Your most memorable experience driving in the snow – A MAVERICK FOR CHRISTMAS on sale now! Drawing for Amazon gift certificate!

maverickforchristmasI’m excited that my Harlequin Special Edition A MAVERICK FOR CHRISTMAS is OUT NOW!Smile   This book is part of the fabulous Montana Mavericks series.  In this book, heroine Abby Cates gets caught driving in a blizzard, which is not a new experience for her since she’s from Montana.  This time, however, Abby must avoid another car that swerves into her lane and she ends up in a ditch. 

This scene reminded me of my most memorable experiences getting stuck or driving in the snow.  The first was on Christmas day when I was six years old.  (I was not driving.)  My family always visited my grandmothers on Christmas day.  We stayed longer than usual and ate two meals with one of my grandmas.  We often don’t see snow on Christmas day in Roanoke, VA, so you can imagine how excited we were when the white stuff began to fall.  At that time in my family’s life, we owned a Volkswagon, and as my father drove the five of us home from grandma’s, he quickly learned that the snow-covered roads were much more slippery than he had anticipated.   Our house was surrounded by hills.  He chose the smallest hill, but the VW couldn’t make it .  I remember standing in the snow wearing my new Christmas dress, white tights and black patent leather shoes while he put chains on the tires. stuckinsnow  It still didn’t work, so we had to walk all the way to the house, which seemed like miles to me.  When we arrived, my mother filled the bathtub with warm water so my two sisters and I could knock the chill off our feet.  And in the same way that Scarlett O’Hara resolved to never be hungry again.  I resolved to NEVER BE COLD AGAIN.

That resolution didn’t quite stick, but I continue to give it a good try.  The other time I remember driving in the snow also involved a hill.  I was a teenager and coming home late at night (in the primitive age of NO cell phone).  The roads were slick and I practiced the technique of rocking between DRIVE and REVERSE because I kept getting stuck.  I finally fish-tailed it up the hill and left a fair amount of tire tread in my wake.  But hey, I made it home and I will be the first person to offer to strip your transmission and tire tread if you ever get stuck in the snow.

So tell me, what is your most memorable experience driving in the snow?  I can’t wait!Smile  One responder will win a $10.00 AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE!



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78 Responses to Your most memorable experience driving in the snow – A MAVERICK FOR CHRISTMAS on sale now! Drawing for Amazon gift certificate!

  1. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    Leanne I have just ordered your books this week. Can’t wait for it to arrive….

    I once went down to PA, to visit my friends there and on the Saturday and ran in to a most horrific storm. The whiteouts were something else. We had been out for the eveining and my friend, who drove down with me for the weekend, we are from Ontario Canada, followed my friends back to thier home, But they had to put on their four ways so we coud find them. You could not tell wher the road ended and the ditchs at the side of the road began.. I don’t think I have driven in another storm as scary as this one was.. We were glad to get to our destination. When my friend and I pulled into the driveway, She said she was looking forward to a drink and I said…Make mine a double….We all had a few and some good laughs. Whew we got up the next morning some of the snowdrifts were 7-8ft deep… Lot of digging out that monring..

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kathleen, bless your beautiful heart… but OMG on the whiteout! That would have terrified me. I have a thing about lack of visibility. Once, when I was in a terrible thunderstorm, I just pulled over to the side of the freeway until I could see. I HATE DRIVING BLIND! Good for you making it to your friend’s house, and I say you earned that double… or triple!lol xo, Leanne

  2. EllenToo says:

    I have just finished reading A Maverick For Christmas and really enjoyed it.
    As for driving in the snow…..I have no experience! In fact I have very little experience with snow having live most of my life in South Texas. And I can’t say that’s an experience I ever want to gain.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      lol Ellen Too! Good point! I’m wondering if maybe you’ve hit a dust storm. I’m glad you haven’t had the pleasure (not!) of driving in the snow! Thanks for your nice comments on Maverick!:) xo, Leanne

      • EllenToo says:

        Oh Yes — Dust storms I’ve driven in!!!! And when ever possible pulled off the side of the road and waited for it to pass. Biggest problem with dust storms is that the grit in them sometimes tends to mess up the finish on cars depending on how big the grit is.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Ellen, the damage from the grit of those sandstorms would drive my husband crazy. He’s very particular about the paint job on his car. I think that no matter where you live, there’s got to be some kind of weather issue that can mess up your day. Thanks again.:) xo, Leanne

