A lot of us live in areas that experience  changes in seasons, and I’m going to guess each of us has a favorite time of year.  Fall is not mine. I much prefer spring.  So it’s no surprise that I’ve so far thoroughly enjoyed unusual October here in Minnesota.

We had a record breaking two week’s worth of near 80, if not 80 plus degree days.  On top of that, near drought conditions in many parts of the state seemed to diminish the brightness in the changing color of our trees.  It seemed as if summer was never going to end.

Then a bitter, piercing wind blew in last week, causing temperatures to plummet. The trees knew fall was coming, but I didn’t.  They’re appropriately bare of leaves while I’m still in shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts!  I haven’t thought much about it before, but I guess I have a series of physical steps taking place over a matter of weeks that prepare me mentally for the setting in of winter.

I rake and clear out my potted flowers and vegetable plants. I switch out my closet, shorts and tees for pants, sweaters and sweatshirts. I scrape and oil the grill, clean my car.  The crock pot makes an appearance.  All that and more. I have a lot of cocooning to do before  that first hard frost.

What about you?  Do you enjoy a change in seasons or are you dreading the cold?  What, if anything, do you do to settle in for fall?  Are you ready?



About Helen Brenna

Helen Brenna is the RITA award winning author of romances for Harlequin's Superromance line. Three more books in her popular Mirabelle Island series will be release in July, August and September of 2011. For more information, check out her website at
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11 Responses to Cocooning

  1. Leanne Banks says:

    Great topic, Helen, although I’m still waiting for the facial exercises.:) In the past, I much preferred Spring and Summer. Fall was not my favorite and winter my least favorite. This July, our hottest ever, with 90+ degree temperatures, broke me. I am thrilled with the change in temps. Our highs are still in the 60s & 70s, so I’m good. As far as getting ready for truly cooler temps, must wash my cashmere sweaters. Cuddl-duds ready, check. Knee socks and the boots I wear most during the cool weather, check. Add one planned getaway to Florida in Jan or Feb and I’ll really be ready.;)

    • Helen Brenna says:

      Okay, okay, Leanne. My next post will be on facial exercises! Maybe I’ll even take a picture of myself doing them. Hehehe. Not.

      There are so many fun styles of boots out there this fall. Maybe a shopping spree will do the trick? I was wondering if anyone planned a winter trip as part of her fall routine. Makes sense.

  2. kylie brant says:

    I do love fall, Helen except the part of school starting again, LOL. But I love the smells, the absolute black skies at night, the crisp crunch of leaves underfoot and of course the colors. Indian summer is my favorite season 🙂

    But I *hate* winter with a searing passion. I think I have seasonal affective disorder. I need to see sun!

  3. Ah, autumn. I love the word. It sounds so much better than Fall! In fact, I have a granddaughter (great niece in non-Indian terms) named Autumn.

    And I do love the season once the garden and flowerbeds are all cleaned out and put to bed. Bleh! That part is just plain WORK.

    But I’m a 4-season kind of gal. Each one has its beauty. I know that sounds Pollyanna-ish, but I do welcome them all. Of course, after a season has hung around for a while, it tends to get ugly. Then I’m ready for a change.

  4. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    I am on the side of summer… I mean with these temp drops..So windy here today, even Mary Poppins would not take her chances going out today… I hate the thought of having to start putting on layers of clothes just to go out the door…

  5. Helen Brenna says:

    Kathleen, putting on extra layers of clothes is one of the only things I do like about fall. (It’s nice to not have to worry about shaving legs all the time!)

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    I love autumn, Helen. The scents, the colors, that crisp little chill in the air. My cocooning mostly comes in the form of getting out the long pjs and swapping humming bird feeders for suet. Otherwise, i just enjoy.

  7. lois greiman says:

    I’m just speechless at the idea that you change out your seasonal clothes. Such organization makes me just shake my head in wonder. I’ll be lucky if I get the heaters in the horses’ water tanks before they’re covered in ice.

  8. Christie Ridgway says:

    Autumn in SoCal is beautiful. Not like you guys have with lots of changing leaves, but the days are warm and the nights cool off so even if it hits 85, it’s comfortable. We don’t really have any season-changing chores. When it starts to rain in Jan. or Feb. (and we can have a few days in the 80s then too!) we’ll move the patio chair cushions into the shed for a few weeks.

    I’m so used to our mild temps that even when I go home to my mom’s in NoCal, I shiver all the time!

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