LAST MAN STANDING RELEASE Day – and Cindy’s Birthday!

Can you believe it? After 45 plus books, I actually have a book release on my birthday. Well, okay. Technically, January 30th is my birthday. January 31st is the release date for Last Man Standing. BUT, let’s think about this. It’s my birthday until midnight on 1-30 and when that second hand ticks by midnight, it’s THEN release day. If only a second (or less) separates b’day from r’day doesn’t that make them practically the SAME day? You may have guessed by now that I’ve decided it does. :o)


Okay, now that THAT’s settled, let me tell you a little bit about Last Man Standing. Here’s the blurb from the back cover of the book.


Special operative Joe Green has gone vigilante.  His mission, avenge his Black Ops.,Inc. brother’s death during a bloody ambush years ago in Sierra Leone.  He refuses to drag the BOI team or his lover, Stephanie Tompkins, into the hunt for the man responsible, so when he finds himself beaten, starving, and alone after being falsely imprisoned for the murder of a Freetown priest, he knows he’s as good as dead.

Joe meant to protect Stephanie when he walked out on their relationship, but he can’t stop her now from executing his escape.  Breaking him out of prison is the easy part.  After Joe’s explosive theory pans out and his cunning enemy emerges as the front runner for a high level presidential appointment, he and Stephanie must race to derail the traitor’s conspiracy if they are to save their loved ones, the nation and each other.

I’m really excited about this book – a little sad too. This is the 7th and final chapter in the Black Ops, Inc series. I’m going to miss these guys … in fact I knew I was going to miss them so much that told my editor that if she didn’t want me to go into withdrawal, she was going to have to let me write them into my NEW series as secondary characters. Bless her, she told me to go for it. So you will be seeing the guys again – just not in staring roles – in One-Eyed Jacks. I’ll give you more scoop on the new series in another post. For now, here’s a link to the opening scene of Last Man Standing . excerpt

So to celebrate my birthdayreleaseday (ahem), I’m going to give everyone who comments today a chance at winning 2 of my backlist titles. My gift to you!! And for the record, thank you all for being such wonderful supporters of my books! Means everything.

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81 Responses to LAST MAN STANDING RELEASE Day – and Cindy’s Birthday!

  1. Donnas says:

    Happy birthday!! And congrats on the release. I’m glad we will get to see the BOIs again in the next series. And while looking forward to Joes story I’m going to miss them.

  2. Jane says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Happy Release Day, Cindy. I’m sad that the BOIs series is ending, but also excited about your upcoming series.

  3. Cathie Caudle says:

    Happy Birthday, Cindy! It is still Jan. 30 in Hawaii for 2 more hours. I just downloaded your new book to my Kindle and look forward to reading it. Love all your books. ! Always look forward to the next one! Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment! Cathie Caudle

  4. Minna says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy!

  5. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations! I’ve decided to read the Black Ops books in order so I shall start with book one this weekend.

  6. kris says:

    happy birthday! I was sooooo excited to have this book dowloaded and waiting for me to read! I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever! I adore the BOI’s and will be sad to see them go, but I’m excited for whatever will be in your writing future. 🙂

  7. sabah says:

    Happy birthday and release day I am so excited to read the book but I have to wait till tommorrow cause I am working For 12 hour today. But I will be sad once it will end it is good to know that BOIs will be in life with ur other series

  8. Tasha Clanton says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Release Day Cindy! Can’t wait to read this book! I’m sad that the series is coming to an end. I feel like I’ve “known” these guys and it’s almost like they’re moving away!! I am excited to read the new series though! Congratulations on all the success and may you have a wonderful day!

  9. Happy Birthday to you you…Also huge congrats on the brand new book…Wooohoo

  10. kylie brant says:

    Happy birthday and release day! Can’t wait to read the newest BOI book!

  11. HJ says:

    Happy birth-release day! Looking forward to One-Eyed Jacks, too.

  12. Carol L. says:

    A very Happy Birthday Cindy and Congrats on release day. 🙂
    Love the cover ..Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  13. Happy Birthday/Release Day!!!!

  14. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy! Hope that the day was a good one for you!

  15. Megan D says:

    Happy birthday!!!
    I can’t wait to read Last Man Standing. It’s gonna be so sad but so amazing, I can already tell! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!!

  16. Debbie W. says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy! I either need to read slower or you need to write faster….I can’t get enough of your books. They are always on my “must read” list.

  17. Stacey E. says:

    Happy Birthday/Release Day!! I’m so excited to read another BOI book, but really sad about it being the last. I love all of your books, so I can’t wait to read the beginning of your new series, hurry up!! Just kidding!

  18. Catherine Carriger says:

    Many Happy Happy’s to you!! Just finished LMS. Loved it!!! Bummer to see those BOI’s go. I’m looking forward to the new series and having the BOI’s show up. Joe’s cover was an awesome ending to the series!!

  19. Brenda Evanetich says:

    I am so excited the BOI’s will continue on. Now I won’t have to go through withdrawls! Happy Birthdayreleaseday!