  3. Barbara Elness says:

    Being from Southern California and now living in Florida, I have only seen snow a couple of times. I remember going up to the mountains once with a group of people and we were sliding around in the snow because we didn’t have chains. We finally made it out, but before we left we packed the hood of the car with snow to see how long it would last (it was a Volkswagen so the engine was in the back). It hung on at least halfway home.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Barbara, sounds like a party group to me!:) I’m glad you guys were able to have fun and be safe at the same time. Isn’t it amazing how long the snow can hang on! It’s just a little alarming when it falls off in chunks! Thanks for commenting!:) xo, Leanne

  4. Stonehawk says:

    Recalled a friend of mine drove me home in a sedan up a hill during a snowstorm. she had trouble getting the car up the hill due to how slippery the snow was and she kept having to adjust the car’s gears to get it up the hill to the house I was living back then. Ugh.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Stonehawk, weren’t you SO relieved when you finally made it home!!! Whew! NOTHING like that! Makes you want to go inside your house and not go out again until all that white stuff is totally gone from the roads! Glad you made it home safely. Thanks for commenting. xo, Leanne

  5. TrishJ says:

    We were stationed in New Jersey one year and we had a terrible snow storm. They closed all the roads for the snow plows to clear the roads. I was working in Trenton and when we drove to work there was so much snow it felt like we were driving in snow tunnels. Very surreal. Especially for a gal from sunny Florida.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Snow tunnels. Wow. I bet that WAS surreal! Interesting to experience it once, but I bet you’re okay skipping a repeat performance, yes?:) If you don’t get stuck, it can be fun to see the different “picture” snow provides of your regular route. Thanks Trish! xo, Leanne

  6. CateS says:

    Back in the mid 1970’s and before good weather forecasting; we were hit by a huge snowstorm that closed every thing in the northern part of Indiana. Along with the snow, we had driving wind. We lived on a lake and as the wind whipped across, it scoured the ground bare, until you looked behind the house and saw the drifts — one of which completely covered my VW bug and the rest of the parking area!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      CateS! Another VW owner!!!:) Just like my heroine in this book.:) Isn’t it amazing what the wind can do. Those drifts! And you really can’t do much with them until the sun gives you a little help. Thanks for commenting Cate!:) xo, Leanne

  7. CrystalGB says:

    Love the cover to your book. My most memorable experience driving in the snow was a day that a big snow storm occurred while I was at work and when driving home it took forever to get there. I was so stressed out.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Thanks Crystal. I thought the cover was very “cozy” looking.:) I’m with you driving in a bad snowstorm. That’s what I call a white knuckle drive. I bet you were worn out by the time you got home! Thanks for popping in!:) xo, Leanne

  8. kris says:

    Looking forward to this release! I’m from Massachusetts, so I fear no driving in the snow!! I’ve had some harrowing experiences and after having lived in the south for a number of years, I’m much less confident driving in the snow!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      kris, thanks! I hate to confess this, but once you’ve been around southerners trying to drive in the snow, it will put the fear of God in you because the truth is we don’t know what we’re doing! It’s always nice if you do NOT have to get out in it! xo, Leanne

  9. kylie brant says:

    We were driving back from a family vacation in Breckenridge. We ended up leaving the cabin about 25 minutes before a blizzard swept in. They were closing roads behind us and closing all the exit ramps in front of us! It was sleeting and snowing; semis were tipping over in front of us, people were skidding across the interstate. It was the scariest experience in my life. We had all five kids with us, ages 2-10. Unable to stop and trying to stay ahead of the brunt of the storm we had to keep going. They had called off all assistance to stranded drivers. We ended up ‘skating’ through to Kearney NE where we were stuck until nearly 5 the next evening. The rest of my siblings left Breckenridge a half hour later, and they ended up spending an additional two days in Colorado!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Oh my gosh, Kylie, that sounds SO frightening! And with KIDS! And you really were trapped. It wasn’t as if you could turn around or even get off the highway! Did you find a place to stay when you got stuck? Just tell me you didn’t spend the night in the car. Whew! Cautionary tale! Thanks! xo, Leanne

  10. loisgreiman says:

    I’m from North Dakota. We were stuck most of the time. Still get stuck once or twice a winter at least in our driveway. It’s not as fun as it used to be. 🙂

    • Leanne Banks says:

      lol at your “not as fun as it used to be.” Bet you’re good at driving in the snow, Miss Lois.:) xo, Leanne

