Guest: Tawny Weber

The Riders welcome back the ever-delightful Tawny Weber today with some thoughts about balance.  And she’s got a copy of SEX, LIES AND MIDNIGHT for one lucky commenter, so show her some love, and tell us how you keep balance in your life.

Unless you do yoga these days, balance is probably a challenge.  I know it is for me.  Especially at times like this when I’m running the final lap of a deadline, promoting my back-to-back releases and prepping workshops for presentation.  But balance is one of my goals this year, so balance I will achieve (okay, positive thinking has to help, right?)

Balance… what?  Balance sounds great, doesn’t  it.  But until I defined which areas were a priority, I couldn’t begin working towards that great sounding state of life.  I mulled for awhile, and the areas I decided I needed to balance in my life are writing and career, family, my health and me time.

I can’t—okay, won’t, but that equals can’t, right?—cut back on my writing commitments, given that my deadlines commit me at least halfway through the year so far, those are set in stone.  Family time is pretty solid, but it’s not an area I will cut back on either.  So really, if I only worry about these two, I’m set.  But way too often, I ditch my exercise program, meditation, socializing and hobbies because the other two do take up all my focus.

I want those lunches out with my girlfriends  and chatty call times.  I want to get my scrapbooks caught up – my youngest is twelve and her baby book still isn’t finished, for crying out loud.  And I have to stick with the exercise and meditation for my health and sanity.

I’m not sure, but here’s what I’m going to try.  Family and writing actually do have set times each day, although the usually bleed into all the other minutes on the clock if I’m not careful.   So the trick is to embrace (aka, find a good book on the subject and learn it!) time management.  That way I’m making the most of those times.  Exercise and meditation have to be done daily, but I’m dragging my daughter kicking and screaming into those with me.  See, that’s family time, right?  Scrapbooking and bff time I figure I’ll aim to enjoy at least one session of each of these every week.  More if I can, but never less.

Is it doable?  I’d like to think so.  I mean, it’s my goal for the year and I did that positive thinking thing, so it should be.  Of course, goals are a funny thing.  Maya Black is big on goals, and has that intense, slightly obsessive focus with making those goals into a reality.  The trick is figuring out of the goals are worth keeping once they’re achieved.  Maya is the heroine in my latest release, SEX, LIES AND MIDNIGHT.   Here’s a snippet from her point of view.  :

Maya’s gaze wandered, noting the twinkling lights framing the balcony, the few occupied tables and the noted lack of excitement she was feeling.

                  She’d been doing this normal life thing for three years now.  In part, to prove she could.  But mostly because she’d never had normal growing up.  Like some kids craved the exotic, she’d craved average. 

                  But she’d come to realize that average, after awhile, was pretty damned boring.  Hence Dave.  And he was a nice guy.  She just didn’t feel any real excitement, any wildly hot energy between them. 

Maybe it was time to move on? 

                  She stood to walk toward the balcony wall and get a better view of the Golden Gate, but accidentally knocked her water bottle off the table as she rose. 

                  It spun across the outdoor carpet toward the shadows.  She hurried over to grab it just as it rolled to a stop at a pair of feet clad in high-end cowboy boots.                 

                  Maya sighed.  A cowboy in California?  Oh, please.

                  Keeping her eye roll to herself, she stopped a foot away and checked out the rest of the wild west show.  Her mental sneer shifted as her gaze climbed up long, long jean clad legs, a leather belt around a narrow waist and a chest that begged to be nuzzled.  The collar of a dark green shirt was opened, his jacket looked pricey and…  She let her gaze finish the climb.

                  And felt the earth shift just a little. 

                  Oh baby, he was gorgeous. 

                  A square jaw and slashing cheekbones were the perfect frame for a face that could sell magazines, cars and women’s souls.  Long-lashed eyes echoed the green of his shirt, his lips were kissably full and the only thing keeping him from being a pretty boy was a scar, high on his cheekbone.        

                   One side of his mouth quirked in amusement at her inspection, he bent down to grab the bottle. 

                  “Yours?” he asked, his voice declaring his right to wear those thousand dollar cowboy boots.  Cultured, rich and definitely southern. 

                  “Thank you,” Maya murmured, taking the water.  “Are you enjoying the party?”

