    Never have the patience to watch this show and suffer through all the commercials, so I catch the recap on ET on Monday night. I liked Williams dress the best!

  7. E-online has a fun little game going–a “pose off” that lets you choose . http://www.eonline.com/redcarpet/2012/oscars/news/angelina-jolie-vs-sandra-bullock-it-s-the-oscars-red-carpet-pose-off/296716

    Sandra Bullock’s dress was my favorite of the night, but you have to be able to see the back to appreciate the look. I thought Melissa McCarthy’s dress was a lovely choice, loved Cameron Diaz’s look, and didn’t like Michelle Williams’s peplum/tuttu at all. To each her own, huh? But the dresses are the best part of Oscar night. Otherwise, few surprises.

    • Oh, except Meryl Streep. I was surprised she won. Didn’t see the movie, but could tell from the trailers that she gave her usual masterful performance, totally becoming the character.

      Meryl gets my vote for best acceptance speech, too.

      The two winners I was rooting for were Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer. I haven’t seen “The Artist.”

      I was hoping for something for “Moneyball,” which is wonderful.

  8. Cindy, I saw the nippola de las Lopez. I did. Angelina….eesh, I was thinking she looked like an anorexic vampire with hip dysplasia. Penelope…yep, perfect. And I didn’t like Emma’s dress, but I was completely charmed by her presentation with Ben Stiller.

  9. Leanne says:

    Coming in late here because I was out of town, but hubby replayed the Angelina Jolie leg pose and said he did not think it was attractive. Emaciated-looking. If she looks that thin on camera, can you imagine what she looks like in person?

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