  11. Kirsten says:

    I remember one year having so much snow we couldn’t get out the driveway with the car. We had to walk knee deep into the ice cold snow to my sister’s house to celebrate Christmas eve. It was her first xmas in her first house, so we had to. Otherwise she would be all alone… We sat on the sofa with quilts and hotwater bottles, cocoa and cake. It resulted in a nasty cold that lingered but what fun we had together 😀

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kirsten, what a memory! Did you feel like you were in a scene for “Little House On The Prairie”? I would have. SO sorry about the cold, but I’m glad you were able to make it fun.<3 THANKS! xo, Leanne

  12. Cindy Gerard says:

    We have some heavy snow falls in Iowa which always leads to interesting driving experiences. My most memorable was the year it snowed 12 inches on Christmas day, with blizzard winds and my hubby still packed up the gifts and our son and drove 70 miles to my parents so we wouldn’t miss it. It was so frightening … and a couple of times we actually had to stop and shovel (on the highway!) to get through. That’s a Christmas I won’t soon forget :o)

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Cindy, this doesn’t surprise me. You are one of the most determined individuals I know. A force of nature. I’m glad you made it safely, though!!!! xoxo, Leanne

  13. Chris Bails says:

    I hate snow. I live in Iowa and have to drive in it. I would have to say the most memorable(not a good one) would have to be when my daughter and I got into a car accident. As I said not a good memory, but definately memorable. She did not have one scratch on her. I got all the injuries. Which is fine. I would rather hurt then have something happen to her. I had just dropped my son off at the babysitter and was taking my daughter to school. Hit a patch of snow and went into the ditch and hit a culvert. I hit the steering wheel before the airbag deployed. I hit my head on the wheel and split my head open. I have 26 stiches and 17 staples on my head. I also hurt my back, and had a small crack in the spine. I was sore for quite awhile. This happened 2 days before thanksgiving. I also had 2 black eyes.
    But enough bad, Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Oh my goodness, Chris, that’s terrible! Do you avoid driving in the snow now? I would!!! I’m glad you’re okay now and thank goodness your daughter wasn’t hurt. Whew! I hope you had help for Thanksgiving!!!! Thanks for popping in! xo, Leanne

  14. Kristi frey says:

    I am such a bad driver in the snow i actually got pulled over because an officer thought i was drunk. once he realized i wasnt he offered 2 follow me home- he said i was a nervous driuer. i told him i was NOT nervous- he said i made him nervous driving in the snow! funny man!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kristi, you sound like me! Your story is so funny!lol Love the nervous statement. You’re not nervous. You just made HIM Thanks for sharing! xo, Leanne

  15. Carole Fiore says:

    Good morning! I can remember the big snow storm of 1979 in Chicago, that day my cousin was getting married and to see all this snow coming down was so scary. All the family got to the church and by the time the ceremory was over, they had cancel the reception. My brothers had 2 snow=plow trucks so we followed them home which took us about 2hrs or longer and usually it was a 25min. ride. It was scary for the highway was closed but the police let us go fro we had the snow-plow trucks, I couldn’t wait to get home. thats when we got stuck in the snow,the driveway had so much snow but I drove in anyways, and then my 2 cousins just pushed the rest of the way,come to find out in the morning it wasn’t the driveway I was in the front yard.We ended up that weekend with about 27 or more inches of snow. Janurary 12, 1979 will always be remembered. So after that I decided to move to fla.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      CAROLE! A wedding in over two feet snow! Poor bride and groom!!!! But I love the strategy with the snow plows. That was pure genius. I’m just sorry it took you so long. Laughed a little when you realized you’d parked in your front yard instead of the driveway. That sounds like something I would do. Hey! At least you were home. Don’t blame you ONE bit for moving to Florida! Enjoy the sun, girlfriend.:) xo, Leanne

  16. Kristine says:

    I remember (during the 4 horrid years I was stuck in Nebraska :)) coming home from church one day in my mom’s new car with snow on the road. She had acclimated to driving in such weather, but the teenager on her cell phone was too occupied to. LOL! SLAM! Mama’s new car got rear-ended, and I thought she might choke someone’s elses’ child! I never understood that level of nausea (having your car rear-ended like that) until I was much older. No fun! However, my sweetest memory of snow was not that long ago. In 2007, only one month after my last son was born, we drove from here (Florida) to my mom’s in Tennessee so she could meet him. We pulled into a rest stop in Alabama less than halfway there, and when we came out minutes later flurries had begun falling. It was awesome! Now, when my youngest says he wishes he could see snow, I tell him he has– he just doesn’t remember! 🙂

