Yikes. I goofed!

Oh-oh.  I just checked the blog to see who might have forgotten to post today and whoops – it was me.  For some reason, I had marked myself down for the 21st.

So sorry.  Let’s call it ‘life’ got in the way.  It’s been a couple of busy weeks for me.


First I had AA’s of Joes’ book – Last Man Standing (here’s the first peek of the new cover btw) that needed to be reviewed and shipped back to my publisher for final review.  Then we babysat the grandkids for several days – now that’s a story in itself but here they are, buried in a pile of leaves grampa raked up for them.







Before that, however, I took a quick ‘girlfriend’s trip to Galena, Illinois.  Many of my ‘girls’ trips involve extensive travel.  We’ve been to Italy, Spain, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, hiked the Grand Canyon … the list goes on.  But this trip was low key and a very welcome departure from a hectic trip schedule.  We drove around and looked at the beautiful fall leaves, we shopped, did wine tasting at a local winery and hiked around this gorgeous little lake.

Galena, buddy, kids and leaves 011

But most of all, we ate, we drank a little wine, we laughed and played games.

There is something soul-lifting about getting away with the girls to hang out in your pj’s, forget about the hair and make-up, stuff your face on things that aren’t good for you, and just forget about work and family issues.  No guys, no kids, no pets, no one needing your attention.

Speaking of pets – just had to share this photo of Buddy – a pet who demands a LOT of attention.







This bunch of women loves to laugh – at themselves and at each other – which is wonderful.  We have a ton of games we like to play. Our favorite card games are Hearts and Spades.  We also like to play Farkle, Liar’s dice, Boggle, and Catch Phrase.

Do you ever get the opportunity to take a quick get away with your buddies?  If so, what do you like to do?  What are some of your most memorable trips?

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33 Responses to Yikes. I goofed!

  1. Terry Odell says:

    Getaways sound great. Can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity for a ‘just for fun’ expedition. It’s wonderful to live vicariously through your adventures.

    Terry’s Place

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Oh, Terry. You need to do a girl’s trip. Even if it’s just down the road to the local motel where you all can hole up and have fun. Giggling is so good for the soul :o)

  2. Leanne Banks says:

    Glad you’ve had some FUN!!!:) I have a group of women called “the Beach Babes” and we try to do an overnight at a lake or beach or someone’s house about twice a year. Lots of fun.:) Between overnights, we get together for dinners, combined birthdays, Christmas parties, “grandma showers” and “mother of the bride” parties. 🙂 xo, Leanne

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Yes, Leanne. My BFF’s and I get together for things like that too, and all those gatherings are special. But, like you and your Beach Babes, that one weekend a year is sacred. We all look forward to it.

  3. I still run with a group of gals that “grouped up” in the seventh grade, although 3 of us have been friends since the first grade. (that would be 50 years ago! Seriously. Friends for 50 years and still going.)

    We don’t get to go on trips so much as it’s hard for them to get away…high pressure jobs, family commitments, etc. However, we still have sleepovers! (but usually we call them “bunking parties). In fact, we have one scheduled for Nov. 4. There will be 9 of us there (out of 11). There’ll be some drinking, some eating, lots of stories and a few secrets spilled.

    Last weekend, a group of writer friends headed to Northwest Arkansas to do a ghost hunt (Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR) and then spent the weekend at Turpentine Wildlife Rescue (Tigers, lions, bears and a pair of ligers) We stayed in safari-looking tent/cabins. It was crazy to hear the big cats caroling at night and in the mornings. Lots of fun sitting around the fire pit at night talking and plotting books.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Cynthia – 50 years! That is so wonderful and amazing!! My group all met at work and we’ve been getting together for our annual trip for over 20 years now. These types of bonds are so special. And your adventures sound wonderful! I want to find out more about Turpentine! sounds amazing!!

  4. readergirl10 says:

    I don’t have any girlfriends but,If I did I think we would go to the beach before fall really set in.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Reader girl – go get yourself some girlfriends, sweetie! I’m sure there are a ton of girls/women out there, just like you, who are looking to meet up with another fun person. You’d be surprised! And a day or two at the beach this time of year sounds like heaven!

      • readergirl10 says:

        I really wish I could Cindy but it is not quite that easy.First,I am in a wheelchair I have cerebral Palsy from the waist down.so I have to have a wheelchair where ever I go so not alot of women wanto/know how to load a wheelchair for me to go places I don’t blame them for that.Second,I live in a town where I am considered an “outsider” they all have their little group of friends and I’m not included. But,it’s ok I have my books,the heroes and heroines that you all as authors write about. If I want to go to the beach I put in a Jane Austen movie and go to “Lyme”. Just do me a favor Cindy keep writing those wonderful books and giving me plenty of heroes to read. I’ll be fine.