                  “I appreciate the view,” he returned.  His voice was as sexy as his face.  Husky and low, making her think of magnolia blossoms and mint juleps, silk sheets and naked bodies.  Maya wished it were a little cooler on the patio, since her body was feeling very, very hot.

                  He nodded toward the doors leading to the Christmas festivities, and asked, “How about you?  Are you having a good time?”

                  The tiny hairs on the back of Maya’s neck stood up.  She didn’t know why.  Other than being way too sexy for his own good, he shouldn’t make her feel threatened.  Should he?  She’d seen him before so he was legit, and he was gorgeous. 

                  It was probably the gorgeous part that was setting off her warning signals.  To say nothing of making her body go into sexual hyper drive. 

Once or twice, she’d thought she could have her cake and eat it too.  That she could be average and still give in to the wild, passionate side of her nature.  But she’d been burned, hard.  So she avoided all guys who tripped her passion meter.  It’d only been a few months ago that she’d even felt safe dating a mellow, safe guy like Dave.

                  But this guy would not only trip the meter, he’d send it spinning out of control.  Because he’d demand everything.  He’d plumb the depths of passion, he’d discover untapped levels of sensuality that Maya was pretty sure were hiding beneath the surface.  He had the potential to drive her straight over the edge to crazy.

                  But average girls who didn’t like to attract attention didn’t do crazy. 

So what would your ideal balance be?  What do you want more of (besides love, money and yummy chocolate, of course), and what do you want and need to do but wish you could manage a little better.  And have you ever set a goal, worked hard to achieve it, and then realized it wasn’t something you really wanted?

Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy stories for Harlequin Blaze since her first book hit the shelves in 2007.  When not obsessing over deadlines, she’s shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking or hanging out on Facebook and Twitter.  Come by and visit her on the web at



In December of 2011 Tawny launched her Undercover Ops series with SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE.  The second book in the series, SEX, LIES & MIDNIGHT is on shelves in January 2012, quickly followed in February by SEX, LIES & VALENTINES.  You can read the first chapter of SEX, LIES & MIDNIGHT on her website, too – all you have to do is join the Reader LoveFest!  Be sure to follow Tawny on her Holiday Survival Tour as she celebrates these three books with tons of fun and a chance for readers to win a $100 giftcard! 


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17 Responses to Guest: Tawny Weber

  1. Your last question I usually phrase as…be careful what you wish for…you might get it! And yes, I’ve wanted something SOOO bad and when I got it, I wondered why I wanted it. Honestly, it has happened more than once! I think it’s the grass is always greener mentality. The easiest one to grab from my memory would be a job. I THOUGHT I wanted to manage a private medical practice. Hated that job. Did it for 3 years. I was so miserable I used to tell the staff I had to go to the bank and I would go drive around in my car!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      LOL I’ll admit, that is a phrase we use a lot in my house, Cynthia! Be careful what you wish for. So often we do get it!

      It really is so easy to think ‘if I just had this’ things would be glowing rainbows and purring kittens. But it never is 😦 I figure the best I can get out of those disappointments is some clue as to what I REALLY want next (hahahahaa – and is it what I think it is? Are there purring kittens *there*?)

  2. CrystalGB says:

    Hi Tawny. Sex, Lies and Midnight sounds good. I like the cover.
    Time management is what keeps me on track. I try not to accept to many invitations or tasks that will spread me too thin. Family time and earning an income to pay bills comes first and then I budget in what I can.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Hi Crystal 🙂 Thanks so much! I am always thrilled to see Harlequin’s art dept. bring my characters to life so wonderfully *g* I love this cover, too.

      Time management. I’m always trying to get better at this but it seems at odds with my overachieving urges. I know I should say no to things, but then I start thinking they could help me reach specific goals and don’t turn them down. Then, again, I’m spread so think I cant keep up and don’t have any time or energy left for the other things I’d like to balance in my life.

      I wonder if there is a magic pill to dull that need to overachieve LOL.

  3. christieridgway says:

    Hi, Tawny! Thanks for riding with us today. I love the titles of your books.
    What do I want more of? I think…focus. I think with better focus I could get more done with each of the hours that I have.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Hi Christie, and thanks so much for having me here! Thanks, too for the title love 🙂 I was hoping to get in to chat sooner, but today was the long trek over the mountains home from Idaho to CA and icy roads slowed me down, and nasty skies made getting online via my cell a mess.