  20. Aimee says:

    Happy BirthReleaseDay! So happy to hear the men of BOI will be back & can’t wait to hear more about the new series! Last Man Standing is an exciting read & a great end to the BOI series! Congrats on a great book!

  21. Lisa says:

    I hope you had a great birthday! I can’t wait to read Last Man Standing!

  22. Angela C. says:

    Happy Birthday to you. I hope your birthday and release day turns out to be a great one. I can’t wait to read Last Man Standing!

  23. Stephanie says:

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday/Release day and many more to come!!! Have a Great Day! 🙂

  24. Dianne Meierotto says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy!!!! Have a wonderful day.

  25. Sherri says:

    Happy Birthday and Release Day. Can’t wait to read this new BOI book. Have a great one.

  26. It’s more like Happy Birthday to Us!!!!! LOL!! Can’t wait to get your new book and I hope you had a great birthday!

  27. Katy Buckman says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy, It will be you’re birthday and release date at the same time somewhere with the time differences. 🙂 I’m currently reading With No remorse and loving it! 🙂 I’m glad that the Boi’s wont trully end! 😀

  28. Amanda Cantu says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos! May it be the best one yet!!

  29. bluedragon30 says:

    Belated Happy Birthday and congratulations on the new release! Love your BOIs, and am really looking forward to reading Last Man Standing and to meeting the One-Eyed Jacks!

  30. michelehauf says:

    Many happy ones! That cake looks delish! Do something just for yourself today.

  31. loisgreiman says:

    Happy, happy, happy birthday, Sis. I love you AND your books.

  32. Gail Nichols says:

    Happy Birthday Ms.Gerard,I just love your books. I sure wish they would make movies of your “bad boys”. If they made a movie of “Last Man Standing” who do you see playing Joe & Stephanie?

  33. Kathleen O says:

    Happy Release day Cindy.. I thought this day would never come… Can’t wait to read Joe and Stephanies story. Feels like we have been watching them fall in love from the first book…
    Hope you had a terrific day on your birthday and this is the best way to cap of your celebration..
    Wishing you many, many happy sales of this book..

  34. Pam Rapp says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Look forward to the new series! 🙂

  35. Happy Birthday, dear Cindy! That’s my kind of cake! I’m so glads the Black ops hunks get to appear in the new series, and I love the title ONE-EYED JACKS. Reminds me of one of my favorite Marlon Brando movies.

  36. monica m says:

    Happy Birthday and happy release day. I have enjoyed your books so much that I have read them several times and recommend them often. Have a great day and I can’t wait to read Joe’s story

  37. Annie @ UTC says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I’ve already read LAST MAN STANDING and loved it! Cant wait for the new spin off. Mike was great in this book so I’m curious to see how his story spans out!

  38. Janet says:

    Happy Birthday, Cindy!
    Purchased your book just a few minutes ago at Target and can’t wait to start reading it.
    Hope you hit another bestseller list again with this book.
    Once again, congratulations on your BD and your newest book.

  39. lois kovar says:

    Happy birthday to you!! I see that the ebook just is downloading to my kindle! I will perish waiting til Tonight to read it!!!!!

  40. Cindy Holub says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy from another Cindy! Congrats on your new release! I would love to win!
    cholub1968 at aol dot com

  41. Cindy Gerard says:

    Wow, You guys really know how to throw a party! thanks so much for stopping by!!

  42. Shelly Estes says:

    Happy Birthday/release day! I have loved all of your books so far, and I’m sure this one will be no different! I was sad to hear this was the last BOI book, but I am glad to see that you will be able to include them in your new series!! Looking forward to the new series!!

    • Mary Louise says:

      Hi Cindy: Happy Birthday…… you look mahvalous!! I too am sorry to see this series end. I have read half the BOI series so far and love, love, love each book. I’m pacing myself so I don’t finish up too fast. I want to savor every story and emotion. You never fail to take me “to the edge” of anticipation for each harrowing adventure. Is it difficuilt to say goodbye to the BOIs? Absolutely but I’m sure you have “no regrets”. By the way, I think the cover to Last Man is the BEST ever. M.L.

  43. catslady says:

    Double congratulations – what a wonderful birthday gift. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  44. Amy-Jo says:

    Again..happy birthday:) Hope you enjoyed your day! What a great gift you give us the day after your special day;) And, this giveaway..awesome;) Look forward to the new series..and can’t wait to start Joe’s book!

  45. christieridgway says:

    Happy Bday and Release Day, Cindy! I loved Last Man Standing–here’s what I had to say in my BookPage column:

  46. Patti says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Now that is my kind of cake!! I cannot wait to go home and “Nook your Book”!! LOL Anticipation of your new release has made an otherwise dull January speed by. Only problem? Waiting for the next book!

  47. Elisa says:

    Happy Birthday, Cindy!

