Root canal equals aquarium? Say what?

Oh boy. You’re going to love this story. In November I cracked a tooth. LOONNGGG story short – there was the root canal, the infection, the drilling, the filling, the temporary crown, the infection (again), the final permanent crown. Lots of dental visits. Lots of shots in my poor jaw. Lots of fun and games. And finally, last week, my jaw told me it had had enough. I ended up with partial facial paralysis (and pain … lots of pain, folks) due to severe nerve inflammation. Thank goodness it was temporary and it’s all better now – honestly – but a funny thing happened on the way to getting better.

Prednisone should come with a warning label – do not make major purchases while taking this medication. That’s right. Doc gave me a steroid injection to help with the inflammation and put me on a prednisone burst. Let me tell you how I react to large doses of prednisone. I get CRAZY!!

Here’s the proof.  Last Saturday afternoon (in full prednisone euphoria) found me in my car, in a slushy snow storm, driving 40 miles to a pet store because I had decided that I could not live another moment without an aquarium. Holy mother.

Now I am the proud (and growing skeptical) owner of a 30 gallon fresh water tropical fish aquarium that I’m rapidly finding out is NOT merely an observational pastime. It’s a hobby folks. A labor intensive, high maintenance, chemical balance issue filled hobby.  But – oh, is it beautiful!

So, let yourself be warned. Don’t drink and drive, don’t drive and text, and for goodness sake, don’t make any major purchases while taking prednisone. LOL.

Lest you think I jest – here are photos.

fish & kids 007

The big picture


fish & kids 004

side view


fish & kids 022

Notice my little snorklers in the tank? :o)


fish & kids 049

and my little mermaids?

Okay. so they’re all cut out photos of the grandkids but they’re cute right? LOL

buddy and fish flowers 032

Buddy is enthralled

Granted, the tank is already beautiful (and will be even more beautifuller :o) when I get it fully stocked) but did the Gerard household really need a tank full of fish in addition to the dog, the two cats and the 3 horses? I think not. But I thought that thought far after I slid the plastic card through the little charge machine thingy :o)

On another note:  Thank you all for going out and buying Last Man Standing and shooting it way up on the New York Times Best-seller lists.  Thanks to you, LMS hit the Times Mass Market paperback list, the combined hardcover/mm list, the e-book list and the e-book/mm combo list.  A quadruple score!  It’s so exciting.

I also want to bring your attention to a fantastic new short story collection: THRILLER 3: LOVE IS MURDER which is available for preorder now on both B&N and Amazon


It’s a WOW collection of short stories (edited by Sandra Brown) and written by some of the hottest thriller writers in the business.  For instance: Lee Child, Debra Webb, Allison Brennan, Robert Browne, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Andrea Kane … the amazing list goes on and on.  And oh yeah – I was invited to write a story for the collection too. :o) I think you’ll all enjoy catching up with Johnny Duane Reed and Crystal (Tink) Debrowski (Whisper No Lies) in the action packed Dying To Score which finds them on the run and in bad trouble in the jungles of Guatemala.

Okay.  Back to my ‘prednisone purchase’.  How about you all? Anyone out there ever make an impulsive purchase they later regretted or semi regretted and if so was it drug (let’s stick with the legal stuff) induced or just a ‘what was I thinking?’ moment?  And if anyone out there has a freshwater aquarium, I’m all ears when it comes to tips.  I already love my little fishies and I want to keep them healthy and happy. 

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Cindy Gerard is a New York Times best-selling author of action packed romantic suspense novels. Learn more about Cindy at
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27 Responses to Root canal equals aquarium? Say what?

  1. I’m sorry I can’t be supportive of your aquarium. I HATED my husband’s aquarium…granted it was saltwater, not fresh but OMG the work to keep that tank was extensive! I do love to look at them. They are so calming. But the work to keep them clean…Talk to us about this a year from now. 🙂

    WOW about your tooth. Or maybe I should say “Ouch” Sounds like you’re on the mend, YAY

    Congrats on shooting up the NYT list! That’s great.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Hi Cynthia! And I hear you on the salt water tanks. I’m strongly resisting that urge although, I love this fresh water tank so much I’m thinking of getting another (bigger) one for my office! They tell me bigger is not only better but easier to maintain. I’m not letting myself do anything about it for a few more months yet until I truly find out of ‘little maintenance – per the pet shop) this tank turns out to be

  2. loisgreiman says:

    Okay, I used to teach a choreographed dance/exercise class. The training was very intensive and I was in a fair amount of pain, so I asked my husband the doctor (okay, make that, my husband THE VETERINARIAN) if he had anything in his arsenal to ease me through one more lesson. He said sure and pulls out a bottle with a German Shepherd on it. After that I thought I was prima ballerina…until about half way through the class when I was as green as the sides of my aquarium used to be. 🙂 After that little episode, I rarely even take Advil.

