Got the blues? There’s a reason!

Today deserves flowers. Why? Because some of us are sitting in the Arctic tundra and can’t remember what those pretty delicate things even look like. I’ve a bouquet of yellow somethings sitting on my desk right now. It’s much needed this time of year.
I mentioned to friends on Monday how absolutely uninspired I was that day. Didn’t feel like doing a thing. No writing done. Maybe played Words With Friends most of the day. Just felt kind of dumpy. It was weird for me.

Well, Tuesday morning I read that the third Monday of January is officially known as Blue Monday. It’s not a scientifically proven thing at all, but some smart person decided to give his dark mood an official day, and I’m all about official days.  😉  So I can blame my blues on Blue Monday.

And you know what? Tuesday I felt awesome. Maybe because I bought the flowers to cheer up my blue self.

So this time of year we all need a little lift. What do you do to cure your blues? 

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16 Responses to Got the blues? There’s a reason!

  1. loisgreiman says:

    Thanks for the lift, Hauf. And for the Bennihana feast on Tuesday. Yummmm.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Oh Lordy have I been blue lately, but then I was in a major auto accident on December 30 and am still nursing some injuries in addition to having to buy a new car (can we say sticker shock?) and dealing with insurance companies. I like your flower idea. It’s not like they are that expensive. I can get a small bouquet at Walmart for under $10. And I’m worth $10, darnit! I think I’ll stop on my way home from work and buy me some flowers. Thank you, Michele, for suggesting that.

    • michelehauf says:

      Sorry to hear about the accident. Urg. But yes, as odd as it seems, some bright flowers do pick a person up. And heck, some grocery stores have pretty bouquets for $5!

  3. Cindy Gerard says:

    Thanks for the flowers, Michele! So pretty and such a nice life.
    I’ve been a bit blue lately too – I think it’s just this odd winter. But it’s getting better. I’m up for a movie – I think that will perk me up. Just a question of finding the time :o)

    And Marilyn – I’m so sorry about your accident. do take care okay?

  4. Kylie Brant says:

    Marilyn, sending healing thoughts your way!

    Beautiful pictures, Michele! I think a weekly delivery of lovely spring flowers would brighten my winter blahs…hmm, wonder who I could talk to about that!! Mostly I rely on wistful daydreams about our upcoming vacay…but mid March is a looooong time away!

    • michelehauf says:

      There must be some website or app we can get that does just that. Sends a picture of bright flowers to our email every morning. I think I’m going to investigate…

  5. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    I saw to that it was Blue Monday, and I can tell you I felt a little down. I love to buy myself flowers anytime. I love fresh flowers and And I alwasy like it when my Orchids are in bloom.. Then I have colour all the time… of course I love it when some buys them for me too… Does not happen to often enough for me..
    So appricate the wonderful blossoms you shared with us today..

  6. michelehauf says:

    Buying flowers for yourself is the best thing to do. My hubby remembers every so often, and it is always such a nice surprise. I decided years ago, though, that I was worth a few extra dollars, when in teh grocery store and am passing by the flowers. EVery few months I’ll treat myself. You can either spend the money on food that’ll get eaten and forgotten, or spend it on the flowers that should last a good week. No contest, as far as I’m concerned. 😉

  7. Christie Ridgway says:

    Those pix cheered me up too! Thanks, Michele!
    Marilyn–so sorry to hear about your accident and hope you feel better soon. I’ve also been a little blue as I attempt to rehab my leg. Learning to walk again is not for sissies!

    A good book is always my cure for the blues. I go to an old favorite or pick up one I’ve been saving as a treat.

  8. Thanks for the flowers and the reminder to go get myself some real ones. I do that this time of year. Love it when the daffodils start showing up in the grocery store. I put out a vase and regularly refill. I’m hoping to get an envelope from Blockbuster today. I have funny stuff at the top of the list. Want to do a movie this weekend, but that might have to wait. I want to see “Red Tails.” Yeah, I know, it’s war, but I grew up on war movies (big in the 50’s) so they remind me of childhood. Weird. (I do hope it’s not TOO graphic.)

    I just turned in a book, so I’m enjoying that unique kind of high!

    • michelehauf says:

      Kathy, you and me both. I just hit ‘send’ to email a manuscript to my editor. Now I have the rest of the day off and intend to stay as far away from the computer as possible (except to chat with all you fab ladies you stop into Riding). 😉

  9. Leanne says:

    Thanks for sharing the flowers, Michele.:) I’m more muddy minded than depressed. Our weather hasn’t been horrible yet. (Shhhh. Don’t tell Mother Nature!) Plus, I’m planning a xo, L

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