Christie’s Gift Ideas for Yours and You

Gift ideas for all ages below! Each from my personal Christmas list. Because of the broken leg, I have been doing all my shopping online so I’ve provided you handy links to these items on Amazon.

For preschoolers: Isn’t this darling?  And under $7! It plays classical music for little ones. Perfect for the almost 2-year-old I’m buying for.

For 8 and up: A must for any lover of books to give as a gift. Great reviews on Amazon, and another inexpensive purchase–under $7. (p.s. writers might find this game useful as well!)

For older kids/teens/lovers of comics: This is actually a flash drive for the computer (the USB thingie pops out the side) and you can also choose Iron Man and Wolverine. I bought them for the boy teens/young men in my family. It’s under $12.

For the females of make-up wearing age in your life: Coastal Scents has different palettes…eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks. Fun because of all the different shades. You spend $15-30 and get a lot of choices! I bought a couple of kits for myself during broken leg boredom.

For guys: I think the men in my life will enjoy this gift and the one below. They both do stuff. Perfect for husband/brother/father/father-in-law.

This Kill A Watt gadget measures energy useage of your appliances, computers, etc. Under $20.

We had a big power outage this fall in the West. For those of you who face more serious weather conditions than we do, maybe you already have one of these. Via handcrank, it’s a radio, flashlight, and cellphone charger. Under $30.

For your in-laws or your special sister: This is pricier, but I bought one for my sister-in-law’s bday and then another for my other sister-in-law for Christmas. Beautiful! And frees up table space to have salad off to the side. It’s around $75, and has shipping charges on top.

Your in-laws again, your parents, your brother: I might have talked this up last year. We bought another this year for a different receiver. It’s short, cocktail-height, and perfect for beach or camping or picnic. Comes rolled in a bag, about the size of those collapsible chairs. Under $40 and I see they now offer different colors!

Finally, for you or other lovers of romance novels in your family!

SEAL of My Dreams romance anthology. All proceeds go to a charity benefiting veterans medical research.

On Nook:

Get in the holiday mood with a full-length Christmas romance, Must Love Mistletoe! For Kindle:

For Nook:

And another full-length romance that begins on New Year’s Eve, just a few minutes before midnight. Not Another New Year’s for Kindle:

For Nook:

I hope this helps anyone still looking for that great gift! What is the best present you’ve purchased this season?

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14 Responses to Christie’s Gift Ideas for Yours and You

  1. Leanne Banks says:

    WOW Christie! THESE are great! I’m so impressed! You covered every age group. And I thought your ankle might prevent you from shopping! You ROCK!:) Merry Chrstimas! xo, Leanne

  2. Christie Ridgway says:

    Thanks, Leanne! I love to shop and online was the best I could do this year, but it’s still been fun.

  3. Cindy Gerard says:

    Love this list, Christie. Particularly love the Story Cube. Plan to grab one for my kiddos.

  4. Christie Ridgway says:

    Doesn’t Story Cubes look great? Fab stocking stuffer.

  5. michelehauf says:

    Great ideas! I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at this year. Finding some fun jewelry and other things there. I have the misfortune of have also, two birthdays to buy for around Xmas (one on 19th, the other on 29th) so have far too many presents to have to think about buying.

  6. Christie Ridgway says:

    Michele, my Son1 has a bday right before Christmas, so I understand. So far, he’s not given me much of a Christmas list. And I felt like a bad mom when Son2 requested socks! (Especially since I always buy them socks and underwear for Christmas!)

    • At our house everyone gets at least 1 pr of socks in the stocking so I can recite the tale of the year Clyde pulled socks from his stocking and said, “What a good boy am I.” Just kidding–he actually said, “Hey, look what my stocking hatched!”

  7. loisgreiman says:

    What a great list. Thank you.

  8. Kylie Brant says:

    Well I got pretty excited about the Leap Pads before I realized they are *the* hot gift for kids so my grandson will have to wait until his birthday. I just bought the girls a rocking chair because that’s what they get on their first Christmas from me. Hubby bought all the kids a digital tire gauge as stocking stuffers for $15 which are pretty handy.

  9. Christie Ridgway says:

    Oh, I hate when I can’t get =the= gift the kids want. That happened to me a couple of times. They don’t have those kind of wants anymore, thank goodness. And online shopping makes locating presents so easy! Love the digi tire gauge idea.

  10. Thanks, Christie! I’m tied to my computer for the usual reason, so these suggestions are much appreciated. I bopped over to Amazon, ordered the Story Cube, preordered the new one (verbs) available the 18th.

    Another cool looking stocking stuffer I got from Amazon after the Star Trib’s list of recommendations came out is the Fyr Flyz, which make swirling light shows when they spin them in the dark.

  11. Christie Ridgway says:

    I’ll ck out the Fyr Flyz, Kathy! Thanks! The media is a good place to get gift tips…the superhero flash drive idea came from my local news show.

  12. I just bought my husband a travel guitar – it’s a little smaller but it will fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. I gave it to him early and made him promise to play and sing two Christmas carols to my mom. Tied for second place is an “all things princess” for my 3 and half year old grand niece. Two complete princess outfits, a princess card game, a wand, a tiara and I’m certain she will insist on wearing her sequined ruby slippers I got her for her birthday during our entire visit. She’s on “da Wizzer of Boz” kick and sleeps in them.

  13. Ann Hinnenkamp says:

    Test for Wednesday

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