    Good luck with your fishes. They’re beautiful.

    And huge congrats on your latest. You’re the best.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Oh Lord, I love it! German Shepherd meds for our Lois. Quick question: Did you get a major urge to bark at cars shortly after taking it?

      And I’d love to see you dance sometime – well, other than that time you were dancing on the table at the bar :o)

  3. I love, love that picture of Buddy watching the fish! Can you imagine the thoughts that are going thru his little brain?!! LOL!!!

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Buddy would tend to disagree that he has a ‘little’ brain LOL He thinks he’s pretty smart – except that he sure gets frustrated when he can’t get at those fishies :o)

  4. Linda says:

    Wow a fish tank! They are a lot of work- even my poor Beta can be labor intensive if I use tap water instead of distilled or spring water. As for doing things while on “drugs”- I suffer from insomnia and sometimes resort to prescription sleep aides. One morning I woke up and found I had made a Wal-mart trip and bought all the things I thought I needed for the house. Though nothing as big as a fish tank thnak goodness. My cats would most likely not be as patient and just look at it- I am sure at least one would have been in a fish tank. Good luck on the tank, fish are very pretty and peaceful. And congrats on the book!

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Linda – I started out with a pair of bettas – Mad Max and Turbo. Loved them and yes, you have to putz with them a little. I figured that after I kept them alive for 6 months maybe I could handle an aquarium — of course, that was the prednisone talking :o)

      And I LOVE the midnight walmart trip! Wow That must have been really scary in retrospect. Here’s to peaceful sleep filled nights for you

  5. Cindy, don’t tell me this was your first rodeo, er, aquarium. It’s beautiful. They always start out that way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped into the deep end of this particular pool on impulse. Bottom line, they’re a lot of work.

    BUT, a fabulous and highly deserving NYT bestseller can afford to hire Mermaids! If we have them in land-locked MN, I’m sure you have some in IA. No kidding, for a fee they drop in regularly (I’m assuming they get around in some sort of mobile aquarium) and do aquarium maintenance. Can’t you just see Kitty’s face when your mermaid comes to the door?

    Big congrats, sweetie!

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Years ago – when I was young and taking care of a baby and over worked and immature, yes, we had a 10 gallon aquarium.. I killed them all over time :o( This is my attempt to redeem myself – said the prednisone :o).
      And I think that once I get it down to a science, it won’t be that difficult to handle. A clean, healthy tank is a challenge to me now. I’m doing daily 30% water exchanges right now because the tank is new and still cycling and I’m getting the chemicals in balance (nitrites and nitrates are great! but the ammonia is being stubborn). It takes me about 20 – 30 minutes each morning. Once I get the balance right, I honestly think we’re talking less than an hour a week maintenance.
      I actually kind of enjoy it. I’m a motherer by nature (who knew) and apparently I need something to take care of … just ask the dog and the cats :o)

  6. michelehauf says:

    Wow, you really jumped into the erm, aquarium and bought the whole nine yards, eh? It’s fabulous. Though I was initially freaked to see those tiny people in the water until I realized they were photos. 🙂

    Regretful purchases. Hmm…I have this big brown couch that is the size of a freakin’ boat. It’s comfy, but it’s too large for my living room and matches nothing. Though, on the plus side, when the flood comes, I just need to grab an oar and hop on, and I’ll be okay.

    • omigod! I thought I was the only one who bought sofas without thinking things through. Must have been that New Jersey air I was breathing. Having to split time between New Jersey and Florida I couldn’t figure out the best place for the ridiculously heavy thing but I kept “trying it out” in one house than the other when our seasonal change came for Jim’s job. Finally sold it in a garage sale and bought the sofa of my dreams from Pottery Barn. As for how this connects to Cindy’s fish story – I love my aquarium too but those pretty fishies just couldn’t make the move so they all got foster homes. Except for that big slimy thingy that vacuumed the bottom – we set him (well, it wasn’t pretty so it wasn’t a girl) free in the Toms River. I’m sure he’s perfectly happy wherever he ended up, uh, vacuuming.