      • Cindy Gerard says:

        Reader girl – I hear you on the mobility issue and I am sorry that’s a factor you have to deal with. But, I bet you’d be surprised at the number of people who would like to reach out to you but are a little shy about doing so. Plus, a girl’s ‘trip’ doesn’t have to be a travel experience. It can be an in house gathering too, right? Just a night with a friend playing cards or watching a movie or … my favorite … talking about a good book. :o)

  5. loisgreimanl says:

    I’m so jealous, Cindy. These are all great ideas. I looooooove time with my girlfriends. In fact, Cavalia (huge, international horse event) is in town but it’s uber expensive. So we’re planning to go hang out by the tents, look pathetic and see if we can score some cheap tickets. Instead, we might get arrested, but that will be interesting, too. 🙂

  6. There’s nothing more “mind cleansing” than a trip with the “girls”. Whether it be a day trip, a week-end trip, or a long trip! I love to be on the go and am lucky enough to have girlfriends that love it too! I love to just get in the car and drive! So much to see, so close to home! Many of the little towns in my state have fascinating little shops and character just waiting to be noticed!

  7. Cindy, that is the cutest autumn leaves picture!

  8. I’ve heard so much about Galena over the years–must go there. Years ago we had friends who dreamed of moving there and opening an antique shop. Wonder if they made that dream come true….

    Girlfriend getaway sounds lovely. I remember getting away with MN pals and meeting our IA pals at a pretty little B&B some years ago. Was that the first time we met, Cindy? Sweet memories.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Galena is a really fun trip. TONS of unique shops and beautiful country.
      And yes – we got together because of Anne McCallister (Barb Shrunk) in Dubuque at a beautiful old place on the cliff overlooking the Mississippi. I’ve got to tell you, Kathy, that was a HUGE event for me. I was barely published and here I was, in the presence of some of my favorite authors – you included. There was Linda Benjamen, Kimberly Cates – Barb … and many more. I was star struck!

  9. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    My gal pals and I have gone on many a memorable weekend away… We had a day at the spa this summer and we are trying to get together for another weekend away… But as you say, life gets in the way… We have had some great times going to visit with our friends in PA on what we call our “what happens in PA, stays in PA” weekends.. We all need one of those..

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Don’t let those fun times get away from you Kathleen. Make certain you keep the torch burning. You will never regret the gatherings but you will regret those gatherings you didn’t get around to making happen :o)

  10. SueG says:

    Does that gorgeous cat make it in every post??? Love the cover of your new book – sweet! Nice job.

  11. kylie brant says:

    It’s been forever since we planned a girls’ trip. I think I see one on the horizon…!

  12. Cindy Gerard says:

    Yes, Kylie!! Let’s do it. I’m game …but not gamey :o)

  13. Helen Brenna says:

    I could soooo use some time away with girlfriends, Cindy! And a low key trip sounds perfect!

    Your photos are adorable, btw. That one of the grandkids needs a frame!!

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Thanks Helen. I actually did print that photo, framed it and sent it home with the kids for a gift for Mommy and Daddy (from the kids) for their anniversary. They loved it. i might have to frame it for myself too – at the very least, it’s my new wallpaper on my pc screen

  14. Sonya says:

    First I have to say I love the new cover!

    It’s not a small trip, but I’ve just been in Ukraine – where my family is from. I’ve never been there before. Such a spectacular but crazy country, still trying to get rid of Communism and stop Russification twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Thanks for the comment on the cover, Sonya. I like it too even though it’s very different from the other BOI covers.

      And wow… the Ukraine. Sounds so exotic and exciting. I’m certain it was a life altering journey.

  15. Stephenia says:

    I love the new cover of Last Man Standing! I have your book on my wish list at Amazon and noticed just recently that the cover popped up there. Can’t wait to read Joe’s story. Your kids in the leaves shot is adorable.

    My girlfriends and I are a bit more low key about our outings, usually local, occasionally overnight in the state to attend some local event. But they’re always fun. I have been trying to convince them to go to Italy, but they haven’t jumped on my bandwagon yet, smiles. I will probably take my daughter when I go, she is up for any trip, especially when mom is paying, lol. But lucky me, she is lots of fun to travel with. We’ve gone to London/Paris, New York, Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur.

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Stephenia – yes, I was happy to see the cover pop up on Amazon last week. Am eagerly awaiting release of this book.

      And i hope you get your girlfriends on board for the Italy trip. It’s an amazing country. Beautiful, friendly … and the food … MaMa Mia! :o)

  16. Catherine says:

    I love the cover! I love the BOI’s. I do not love the fact the series will end!!! (I’m resisting the urge what comes after the BOI’s => )
    Many years ago, my Mom and I took a few days to go to Hearst Castle in Northern Calif. We had a wonderful time.

    • cindygerard says:

      Hi Catherine – thanks on the cover. And never fear … I have a few more hunky heroes tucked away just waiting to have their stories told. And here’s a hint: Mike – Primetime – Brown. Oh yeah. That boy is going to get a story … and don’t be surprised if some of the BOI’s pop up to help him and his friends out of trouble from time to time :o)

      The trip with your mom sounds lovely. I’ve always wanted to see Hearst Castle!

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