Man Signals. Are You As Confused As I Am?

Christie says: Welcome to wonderful Riders friend and now debut author! Take it away, Cynthia D’Alba!

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A huge THANK YOU to Christie Ridgway for hosting this stop on my “around the world in thirty days” blog tour. Okay, I’m not going around the world but my head is spinning! The early reviews for Texas Two Step are starting to hit the internet and so far, so good.

As I was planning what to do for the release of Texas Two Step, I realized that while I knew my hero (Mitch Landry) and heroine’s (Olivia Montgomery) dating history as well as I know my own, readers are dropped into their lives ten years after they meet and six years after their torrid love affair goes awry.

But Mitch and Olivia have such a wonderful three years before fate decides to play havoc on them. And you know what happens when fate steps in, right? All those lovely plans go out with today’s trash. As the authors here can attest, frontloading a book with a couple’s backstory is a deadly no-no. Right? But for those readers who enjoy the early days of a romance, I wrote a prequel for Texas Two Step, available only during this tour.

Today’s episode is The Meeting-Part Three. If you missed parts one and/or two of The Meeting, there will be links to these if you follow today’s link.

In part three of The Meeting, Mitch signals his friend away from Olivia, establishing his claim by placing his hand on Olivia’s shoulder and leaving it there through introductions. His friend, Wes, gets the “signal” and moves on, leaving Olivia to Mitch.

Today I want to talk about male non-verbal marking signals and non-verbal communication. I confess, non-verbal communication can sometimes go right over my head, especially the non-verbal signals men give. Does where a man sits at a table indicate his attraction (or lack of) to his date? What message does calling the morning after meeting a girl give versus waiting a couple of days? Does Mitch resting his hand on Olivia’s shoulder signal (for you) a “hands off” to his friend? An arm slung around her shoulders or clasping her hand while it’s draped through his arm would be obvious signals but what about subtle ones. What ways have you observed men waving other men off “their” gal? What non-verbal signals have you observed men use?

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36 Responses to Man Signals. Are You As Confused As I Am?

  1. Hi gang. I’m thrilled to be here!
    One correction…I won’t be a Magical Musings tomorrow. I decided to take the day off from the tour tomorrow and go to the beach! 🙂

  2. Elle James says:

    Hi Cynthia!
    And they say men are simple. I’m as confused as you are. Is that why Men are from Mars and Women from Venus? We don’t speak the same language, verbal or body!

  3. lynnemarshall2 says:

    These signals must be something only guys know, because I haven’t a clue! The only one I know for sure is the hand at the lower back guiding the woman. That strikes me as very territorial, and sexy. Looking forward to learning the “secret handshake” of male signals today!

  4. Christie Ridgway says:

    Congratulations again! I think there are definite man signals–some they probably aren’t even aware of (like the hair tossing thing that women do). Like Lynne, I love the hand at the small of the back. Subtle, but sexy.

    I think brushing hair back off a woman’s face is less subtle but not territorial. The wind blows it across her eyes and he pushes it away before she gets a chance…shows he’s paying attention, wants to really see her, is looking for reasons to touch here…

    • Thanks Christie for hosting me. Did you see the note about tomorrow’s post being canceled? If you can edit and remove that, great.

      Yes…brushing back hair, or tucking a piece of flyaway hair behind her ear as a reason to touch her. I like that too.

      I like the thumb brushing back and forth across her knuckles as they hold hands.

  5. Pamela Stone says:

    I had a boyfriend way way back who would step between me and other males. He might engage the other guy in a short conversation, then put his hand on my back and guide me away. He didn’t start a fight or verbally threaten them at all, but his message came through. Great topic.

    • I’ve never had (or can’t remember ever) dating a guy who was so possessive as to step between me and another man. If I did, he must have been very good at this because I never noticed!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a message!

  6. Leigh Duncan says:

    If I remember a workshop on body language correctly, women are attracted by scent and sight, but it requires touch for the girs to really sit up and take notice. All those little touches, his hand on here arm, the brush of his fingers against her bare shoulder, the press of his fingers at the small of her back…

  7. Hi Elle! Isn’t that strange that men and women can speak such different languages? Thanks for coming by and leaving a message

  8. Nancy Northcott says:

    Hi, Cynthia–

    Congratulations on your new release! This is an interesting post on guy signals. I confess, I usually don’t notice them unless they’re really obvious.

    • Hi Nancy. Put me in the clueless until the signal hits me over the head boat also. I was once a teacher.I learned to ignore A LOT. Subtle signals FROM ANYBODY goes right over my head.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a message.

  9. loisgreiman says:

    Thanks for joining us, Cynthia. The differences between men and women are pretty interesting.

