A Spending Diet

dollar-signI just read an interesting article about how the spending binge of consumers during November and December 2011 will be followed by a spending diet that will last for months.  This makes a LOT of sense to me.  Many of those purchases were made via credit cards, and the bills come due in January.

Pre-Christmas spending can be like pigging out for a big meal.  You just don’t feel like eating that much afterward.  So, it looks like some of us may be facing two kinds of diets – one involving food, the other involving moolah.

That said, there were a couple of things I wanted/needed  after Christmas.  So I bought them.  Yes, I bought a winter coat on sale and used a $25. gift certificate.  And I bought two checkbook covers.  I’ve had super ratty checkbook covers for years.  Yuck.  Now I’ll have two cute, but inexpensive covers. 

What about you?  Are you on a food diet or spending diet?  Did you buy yourself any post-Christmas gifties?



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10 Responses to A Spending Diet

  1. michelehauf says:

    I’m not sure what I’m on. I got some gift cards, so is using those counted as actual spending? I did buy myself an accupressure mat. Not sure I needed it, but it looked cool. 😉

  2. Leanne Banks says:

    Michele, good for you on the gift cards!:) That spending has actually already taken place.lol An accupressure mat? For sitting? Sounds cool to me too!:)

  3. loisgreiman says:

    It’s dieting for me, post consumption of all types.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Lois, I’m torn between dieting and comfort food since our temps are quite low. I’m making baked spaghetti with low-fat organic ground beef and whole grain angel hair. I know in my heart of hearts that it’s still bad… but maybe a little less bad?:)

  4. TrishJ says:

    Well, I bought a gorgeous Christmas platter, now I can’t wait til next Christmas. But I am on my usual spending diet … At least until April 15. ;(

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Trish, that article mentioned April 15 too! Regarding your platter, I suggest you pull it out in July and put fresh fruit or hamburgers on it. WHY NOT!:) xo, Leanne

  5. I need to cut back on all kinds of consumption. Enough for me to take the kids shopping with the gift certificates from far-away relatives. I was glad to watch them do the choosing. I used to do the after Christmas decoration sales, but I can’t fit another thing into the Christmas boxes.

    It was really fun to hear one of the kids’ 9-yr-old friends enthuse about having enough gift money to buy herself a Kindle. “It can hold 8,000 books!”

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Cool that the kids got those gift certificates! I’m with you on the decorations! Yikes! TOO MANY! Enjoy the holiday afterglow. xo, Leanne

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