    I’m so excited to get my hands on LAST MAN STANDING! This is one of the loose end I’ve been holding my breath for. To be honest, you had me at the Bodyguards series, so I’m relieved we don’t have to quite let go of the BOIs either. I’ve been slowly collecting your backlist, so bring it on! 🙂


  48. Limecello says:

    Happy (BelateD) birthday, Cindy! And happy release day! What a great week this is for you 😀
    I hope you had an amazingly fantastic day yesterday, and that another of your gifts is a ton of sales!

    [No need to enter me in the contest – I don’t get print books now. Just wanted to drop by though! :)]

  49. Jan Romes says:

    Happy Birthday (yesterday), Cindy! It was my sister, Chris’s, birthday yesterday as well :-))
    Congratulations on the release of your book, LAST MAN STANDING! The title alone is a draw to it. (I currently have your book, SHOW NO MERCY, in my possession to be read)

    Best wishes for much success with your career & LAST MAN STANDING!

    Jan Romes

  50. PJ Hansen says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy! So excited about Joe and Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Michele says:

    Happy Birthday! Can’t wait to start the new book!!!

  52. Nicole A says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday and Happy Release Day! I’m sad for the BOI’s to end, but I’m so excited to finally get Joe and Stephanie’s story (as well as the start of the new series)! Thanks for all the fabulous books! I can’t wait for the workday to end so I can start Last Man Standing!

  53. Daishara Andreotti says:

    Happy “belated” Birthday! When I woke up this morning your new book had already downloaded onto my Kindle. Can’t wait to start reading! I have loved the series and am very sad to know it’s the last official one. At least we will hear about them in other books! I love being able to catch up on my favorite characters.

  54. Patty Porter says:

    Happy birthday &happy release day! I got my book last night and have almost finished it….. love this book. Love Joe and Stephanie, .love the whole series….excited about your new series……

  55. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the release! I can’t wait to begin this series!!! Thank you!

  56. Susan T. says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Release Day!!! Just ran out during lunch to pick up LMS. Can’t wait to read it. Love BOI and can’t wait for One Eyed-Jacks.

  57. Amy Boulet says:

    hAPPY bIRthday! I’ve had a bit of trouble at finding Seal of my dreams locally, and hope I have better luck,finding Last man standing at my local stores. Thanks for putting these books out. I enjoy the comadre and companionship of your characters, and hope to read many more of your stories!

  58. Jill Pucci says:

    Heading out to get Last Man Standing tonight as an early birthday present to myself!

  59. PatriciaW says:

    Happy birthday and Happy Release Day, Cindy! Very cool timing. As would winning be for me, what with my birthday in just a few days. 😉

  60. savannah miller says:

    Happy Birthday!!! And congrats!
    and thank you for the chance to win!!

  61. Na S. says:

    A book release sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I hope you do! Happy, Happy, Birthday! Wow, that looks like a tasty cake 🙂

  62. Maureen says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Release Day! It looks like a great story.

  63. Aretha zhen says:

    Happy birthday n happy release day! Wish you all the best! Always love your cop series and I believe this One will Be a very good read too. Now fingers cross for myself so I can become the lucky reader who gets this book :).

  64. I hope your Birthday was a great one, and the celebrating continues through the night. You have a lot to celebrate, another year Younger. :} and new release. I’m dancing through the house for you and me. I was standing at the internet window patiently waiting for this. Love your books, keep them coming.

  65. Karin Anderson says:

    Happy (Belated) Birthday, Cindy! I already have Last Man Standing pre-ordered and in the mail (or so says Amazon). My birthday is coming up, too! I hope you have a wonderful birthdayreleaseday. 😀

    AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

  66. Catherine Belloni says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Can’t wait to download Last Man Standing to my Nook tomorrow morning. I will probably finish the book by the day after.

  67. chey says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Release Day!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Taryn Lisa says:

    Happy Release Day…and Birthday!! How cool for it to be released on your birthday!

  69. dian says:

    happy b’day cindy,,

    thanks for the giveaway ^^

  70. MaryC says:

    A belated Happy Birthday and Happy Release day, Cindy! Sad that this is the last of the Black Ops series, but happy to hear they’ll be popping up in your One Eyed Jack series.

  71. Cindy Gerard says:

    Wow. This has been some party! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to celebrate with me today. Still time to chime in and win :o)_

  72. Diane Sallans says:

    Happy Birthdays – one for you and one for your book!
    I’ve got to start this series and go all the way thru to Joe’s story.

  73. lois kovar says:

    Book was awesome as usual!! Now I’m ready for the next one…how long do we have to wait?!

  74. Erika Roman says:

    Hey Cindy, Happy Birthday and Release day!!! I enjoyed this series and can’t wait to checkout what you have in mind for your next series. Im so glad that this will not be the last time we hear from the wonderful BOI team!!

  75. TRACIE says:

    Happy Birthday and Release Day and everything else you can come up with. I’m all for celebrating. Congrats on such a successful series. I am looking forward to the new series.
    Good luck and happy writing!

  76. Sami Coghill says:

    Can’t wait to read LAST MAN STANDING. The other books were terrific!

  77. says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy!

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