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kristine, love this. Sorry for your mom’s new car though. Cell phones and driving really don’t mix! Especially with teenagers. Not a good thing to be rear-ended. LOVE that your youngest son HAS seen snow.:) Your response is priceless. Thank you for sharing.:) xo, Leanne

  17. michelehauf says:

    Oh, to never be cold again. Big dreams, Leanne, big dreams. 😉

    Of course, living in Minnesota, we think we’re masters of the snow. Which we are. But come winter it seems every driver in the state has already forgotten how to drive on the slick stuff and has to relearn, usually by driving into a ditch, skidding out on the freeway, or bumping into my car in a slick parking lot. Aggh!

    Anyway, our harrowing experience involves ND (highway 94 is a killer!) and Xmas Eve and cars skidding off the freeway, and a white-out, and chewing gum on the toilet of the cheesey motel we had to stay in. But. Santa Claus did find us that night, which relieved the kids greatly.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Oh, no, no bumping into Michele’s cute car! Put a sign on your car! I’m not sure if the white-out or chewing gum on the toilet would bother me more. Ewwww! But Santa made it? You’re a rock star!:) xo, Leanne

  18. Diana Smith says:

    I was on a date and at the drive-in when it started snowing really hard. My date wanted to stay and watch the end of movie so by the time we left it was blizzard conditions and couldn’t see hardly anything. He decided to go back to our town thru the country where we ended up in the ditch and had to spend the night. He walked to a farmhouse next day and got four-wheel drive vehicle to pull us out. Not a fun date!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Diana, maybe your date was hoping you would REALLY warm him up. Ooog. Unless I really liked him, I don’t know if I would have given him a repeat opportunity! Thanks for sharing! xo, Leanne

  19. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on your new book Leanne! Some years ago we took the family to my parents for Christmas. They live on a mountain with gravel roads and a steep driveway. We got down but couldn’t get our minivan up. My father brought my husband out to buy chains but we still couldn’t get up the driveway. Finally my husband put me, my mother and my daughter in the third row and the weight helped get it up the hill. I told him he would make no jokes if he knew what was good for him.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Maureen, lol! What a story! Smart woman to tell him no jokes allowed on the weight issue. You would be dealing with that for the rest of your life! You and hubby were good soldiers to try to tackle those gravel roads and steep driveway! xo, Leanne

  20. Helen Brenna says:

    My most memorable experience driving in snow was when I was a teenager and our family was heading TO Montana from MN to snowmobile. Of course, a blizzard hit as we were driving through ND at night. ND is flat with little to no windbreaks, so the drifts were crazy. We ended up in the center of the highway and all the snowmobiles flew off the trailer. It was a nightmare!

    I LOVE my all wheel drive Toyota Highlander. Drives like a dream in the snow.

    Oh, and I’d take snow any day over ICE!!!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      I’m picturing snowmobiles flying off that trailer. Geez, Louise, girl, what did y’all do? Gather them back onto the trailer or leave them behind? Agree with you on ice. Glad you have your Highlander.:) xo, Leanne

  21. Helen Brenna says:

    And congrats on the new release, Leanne! I love this kind of a set-up for a story!

  22. PatriciaW says:

    Driving home during college after a blizzard had snowed us in for days, just before Spring Break. (This was upstate NY where snow falls until late April.) With a friend in tow, we hit the icy roads, being careful to go as slowly as we could stand and still feel as though we were making progress. Hit an icy patch and went into a 360-deg spin just as my friend opened a bag of peanut M&Ms. When we stopped spinning a few seconds later, thankfully still on the road and in one piece, my friend had eaten the entire bag of M&Ms. Has to be some kind of record.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      OH PATRICIA!!! How did your friend manage to eat during that spin! I’m glad you stayed on the road. Sorry you didn’t get any of those peanut M&Ms. Thanks for the story!:) xo, Leanne

  23. Quilt Lady says:

    I avoid driving in the snow now if I can. I can remember heading to work one morning after and ice storm and had to go up a hill right off the bat to get to work. I don’t think my car wanted to go to work that morning because I hadn’t made it 500 ft when my car done a complet donut in the road and it was headed back home and that is where I went. Didn’t make it to work that day at all.

