Debra – Is this seriously customary?

I’m not sure if I believe this…but this is so bureaucratic that…I do believe it.  I’ve checked on Snopes and can’t find any entries.

You’ll have to be the judge.  Did we (as a country) honestly make the astronauts coming back from the moon go through CUSTOMS?!

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3 Responses to Debra – Is this seriously customary?

  1. Linda Morgan says:

    I never thought about it, but it is nice to think Everybody gets to go through Customs, no maUS tter how important they are. Do you think that was Duty Free whiskey in Aldrin’s luggage? lol If they were picked up by a ship and were onboard before being brought to Hawaii, he could have bought it on the ship. My uncle was a submarine commander and would bring back real cheap cigarettes when they were outside the US boundary.

  2. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    I must say, I think this is a little over the top.. Exactly what are they going to smuggle in..

  3. Debra Dixon says:

    Kathleen– I think Linda has answered our question of what they might have smuggled in. I never thought about if they were on a ship first.

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