Wedding-Mission Accomplished

So, my dearest and onlyest daughter just got married on Sunday, but I’m still too tired to write something clever, so I thought I’d just post a  few pics of the festivities to prove that we survived the day.

It was kind of an unusual event. I like to think it wasn’t just because we’ve cheap that we:

Assembled  the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres  using weeds, wildflowers, and wheat.
Made the cake out of the bride and groom’s favorite treats…rice krispie bars.

Used the wedding dress which my mother made for me 30 years ago and which needed only the slightest alterations.

Crafted her necklace out of beads and keepsakes from the  bride’s childhood and her memories with the groom.

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes.

So how about you? Any unusual elements regarding your wedding or someone’s else’s you’ve attended?

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27 Responses to Wedding-Mission Accomplished

  1. Debra Dixon says:

    I think it was awesome and not at all cheap. Endearing is a better word. I think it’s charming and am very jealous that you have such a clever and practical daughter who can be simultaneously sweet and sentimenta.
    Plus she is sooo her mother’s daughter.

  2. CateS says:

    I love the simple weddings … still stressful but not as much as some of those wild extravagnant ones…Your photos are very nice, but how about a close-up of the bride & groom, Please!!

  3. Leanne Banks says:

    Congrats and best wishes to all of you! I know the mom of bride is a challenging job. Impressed you were able to post pics today!:) Your daughter is beautiful. Look at that tiny waist! I love all the personal touches. Makes the experience that much sweeter. As favors, we gave wedding guests playing cards because my daughter and son-in-law enjoyed playing cards from the beginning of their relationship.<3

  4. michelehauf says:

    It was such a neat ceremony. Very personal. I loved the pastor. Now that your children are all married, what next? Grandbabies!

    I posted a pic of Lois and me and another writer from the wedding if you want a peek at Lois’s fab dress that day. Mother of the bride? I think she looks more like her young, beautiful sister! (It’s at my Facebook page if anyone wants a look.)

  5. Cindy Gerard says:

    What a wonderful wedding! Love all the personal touches. and a rice krispie wedding cake is just too cool!! Congratulations, Lois! She’s a beautiful bride.

  6. Jamie K. says:

    It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful day and all the more special because of those personal touches. That is how I wish I had done my wedding.

  7. Mary Louise says:

    Lois: Your daughter is gorgeous! Love the rice krispie cake!! Did it have M&M’s inside? I’m sure the day was incredible. Congrats to all.

  8. Ooooh, Lois, such a beautiful bride! Such a handsome groom! But where are the pictures of the ever lovely M-O-B? I LOVE the cake! The flowers are sensational. Setting reminds me of my onliest daughter’s autumn wedding 11 years ago. I did most of the decorating, too. Hauled those pots of mums and homemade grapevine and curly willow and this and that…Lois it’s because we’re TALENTED. And cheap. And love abounds.

    Clyde and I celebrated our anniversay yesterday–October 10, 1970. I made my dress, a friend mad our cake, and his family put on a traditional feast. October 10, 2011, we went out for hamburgers and a matinee. Clyde hosted–well, supervised while Piper hosted–a tea party play date while I taught my Loft writing class.

    Hey, maybe that’ll be my next book. THE COWBOY’S TEA PARTY.

  9. lois greiman says:

    Thanks, Deb. I like all the personal stuff, too. Makes it so much more THEIR wedding. And spending the time putting everything together with daughter was really time well spent.

  10. lois greiman says:

    CateS, all I have is my informal shots. Nothing pro yet, but I’ll try to add one of bride and groom, who, by the by, are insultingly happy….I mean really, how bad would it have been for her to live with me forevvvvvvver??

  11. lois greiman says:

    Hummmm, wow, guess that last photo got really big and decided to go on the top. Shrug. Well, there they are. Cute as buttons. The two groomsmen on the right are my two sons. The two bridesmaids on the left are two of the nicest girls evvvver whom I coached in 4-H horse knowledge for a hundred years. I mean, not that the other bridesmaid isn’t wonderful, too. I just don’t know her as well. 🙂

  12. Pat says:

    Lois! Wow! What a beautiful wedding! Major congratulations.

  13. lois greiman says:

    Michele, I love you soooo much!!:) Thanks for sharing the day.

  14. lois greiman says:

    Jamie, yeah, I’d do my wedding different, too, if I had it to do over. But when you’re young…

  15. LSUReader says:

    Awwww…Congrats to the bride and groom. What a wonderful day for you all. Thanks for sharing.

  16. lois greiman says:

    Kathy, love the Cowboy’s Tea Party title. I think you should run with it. 🙂

  17. Keri Ford says:

    that cake was such a FANTASTIC idea!! if that’s their fav thing–then heck ya!

    Love that she was able to wear your dress. mine is tucked away, ready for the daugh…te…r that I don’t have. I’ll have to hang my hopes on my neice! or that maybe my future DIL will love it. *g*

  18. lois greiman says:

    Keri, the dress was the only thing that never changed during the wedding plans. She knew from the begging that she wanted to wear it. I had a lot of questions about how many generations it can make it through.

  19. Helen Brenna says:

    Wow, Lois, what an awesome day! Love the cake and your dress looks beautiful on your DD. I wore my mom’s dress, too. The sentimental things make the day so much more memorable in the long run. Twenty years from now, no one will remember the cake bought from a bakery. The rice krispy cake will neeever be forgotten!!! LOL

  20. lois greiman says:

    I cannot even tell you how many rice krispie bars we had to eat to taste our concoctions. 🙂

  21. I love how personal this wedding was. Each element meant something special to the bride and groom. Sometimes I think weddings have become more a production put on to impress rather than a celebration of the joining of two lives. Good for your daughter for doing it the way she wanted and making memories that will be special.

    BTW – She is lovely! I remember your son from the 2006 RT conference! You have some very attractive offspring. 🙂

  22. lois greiman says:

    Thanks, Cynthia. You have a very good memory. I would have never remembered what year Travis went to RT with me. But I do remember it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I don’t think his wife would be too thrilled if he ran for Mr. Romance again. 🙂 And he’s kind of busy with med school. I have no idea why kids these days put more emphasis on education than say spending QUALITY TIME with their mothers. 🙂

  23. Kylie Brant says:

    Thanks so much for posting pics! Your daughter is gorgeous. And what a clever idea for the cake! I was at one a while ago where there were mini cheesecakes with choice of toppings. Mmm. Off to Michele’s site to see pics of *you*!

  24. lois greiman says:

    Ooooh, pics of me…there is a reason I neglected to post those, you know.

  25. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    I loved that wedding cake and the bride was beautiful.. I love that she wore a dress that was handed down through the ages… Her veil was lovely…
    Congrats to the happy couple and to you to Lois..

  26. Stephenia says:

    Beautiful and unique. I like how the couple made the event their very own personal one! Your daughter looks beautiful and her groom compliments her handsomely. Congrats!

  27. Hi Lois – I loved the personalization of your daughter’s wedding – the whole event appeared to have heart and soul attached, not a big fat price tag. When I was married 38 years ago I’d come straight up from Peru with just a few weeks left until the wedding. I gave my mother the gift of gifts – I told her she could plan the whole thing. The only thing I would bring to it was the groom and my wedding dress (crocheted by a convent of Irish nuns living near me in Lima, Peru, and some of their unfortunate followers, single mothers looking to learn and earn a living by crocheting.) That made it pretty special. Wish your daughter and new husband the best from me. Susan Connell

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