  24. Ah, snowstorms. Such wonderful grist for the story mill. I haven’t had a really good highway blizzard experience since we lived in ND, where we had them all the time. Love to use them in my books. There’s nothing like a Dakota whiteout. Notice how Helen had to go to ND for her story? Yep, that’s your blizzard country right there.

    Best blizzard story I know came from a ND neighbor caught in a whiteout. You can’t see anything, and it’s as dangerous to pull over as it is to drive, but it’s hard to stay on the road. The yellow line is your only guide. The wind is what kills you and what saves you. Fellow teacher and his wife driving the 70 miles from Bismarck to the little town where we lived. He says he’s going to walk in front of the car and she’d going to drive. She says “I’m not driving in this.” So she walked in front of the car, and he drove. They had no idea how far they traveled that way.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Oh my gosh, Kathleen. I’m trying to figure out which is more dangerous. WALKING in a blizzard when YOU are the target or DRIVING in a blizzard! Great story!!! xo, Leanne

  25. Na S. says:

    Luckily over here there are almost no snow in the winter. It’s very mild and any snow melts away before they can become dangerous. Sometimes though snow does stick. I have learned to not PASS when there is snow on the median and it has hardened and is ice like. Tried it once and almost lost control. Nice and slow works much better in these conditions.

  26. tash says:

    I live in Warner Robins, GA we don’t get snow often, so NO ONE knows how to drive in it. so the only option is if you don’t know go slow right? NO people are nuts. Had to get my friend for work b/c no the store can’t close. She packs a grocery bag of food. LOL on the way to work only going 10mph two trucks decide that they are cool and speed past. needless to say snow flys and we pulled over. This is not a town for snow.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      tash, I’m one of that crazy people who make a run on the grocery store! Bread. Milk. Chocolate!!!!!! Wine!!!lol I’m from the south and we wack out over snow! xo, Leanne

  27. Cathy P says:

    The worst storm I ever drove in was when I was 17 and a baton twirler at high school. My fellow twirlers and I decided to go to a mall to shop. When we left, it was sunny outside, but by the time we got out, everything was snowy and very icy. I was driving and the last girl I took home was the toughest part of my drive. She lived at the bottom of a hill. I was going slowly and everything I had been told to do when driving in snowy and icy conditions. The next thing we knew, my car had turned around and we were going down that hill backwards, and I couldn’t stop. Thank goodness there were stop signs at the bottom of that hill and the people that had come up to them realized I couldn’t stop, and we slid right past those stops signs before I was able to get the car rigthed around. My trip home was uneventful and I was met at the door by my very worried and thankful parents.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Oh my gosh, Cathy, that had to be so frightening to lose control of your vehicle at such a young age! You were the brave one to get everyone home! Bet you try to stay out of that stuff now. I DO!!! Thanks! xo, Leanne

  28. Vickie Knight says:

    I live n Georgia and it is an act of GOD of we get snow in any form, but when on that off chance we do. Look out, you would think it was the end of the world, everything closes and bread and milk are the last things you will find for a 20 mile radius. But i remember in the late 80’s we had a whopper of a storm, my mom have forbidden me to drive in it, but she didnt understand I had a date with a guy who could have been JonBon Jovi’s twin there was no way I was missing that date. So me and my 79 Ford Fairmont took off. We made the 20 minute trip in about an hour and a half. We both had a blast trying to naviagte that old car around all that ice and snow it took two of us to guide the steering wheel. Then to top it off nothing was open so we ended up in a parking lot of a store down the road from his home and thats where we had our date talking and laughing about what we went thru to just keep our daate with each other. It was the best date ever.
    vickie knight

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Vickie, I’m one of those crazy people who run out for FOOD when there’s a big snowstorm coming. And Bon Jovi’s twin? Okay, that would be worth a trip in a blizzard. I’m with you girl. And I’m so glad it was the best date ever.<3 Thanks for the story. xo, Leanne

  29. Keri Ford says:

    And this is why I don’t drive in the snow. I don’t like to be cold.

    Congrats on the release!!!!!!