  10. Hey, Cynthia! Congrats on your release! I love reunion stories! One very subtle but very effective male claiming move is when a man moves into the offending male’s space and gives the look.

    • Hi Karin. I know how crazy your life is right now. I’m thrilled you found time to come by. Congrats on becoming a grandmother again!!!

      Reunion stories are some of my favorite. I love all the emotional backstory issues that have to be dealt with.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a message.

  11. Hey, Cynthia, congratulations! You know you’ve hit me square in my weakness–cowboys.

    Oooh, great question, especially for the writer. I guess the most common hands-off-she’s-mine signal is the hand on. Subtle is nice. This kind of signal is so revealing. The heavy-handed signal can say a lot about a man, too.

    • Hi Kathleen. I KNOW we share a love a cowboys. I’m one of your reader/fans. 🙂

      I agree with you about the heavy-handed signal. I find that kind of possessiveness a little scary…like how an admirer differs from a stalker.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  12. kylie brant says:

    Good ideas, guys…I was clueless, LOL. Don’t think my guy does many of these. My heroes always have the hand on the woman’s back to guide her, (really just an excuse to touch) and brushing the hair back from their face. My husband does a lot of eye contact (had to train him!) to show he’s listening. I think if guys lean in to hear what you’re saying, that speaks to attention. Other than the examples given I think I need a class, LOL.

    Now my dh’s signs are much less subtle. When he starts throwing things across the room at me or sends me an email (we’re both in the same room) or comes over and starts messing up my hair (hate to be ‘petted’) it tells me he is craving attention 🙂

    • Hi Kylie.
      I remember reading that where a man sits at the table says a lot about his attraction to the women. Anyone else ever read this? Seems like if he is attracted to the women, he sits across from her so he can look at her. Women has a tendency to sit next to a man if she’s attracted.

      Is it any wonder there is so much miscommunication between men and women? We
      don’t begin to express ourselves in similar fashion!

      Thanks for leaving a message.

  13. Oh, how I love that men are so different from us ladies! It’s the subtleties that make a girl’s tummy flutter in curiosity and excitement. Does he like me? Does he love me? Does he just want to get in my pants? It’s nice when they blatantly show their feelings, but the dance, the chase, is electric.

    Cynthia, congratulations on your debut! I can’t wait to read it!

    • Hi Megan. Oh yes, the “dance” that we do…thus the reason behind the title! 🙂
      Thanks for leaving a message. Please drop me a line after you read Texas Two Step and let me know what you thought!

  14. Cyndi – love the question. And I agree–that hand-to-the-back gesture is oh-so-sexy and protective.

    Have fun at the beach!

  15. Stephenia says:

    His hand at the small of her back = keep away she is mine
    His hand across the back of her chair = keep away she is mine
    Him leaning in or being physically closer in her space = keep away I am trying to make her mine
    Eyes meeting across the club or dance floor for longer than 3 seconds = I’m interested
    His body turning towards her at the bar = I’m interested (could be creepy if he doesn’t do it right)
    Eye contact and smiling = I’m really interested plus I’m confident, fun and/or sexy
    Hat tipping (cowboys) or two finger salute (military guys) or glass raising = I’m checking you out, wanna come over and talk to me? Unless you’re a waitress, then when he raises the glass he probably just wants another, lol
    winking – I’m playful, wanna talk? Or could signify inside joke from your guy. Usually always says he if fun to be with and likes to laugh alot
    him licking his lips at you from across the room = creepy, stay away
    Him offering his snack/appetizer plate at a party or bringing you a beverage = tells the other guys she is mine keep away
    him flexing at the beach or gym = look at me I have muscles, are you interested?
    Flowers on my dresser from barn man = I still love you after all these years , smiles

  16. Chelsea B. says:

    Definitely placing his hand on your back with a mean look towards the guy 🙂

  17. Informative blog and responses! Keeping up with you isn’t easy! I can’t wait to read this one.

  18. Joanne B says:

    I love the different responses. The only one I can think of is when a man puts his hand at the small of a woman’s back. He’s like staking a claim. Thanks for the blog hop.


  19. Susie K Williams says:

    I’ve never been good at reading guys and am SO thankful I don’t have to even try anymore!! I’ve been married practically forEVER so the only one I need to ‘read’ is my husband and I’m EXCELLENT at Joe-ese!! Keep up the good writing as I am thoroughly enjoying the tour and can’t wait for the book, which I HAVE already purchased!

  20. Patti P says:

    I have no idea what they are trying to convey most times. I have been at parties and things where the man will act really territorial around a particular woman, that seems to keep the other wolves at bay.
    THanks for the great post. I really want to read this!
    musicalfrog at

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    Comments left after this notice are appreciated and welcomed but WILL NOT BE COUNTED in the Faithful Follower Contest.

    Thank you for your comments and support.

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