      But- focus. I love that word. I love the concept. Its actually one of my goals this year, because like you say, focus is how we get anything and everything else done! I’ll bet focus is the first step in achieving balance. Hmm… like that 😀 Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Cindy Gerard says:

    Hi Tawny and welcome back. What do I want more? discipline. I used to be SO disciplined but I’ve really lagged on that lately. And I’m also with Christie. Focus. I think I’ve got adult onset ADHD.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Hi Cindy and thanks so much for having me back!! Discipline. Oh man. I wish for discipline like I wish for delicious fat-free chocolate and wrinkle cream that actually works *g* After years of trying, I’m starting to think my chances of getting it are about that likely, too.

      I used to joke that I had enough discipline to write and meet deadlines or to exercise. But not for both. Whether I was right or I cursed myself, someone I’m on top of one or the other at any point in my life, but never both *g* What’s up with that?!

  5. Welcome back, Tawny!

    Okay, I have to get this book. I’m dying to know whether this guy’s a real cowboy.

    But did you have to remind me about the scrapbooks? I’m way behind on my 3 grandkids’ scrapbooks. And there’s the box of old photos from my Pierson family that I swore to get organized by Christmas. I got so far as to buy the Groupon deal for having them scanned, butI haven’t done it yet.

    Balance, hmm? I fell off the yoga wagon. Fell off the meditation wagon. Clyde’s favorite suggestion for me is to get back in the saddle. At my age, maybe it’s safer for me to get back on the wagon, even though, in my mind, the saddle is more my style.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Hi Kathleen 😀 LOL on the real cowboy. I did love writing Simon. He had all these hidden issues that were fun to torture him with.

      Um, sorry about the scrapbook reminder *g* I really am sick behind. I have a 2008 book that I did a monthly layout in, but am only up through Oct. I really do need that focus and discipline. Thats a great idea about having all the photos scanned. I bribed my oldest daughter to do that a couple of years ago and I love having easy access to all of the pictures. There’s more I think I should be scrappooking now, of course *g*

      You know, the visual of being in the saddle instead of on the wagon appeals to me LOL. There’s a little more control and ability to change direction with ease in that.

  6. loisgreiman says:

    I’m afraid I’m all about focus. Can’t even figure out what balance is.

    Thanks for joining us Tawny. Looove your title.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Thanks, Lois 😀
      Focus is a good thing, definitely!! Maybe balance is all about getting greedy with focus. You know, wanting it all (and yes, I’d like cute boots to go with my super woman cape. Something in black leather, maybe.)

  7. NL Gassert says:

    Balancing. Prioritizing. I’m not very good at either. I should exercise way more, but exercising is as far up my list of priorities as it can go (which is to say, on the bottom). Writing and family time are at the top, but even those flip-flop with the needs of a new toddler in the house.


  8. TRACIE says:

    Great excerpt and post!
    My ideal balance would be to leave work feeling like I’ve had a productive day, get home with enough energy to do the cooking and cleaning, spend quality time with my son, have time to screw off on-line and read before I get a FULL night’s of restful sleep get up and do it all over again. I want more TIME. I need more time to get stuff done around the house and I need more time to unwind and relax. I have definitely set goals that I’ve busted my tail to achieve and then wonder what the appeal was but I think that it’s better to get where you want to go and realize it’s not what you want than to waste time and energy wishing for something without taking the moves to attain it.
    Good luck finding your balance and happy writing!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Hi Tracie 🙂 Thanks so much!
      I love your ideal balanced day! It sounds, well, ideal *g* Time always seems to slip away much too quickly and easily. I’m never quite sure when I hit the pillows at night just exactly where half the day went!

      And YES!!! I totally agree with you. I’d much rather achieve something I worked hard for and realize it’s not quite what I want than to always wish and wonder and be down on myself for not trying.

      Thanks for the good luck and writing wishes 🙂 I appreciate both!

  9. Leanne says:

    Tawny, LOVE the excerpt! HOT book! Belated welcome to the vert! Reading your schedule made me decide to take a Need more exercise. Need a new hobby. I really wish I could write faster!

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