Did You Survive?

I bet everybody is out at the mall, returning gifts or buying on-sale items. I almost missed my blog day because the day after Christmas always feels like another holiday…forgot there is “business” to attend to!

I received great gifts. Two pairs of boots, two scarves, a nightshirt, a desk calendar, some beautiful Christmas decorations, a tabletop propane heater… Lots of good stuff!

More gratifying, Son1, Son2, and Surfer Guy seemed to love their gifts, especially the small remote control helicopters that they’ve been buzzing my head with since opening. Our neighbors’ almost-two-year-old granddaughter came by last night and she was awed and amazed when the boys flew them for her. It was possibly the best part of Christmas to see how excited she was and how cute she looked in her Christmas finery, clutching her Disney Princess book.

I spent a lot of the day reading an advanced copy of a new Stephanie Tyler book and then instructing Surfer Guy on how to prepare our pasta dinner (this broken leg thing has its advantages!). We were going to watch part of Season 1 of “Justified” (a Christmas gift from me to him) but we never got around to it. Who cares! It was a great lazy day.

But you know what Christmas being over means…New Year’s! We don’t have any plans as yet and I’d just as soon keep it that way this time. I’ll probably be curled up with another good book…and just a reminder that you can read my New Year’s story if you’re in the mood for romance…(and who isn’t?). On the Nook: http://bit.ly/sEzC2J or the Kindle: http://amzn.to/rrNoJY

Hope you’re hdving a wonderful holiday season so far…and feel free to share your favorite moment or present!

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4 Responses to Did You Survive?

  1. It was a lovely weekend, but something is missing here. We have no snow. None. Zilch. And the grandkids got great new sleds for Christmas! I thought I was so smart–looked for stuff that got rave reviews online and in the paper. and this “Zipfly Mini Luge” was one of the most raved over. Got them from the Discovery Channel shop with free shipping and 10% discount. Oh, they’re so cool. But they do require that one ingredient from on high.

    Oh, well, this is Minnesota. It’ll come.

  2. Cindy Gerard says:

    No snow here either, ladies. It was nice for traveling – had a lovely time on our visits and with our visitors so that was nice but I do miss having some of that white stuff.

    No malls for me today either. I don’t do Black Friday after Thanksgiving and I don’t do exchange day after Christmas. Need to bask in the glow for a while. :o)

  3. Cindy Gerard says:

    Oh, and Christie – you are going to LOVE Justified. One of my favorite shows on TV But then, what’s NOT to love about Timothy Olphant?

  4. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    Like Ms. Eagle, we did not have any snow either.. It is just not the same at Christmas without snow.. But none the less we had a wonderful time. We had our Christmas Eve traditon of playing Trivial Pursuit. My niece bought her Uncle Rick the Rock and Roll version and we played well into the early hours of Christmas monring.. I think it was about 3:30 am when I made my way to bed.
    Then on Christmas afternoon, my brother Mike and I, who stayed the weekend at Ricks, went over to my brother Pat’s house and openned up our presents with his kids and then Rick and I headed back to his houes to help my SIL Kathy to prepare the Christmas feast. Pat and Family came over at dinner time and we all had a lovely dinner and then they headed home and Aunt Kathleen was in bed by 9:30. I came home late this afternoon and then had a two hour nap. I am not used to these late nights…
    But it was worth it to have a wonderful time with my family… Our first Christmas with out our Mom was hard, but we got through it because we were together and that is what she would have wanted..

    My best present was my Official Pittsburg Steeler jersey that my brother gave me for Christmas….
    Hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends… Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year..

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