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  1. Leanne Banks says:

    Um. You are a rock star person and writer. I have known this since before I met you and said this behind your back. I realize none of this may help, but Cindy, thank goodness for your wonderful writer’s voice. It’s still there. You’re just spending more time thinking about it. Just DO IT! And re-read Bird By Bird. Love you forever…

  2. Thank you for speaking up, Cindy. I’m right there with you, right here, right now. I can’t understand why I’m having such trouble finding this story and these characters. They come together in words. Where are the words? Oh, here’s one. No, I don’t like that one. Give me another one. I’m lost. I’m scared. I’m not going to make it this time.

    Stop that, Kathy. You’re dragging both feet and both cheeks. Get that butt out of the way and concentrate on one foot. Pick it up and move it forward.

    Yep, writing is a lonely pursuit, but I’m right here beside you, my friend.

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