  7. Cindy Gerard says:

    LOL Michele. Yup. Whole nine yards. ‘Go big or go home’ I always say LOL
    The ARC couch, huh? Always good to have handy for those Minnesota Monsoons.

  8. Quilt Lady says:

    We have had a 75 gal tank set up in the living room for years.Hubby’s thing. He has built his own filter system under the tank using a 30 gal tank. That is the main thing is keeping the water filter really well, and doing water changes but he is not good with water changes. The problem we have is there is only one pet shop in town near us and they don’t have the best quilty of fish to choose from. I love angle fish but we haven’t had much luck keeping them alive for much over a year. We just restocked out tank with really hardy fish and they are doing quite well.

  9. Cindy Gerard says:

    A 75 gallon tank? Oh my goodness. That’s huge! And thanks for the words of advice. Filtration seems to be the key … and yes the water changes.
    What kind of fish did you restock with? Hardy fish sounds good to me :o)

  10. Christie Ridgway says:

    Beautiful! Years ago I worked at a company that had a saltwater tank. They had a service come in and take care of the chores. It was huge and beautiful and I loved the little puffer fish and the seahorses (but even with a good service, they were very fragile and difficult to keep alive).

    Of course, the Ridgways have had various aquariums with various occupants, from fish to newts to frogs. Oh, also crawdads. Eventually, I get fed up with them and send them with Surfer Guy to his classroom, where he eventually finds some kid who is fascinated with the pets du jour and he gives the whole kit and caboodle away to a student.

    Of course what goes around comes around and we were on the receiving end of a North African tortoise from a student some years back. But he lives in our backyard, not an aquarium. He’s big!

    Congrats on the list showings! You know I love that book. 🙂

  11. Cindy Gerard says:

    This whole water world thing is new to me. I’m definitely staying away from salt water. Have found tons of on line forums about keeping fresh water aquariums – can we say information overload??? – but hope it will be the help I need to maintain healthy, happy fishies.

    What do you feed a tortoise? and how do you keep him in your yard?

    And thanks on the book Christie. appreciate it.

  12. Lovely tank! I love aquariums and can’t wait for the one we’ll be purchasing for our living room…soon!! It’s going to be a 75 gallon tank. Yay!!! In the past, we’ve kept 55 & 60 gallon tanks. They’re tons of fun, especially since we stay away from saltwater tanks. Best advice is to make sure your fish are compatible and that you “fill out” the tank, meaning a few fish for every level. You don’t want all of your fish to be bottom dwellers or top-of-the-tank swimmers. Some “fancy” freshwater fish that are fairly hardy are gouramis. They get along well with other fish of their size & aren’t picky about food. Best to only have 1 male in the group.
    So…an impulse buy I regret…that would be the 29gallon hermit crab tank we set up for 2 “adorable” crabs! Sure, the crabs are “so cute” when they’re tiny…no one warns you that when you walk down your hall at 2am and see a now 2yr old GINORMOUS crab crawling around, it’s going to make you scream and run into a wall! My 12yr old son has “inherited” care of the tank, as I’m terrified to pick up the crab now that he’s the size of my hand! It’s worse than spotting a spider in the house! LOL

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      LOL,Michele. An attack crab! Holy smokes.
      So glad to hear positive words on aquariums. I’ve got 3 dwarf gouramis and 3 platys now. I love them all. can’t wait for the tank to finish its cycle so I can add a few more.
      thanks for the great advice.

  13. I love aquariums!!!! You’re such a glutton for nurturing punishment! My kind of gal! xo

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Hey Karin!
      The fishies might be partly your fault. Fell in love with your beta when I stayed at your lovely home last Dec. So I got 2. The blue one – Turbo – now resides in the aquarium and Mad Max has a bigger home all to himself (they were separated by a divider)
      I think I’m really going to enjoy being a fish monger … er, I mean fish mommy :o)

  14. leannebanks says:

    I’m coming in late here because I was on the road all day yesterday, but I LOVE AQUARIUMS! If they weren’t so much work, I would be tempted…:) CONGRATS on your great NYT news! Go Cindy!<3

  15. Cindy Gerard says:

    Thanks Leanne. I hope things settle down for you soon :o)

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