Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving to everyone of our riders and readers! I chose to put a lovely picture of live turkeys on this blog, instead of the traditional golden turkey-on-a-platter, because. . . well, because the birds are really American and there’s a lot more to them that just “delicious.”

Did you know, Ben Franklin tried(and failed) to get the early congress to designate the Wild Turkey as our national bird? Turned out the bald eagle was fiercer and sexier– they chose it instead. sigh. Ben had a lot of pull, but not even he could get us as a nation to revere turkeys.

Also, did you know that turkeys in the wild (not the genetically refined jumbos we farm) have no sense of smell but disturbingly keen eyesight? If you hunt turkeys, you have to go full cammo– even face and hands– and probably should cammo your gun as well. Interesting. Also turkeys roost in trees at night. . . yes they do fly, though not for long distances. . . and a key time to shoot them is at dusk just as they’re getting ready to roost. And be sure NEVER to wear red, white, or blue when hunting– those are the colors of a wild American turkey’s head and they’re especially keen to detect those colors. Strange. . . red, white and blue. . .

Anyway, just a little turkey trivia to banter about the dining table while you’re enjoying the feast. And be sure to give thanks for all of the freedoms and blessings you enjoy. . . and for the loved ones who give your life meaning and purpose.

And hey, did you know that the first official Thanksgiving holiday was voted by congress so that Americans would pause to give thanks for the U.S. Constitution? Yes, there had been a harvest dinner for years, but the official holiday was voted in to give thanks for the document that delineated and guarranteed our freedoms. It later broadened to become the general day of thanksgiving that we think of today. So, in the spirit of our forefathers. . . remember to give a little thanks for the framework of liberty that makes it possible for us to live where we want, work at what we love, speak our minds and make our grievances known, and to worship as our consciences dictate. If you look around the world at the other cultures and government that try to oppress and control every aspect of their people’s lives, you’ll begin to realize just how unique and groundbreaking that document and those important freedoms are.

And believe it, readers, we in the convertible are grateful for you and your friendship and companionship through the years!

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Linda Morgan says:

    I’ll be thankful for Ben today. If it weren’t for him, we would be eating
    Bald Eagle today.

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