Exercise Equipment & Me

I am now looking into purchasing yet another piece of exercise equipment. As I rehab my broken leg, getting it to pedal a bicycle turns out to be important…and difficult. I’m really working on my flexibility but I need to do it more often than at the physical therapist’s a couple of times a week.

It got to thinking how many pieces of equipment I’ve purchased over the years. There’s the bands, the jump rope, the free weights. The exercise balls (of several sizes), the bosu ball, the puffy disks that you can sit or stand on. Pedometer and heart rate monitor.

And then there’s the larger pieces. I bought my first “big” piece of equipment after Son1 was born–a rowing machine. That killed me. It didn’t make it to Son2’s birth before it was sent to the big Thrift Store in the Sky. Next, I had a jogging stroller. I liked that, but then Son2 did come along, so I needed something I could do while littlest one napped and the other did something constructive (read: parked in front of the TV, IIRC). I bought a used exercise bike that I eventually used as a clothes hanger until we got rid of it. Then it was a treadmill, that became a clothes hanger until Surfer Guy gave it to his parents.

A year or so later, I really wanted a treadmill again, so we bought another one. But when a knee injury sidelined me (a different injury than current one) we bought an elliptical bike. Had that until a month before I broke my leg. Crazed by inactivity after broken leg and ensuing surgery, I bought something called a “Cardio Cruiser” that is sort of a sitting elliptical machine. But the leg goes back and forth and not around so…

I need an upright stationary bike. Yeah, similar to the one I had like four machines ago. Thank goodness for Craig’s List! It’s possible there are only a dozen pieces of equipment in the SoCal area and we keep trading them around. Today after physical therapy, I will be adding to my collection.

Do you have a favorite piece of exercise equipment? Or are you like me who keeps playing musical machine?

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7 Responses to Exercise Equipment & Me

  1. Terry Odell says:

    After surgery, the folks at the local Y said to start on a recumbent bike instead of the elliptical. I loved it. True, not as tough a workout, but I could READ without falling off. When we moved up to the mountains where there are no local facilities close enough to make it worth the drive, I bought a home version. I keep a book by the bike and it’s the only place I allow myself to read it. Having a good book will motivate me to go downstairs so I can justify reading time.

    Previous “failed” machines included the rowing machine and a stair stepper. I do have an exercise ball, which was recommended to avoid back pressure when used as a desk chair. I’ve got a few other exercises I can do with it, but since none permit simultaneous reading, I don’t do them as often as I should.


  2. Christie Ridgway says:

    Terry: Yes! A good book makes it so much easier to do the right thing. I have to do a sequence of stretches and walking 2x a day an hour each, and I’m listening to audio books on my iPod to make the time go by faster. It makes the pain less and the time go by faster. When I was on my treadmill (before I broke my leg) it was the only time I’d left myself watch episodes of Brothers & Sisters. A treat!

  3. Sonya Natalia says:

    I’ve had an exercise bike since a knee injury that had me using crutches for four months in 1995 (not the same one all that time – I have a tendency to destroy them!). It’s the best exercise you can do while reading!

    I did have a treadmill for a year when I lived overseas, but I always felt kind of weird on it. That, and I broke two toes by walking faster than the machine wanted me to!

  4. Liz Flaherty says:

    I have the Nickel Plate Trail. Since time finally taught me that the only exerise I’m ever going to do with any regularity is walking, that’s what I do. And you can still get all kinds of nifty clothes for it, so it’s not like I’m wasting my exercise equipment allowance. Plus, every time I wash my pedometer, a new one is required. If I ever break a bone, I’ll be in serious trouble, though.

  5. michelehauf says:

    I got the big ole exercise THING a decade ago. It does everything, but best of all, it collects dust real well. Got rid of that for one of those Tony Little Gliders (gift from a friend who didn’t use it). Used that for a while. It has proven an excellent dust collector as well.
    Right now I’m using my daughter’s P90X DVDs. Loving those. Will probably never get another piece of exercise equipment again, save for some hand weights. Great workout.

    I imagine, with your injury, just moving feels great, and I applaud you for your recovery. Seems like it’s been a long road. Here’s to seeing you out this summer running about and enjoying the sunshine!

  6. loisgreiman says:

    Rehab’s hard, Christie. I feel for you. As for me, I’m jogging through the snow these days…yikes, feels like wet sand so it’s really a workout.

  7. Kylie Brant says:

    Lolis, you’re an inspiration! Christie, We have a treadmill. A Wii Fit, which we used once. The Wii dance game, which is still in the package. DH has a weight bench which gets used whenever he gets too heavy 🙂 I’ve got a set of those mini barbells that you can just dial a weight. Used a handful of times. Just bought the hubby an ab gldier. We both really like it but too soon to tell if it’s making a difference. Mostly I use the treadmill, exercise ball and 5 pound dumb bells. Oh and I also go to Curves and Nautilus. Geez, this health thing is expensive! I should look better than this…

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