Games: Old School or Online?

I found this pic somewhere online yesterday and it gave me such a giggle. And it also made me sigh wistfully for games I used to play as a kid. Yep, I could seriously entertain myself with a rock, or a pile of rocks. (Don’t judge me. I’m a writer; we’re all a little weird.)  And remember board games that you’d dig out of the closet and the whole family would gather around and shake the dice and climb up ladders, or buy a railroad, or ever remove the funny bone?  Or family was big on games when we were kids. Some of my best memories take me back to putting puzzles together with my mom.

Board games are still popular, but a lot of them are played online nowadays.  The cool way I connect with my grown kids lately?  We play Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends.  We usually keep the games going steadily, making numerous moves daily. They’re not sitting across the table from me—which I would prefer—but I still get a motherly twinge of connection by signing in to the iPad and checking out their next moves.

Are online games a new way of connecting? If we can’t get together with family, I like the fact that with a few keystrokes I can make some kind of personal contact.  And there’s always the need for me to play games so my brain doesn’t wither in my old age.  😉

What about you and your family? Do you still have the luxury of getting together over a board game, or have you discovered the fun in playing electronically? And what games are keeping your brain sharp?


ps – who will glad match anyone in Words With Friends or Hanging.  Find me by searching FB for michelehauf

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9 Responses to Games: Old School or Online?

  1. Leanne says:

    Michele, my sisters and I gave my 82 year old mother an Ipad for Christmas and she is primarily using it to play words with friends with her children and grandchildren!!!!:) Great topic!:) I haven’t dove into that pool yet because I’m afraid it will be another distraction for me, but in this case, I never say never!:)

  2. michelehauf says:

    Leanne, yes, start some games with your mom! That’s so cool. And I do think it’s a great way to keep the ole noggin’ exercised.

  3. I loved board games when I was a kid. I’m tooking up at my toy shelves right now, and I see Parcheesi, Careers, and an old Monopoly game. They weren’t mine, but I acquired them on E-Bay a couple-few years ago when I was obsessed with buying back my childhood. The grands still love to play Monopoly–the have a new set, just like the old set–and Twister. They also have Fairyopoly, and they like that, too. They entertained on a sleepover last summer by making a life-size Monopoly game and being the playing pieces. Their idea. I loved it–took pictures, of course.

    I don’t do online games, but I can see the appeal. The girls play Pixie Hollow, and I think it’s cool that they can play with friends who have moved to either coast. I remember how hard it was growing up and moving around a lot with the military, saying goodbye to friends all the time. LD calling was out of the question–too expensive–and you’d exchange a letter or two, and then the friend faded into the ether. Now you’ve got the ‘net and Skype and online games and unlimited LD. It’s all good.

    • michelehauf says:

      I have Monopoly loaded on my iPad but haven’t played it yet. I can’t wait for grandchildren to get out the ‘real’ board games and do those chutes and ladders again! Fairyopoly? I must check that out.

  4. kylie brant says:

    We played huge neighborhood games of Kick the Can. My kids always played “Night Games’ which sounded like a glorified hide and seek in the dark. I play lots of online bridge but only against myself…I love to be able to throw the cards in when I have a poor hand!

  5. loisgreiman says:

    My mother plays solitaire a lot but with real cards, so when I visit her we’ll play together, separate decks. Sometimes my sisters will be there and we’ll have five games going at once. Odd but fun.

    Son One and family were just home. We played Uno with 7 year old Christian. He loooved making people draw cards. I had kind of forgotten how exciting things are for younguns.

  6. Kathleen O says:

    Oh we loved lots of games, Card games, we love them. Board games and trivia games. Scrabble is a fav, Rainy days at the cottage in the summer could see us playing Ramolli for pennies or a great game of Monopoly. We love dice games like Farkle. So many great games we played as children we still play today…
    Now of course some of us are into the on-line games, such as Texas Hold’em.
    One of our Christmas Eve rituals is to play a mean game of Trival Pursuit and then after we have played this for about 4 or 5 hours, we start into a game of Euchure to the wee small hours of Christmas morning.. This bring us closer to our Mom and Dad, they are watching us and cheering us on from above…

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