Debra – 7 Cool Things

1)  SEAL OF MY DREAMS – An awesome anthology chock full of short-to-novella length romance from NYT bestsellers, USA Today bestsellers, award winners and beloved household names.  Print edition is on sale now and the ebooks will be available 11/11/11 (Veteran’s Day)  All proceeds go to support veteran’s medical research.  Let me repeat:  ALL proceeds.  No one is making so much as a thin dime off this book!

2)  My winter Crocs

3) Robin Hobb’s Rain Wild Chronicles  (fantasy, set in the same world as the Liveship Traders series)

4) Desperate Housedogs.  Cute new cozy mystery series from Bell Bridge Books.

5)  Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum.  (Although people keep swearing to me about the new Olay products.  I may have to try some!)

6)  Shawntelle Madison’s cool online GMC wizard.

7) My first ever “I hated this book so much I want to go back in time and shoot my momma so I’ll never be born and have to read this book” review.  It is awesome and epic.  It’s one of, if not the longest review I’ve ever seen on Amazon.  The woman hated the “faithful reprint” of the 18 year-old TALL, DARK AND LONESOME (my first published book which Bantam chose to reissue first).  Hated it with an admirable fiery passion and commitment you don’t often see in today’s world when child pornography is not involved.   I have to confess that coke shot out my nose I was laughing so hard.  I made everyone in the office pull it up on screen and read it.  And told them, “If you ever hear one of our authors whining and being all delicate about a review, please send them this URL.”  I didn’t tell them to add, “Suck it up, you baby,” but I think that is implied.  (g)  I have had some lovely reviews from bloggers who have gushed about me but you can’t win ’em all and it’s the readers who honestly fail you that keep you humble.

How ’bout it?  You got some cool to share?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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16 Responses to Debra – 7 Cool Things

  1. loisgreiman says:

    Oh Deb, YOU are one of the cool things. I love you so much. I have to admit I have never read a bad review and laughed, but you inspire me to shoot coke out my nose.

    • debradixon says:

      Aw, thank you! If my bad review serves to inspire others to laugh in the face of bad reviewage…I have done my job. (g) It is probably easier to laugh when 18 years have passed since the book first came out.

  2. Leanne Banks says:

    Omigosh, Deb! That review! I want to reply to them. YO MOMMA didn’t force you to read this book! But it’s too good a story! Love the looks of those winter crocs. For another cool thing, I would like to add Red Carpet Manicure from Ulta. It’s like DIY shellac polish for nails. Manicure lasts 2 weeks!!!!:)

    • debradixon says:

      Oooh, I’ve been looking for a non-salon, long lasting manicure. So, I’m going to try Red Carpet Manicure. I love the internet. 🙂

  3. First cool thing: Today’s my birthday, and I’m still here.
    Second cool thing (apologies to The Boss):
    I’m ridin’ with my buds
    Oozin’ down the street
    Wavin’ to our friends
    Life is really sweet
    Feelin’ outa sight
    Spendin’ all our money on a nice November night
    In our Pink Cadillac
    There’s always room in the back
    So hop in!

  4. Cool thing #3: Ordered SEAL OF MY DREAMS. I believe in self gifting and I can’t think of a better birthday present since it’s a gift that keeps on giving to a great cause through the generosity of a bunch of terrific authors and a fabulous publisher. You guys rock!

    Oh, yeah, and the hunk on the cover? He rocks, too.

    • debradixon says:

      Awesome! We are just so proud of the authors in the anthology. The did a wonderful job on the stories. The range is ridiculous. And it’s a BIG. Lots of value for the money.

  5. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    … Debra I think somebody was having a very bad day when they read that book or maybe ate something real sour…
    Happy Birthday Kathleen E… One cool thing this week finished One Brave Cowboy and loved it.
    Got to spend time with my best buds, always a great time.
    Started in roads on my Christmas reading.which includes A Maverick for Christmas by Leanne Banks.
    Seal of My Dreams is on my tbr list and is ordered and on it’s way.
    Got my hair cut in a new style and highlighted and everbody liked it.
    My family was all together to honour my mom and dad at a special rememberance day service on Sunday. They would have been proud of thier kids and grandkids.
    Got word today that Harlequin has shipped my order sending me some of my fav authors who’s books I so enjoy.
    Have a good week..

    • debradixon says:

      Kathleen– Excellent idea on the “very bad day.” Yep. She could very well have been having a hideous day and I was a good focus for her frustration.

      You have a fab reading list. Christmas romances are my rewards. I look forward to them all year. Haven’t started A Maverick For Christmas but it’s on my Christmas reading for the year. I love Christmas romances! They are a VERY COOL THING.

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    Love your list, Deb! And might I add to my fav things list – working with you and Deb Smith and all the other authors on SEAL of my dreams! You ladies totally rock. You stepped up to the plate when we needed a publisher and have gone way above and beyond the call.
    As for your review – OMG. I think she’s got a serious crush on your writing – otherwise WHY would she go to such lengths to tear it apart? LOL
    Another Fav thing: Received 3 copies of SOMD today from you! OMG. The cover art has always been spectacular but to see that SEAL on the cover, with MY name (well, and 17 other names) so close to the hunk, just launched this collection to the top of my fav list. IT LOOKS AMAZING.
    And Happy birthday, Kathy!

    • debradixon says:

      Yay! You got your copies. It’s such a hefty book. There is some real substance there! We’re proud to be a part of the effort. Trust me. It’s a mutual admiration society we’ve got going on. When I floated the idea that we could help out, who knew that we’d all just kick everything up a notch? The authors outdid themselves. The charity is beside itself with gratitude and enthusiasm. Deb Smith sends me hourly reports on the various rankings as we count down to Friday. LOL!

  7. You’re an inspiration!! I love your attitude re: the bad review. I hope I can have the same confidence and sense of humor whenever my manuscript gets published (and it will, damnit! Positive thinking, positive thinking, positive thinking…)
    As for my favorite things (today):
    1) I love that it’s a short work week (yay!)
    2) Excited about the “Seal of my Dreams” book (It’s on my Christmas wishlist! we’ll see if I can hold out two months)
    3) It’s finally starting to get cold her in So-Cal… ever notice how “cold” has a smell? It’s that wintery/campfire-y smell. Love that.

  8. debradixon says:

    Laura– Positive thinking beats the tea-totaling stew out of negative thinking.

    Yes! I love the “fall is turning into winter” smell. It’s almost a feeling. One day you walk outside your door, nod your head and think, “Yep. It’s on. Winter is right around the corner.”

  9. Winter crocs? Obviously you don’t live in Minnesota! Love the review story — and the visual.
    Happy Birthday to Kathleen E., too *waves*

  10. debradixon says:

    Nancy– Okay. Okay. You’re right. These crocs aren’t REAL winter shoes for a real winter. But I live in the south. Winter can be cute. (g)

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