  30. Anne says:

    Driving in the snow was a daily occurence almost all winter in Mtl. We had a blizzard which arrived early one winter and I made ithome from work but it took over 6 hours and was nervewracking and scary. I took the bus and subway after that experience.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Anne I don’t blame you for using public transporation during bad weather, although I imagine it’s all going to talk longer. Don’t you think? I’m glad you made it home after your white knuckle drive!!!! xo, Leanne

  31. Stephenia says:

    I remember driving to school as a teen and getting stuck at one particular stoplight for about 4-5 cycles. My car was on a patch of ice and I just couldn’t get any traction to move over it. Some guys gave me a shove and I finally made it through the intersection.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Oh Stephenia, I bet you were sweating it when that light kept changing. I’m glad you got some help from some guys. Ice is terrible! xo, Leanne

  32. kaetrin says:

    Where I live in Australia there is no snow. In 1994 I went all the way to Alaska but it was springtime there and I still haven’t seen it, except from a great distance or in the media! 😦

    hankts AT internode DOT on DOT net

  33. kim h says:

    the first time i went to sonoma ca to sled with friends, that was the first time i did it it was fun
    i was visting canda in the winter time that was fun first time i saw that much snow and we butlt our first snow person lol

    congrats on the new boook whoo

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Thanks Kimh! I’m glad you have gotten the opportunity to enjoy the FUN side of snow instead of the bad side! good for you.:) xo, Leanne

  34. chey says:

    I remember driving to a new job and the snow being so bad I was glad to be on a split highway. I wouldn’t have wanted to be on a 2 way highway.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Chey, hope that interview was worth it, or you, at least, rewarded yourself for making the effort when you got home! xo, Leanne

  35. CindyDandy says:

    Living in Wisconsin, almost every winter has a memorable snow driving experience, from snow, to ice, to actual blizzards. You get used to it, although I DO NOT like driving in snow. I’ll take below zero temps before snow and ice any day. That being said, one of my most memorable (and scary) experiences was when I was about 6 months pregnant with my daughter. I was on the freeway coming home from work and the jerk next to me decided he wanted to take the exit, so cut right in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes and steer out of his way, nearly hitting the sand barrels by the off-ramp and doing a half-donut. Luckily, they had salted the roads, so it was mostly slush and everyone else was able to stop and wait for me to straighten out my car. I sat there for a few moments shaking, then was able to continue on. Everyone was fine. 🙂

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Oh, wow, Cindy. Hate to wish appropriate kharma on anyone because it might come back on me. THAT said, he shouldn’t have cut you off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad you and your daughter are okay. I’m like you. Skip the crappy roads for at least the first day. Can’t stay inside too long or I’ll get cabin fever. Thanks for joining in, darlin’! xo, Leanne

  36. Deb Nelson says:

    Also living in Wisconsin, we have at least one BIG snow storm a year. One year our mall closed early because of the foot of snow we had gotten. We all lived on the same side of town. The highways were unbelievable – folks were abandoning their cars right in the middle of what would normally be busy streets. After two hours of what would normally be a 15 minute ride to pick up my daughter at her grandparents, I ended up giving up and staying with friends – and I barely made it there after another two hours! It was like some weird horror movie – and before cell phones! The next day was no better – there were so many abandoned cars that the plows couldn’t get through.
    I managed to get to my daughter, and then home the next day. Now I let my husband come and get me!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Deb, your experience sounds horrifying. EVERYTHING seems to take LOTS longer in the snow. On a different subject, I told my husband that bad weather (including hurricanes) takes a lot of extrea time and is expensive for everyone. That said, I’m glad you were able to get to your friends to stay. And I agree, this is a great time for husbands to belly up. xo, Leanne

  37. Charlene says:

    My husband and I had a Monte Carlo, and my daughter was just a baby. Hubby got us stuck in the driveway, and it was quite awhile before we got unstuck! That car was famous for getting stuck in the snow.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Charlene, stuck in the driveway? Nooooo. Guys aren’t supposed to do that! Let’s blame it on the Monte Carlo. I would have definitely gone back in the house until he made it out of the driveway. You’re a saint! xo, Leanne

  38. Kimberly says:

    I’m a rural mail carrier in northeastern South Dakota – so I have a LOT of memorable driving in the snow stories. One I will never forget from last winter – I was about halfway through my mail route, about 2 1/2 hours in, when I turned onto a gravel road. However, I could not see any gravel. It was snowing very heavily. The sky was completely white, the road was completely white. This particular road has huge rocks on both sides to protect the road from the deep water there. I’m driving along, hoping I can stay on the road because everything is white and I can’t see anything. I began to pray and asked God to let me see something that was not white. A minute after my prayer, I saw a bright orange coffee cup from our local gas station right in the middle of the road! Gave me some perspective until I could see some trees ahead and get my bearings. Ain’t God good?

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