A Labor Of Love

About a year ago, I had written a story about a set of characters in my Beautiful Creatures world that I really wanted to tell. It ended up being novella size, around 25K words. I wasn’t sure what to do with it at that length, so I sent it to my editor. She loved it, but wasn’t sure what to do with it, either. Seems you can’t just send a short story to a big NY publisher and say ‘Hey, make it into an anthology, pretty please’.  Maybe a big-name author can, but not me.  So I thought ‘Why not just do it myself?’

I loved the challenge, and immediately starting running the process over in my brain. I could do it. I’d self-published a few of my backlist titles. Why not invite a few authors to join me and create my own paranormal romance anthology? So I did!

The best thing about doing it myself? I got to pick who I worked with. And let me tell you, I picked a great bunch. The stories are awesome, but seriously, my fellow antho authors were just great to work with. We were venturing into the unknown, doing this all by ourselves, trusting one another, and learning along the way. It worked out swell. We set our own deadlines (I did draw up contracts to protect all our butts), we designed the entire book ourselves, and we have now published it ourselves under my new business name, Swell Cat Press. And I must say, I think it looks darn good.  (I just had to give the press a name. Gives me a tickle every time I see the name.)

So today I present to you a real labor of love. It was an awesome experience creating this anthology. I enjoyed it so much, I just may do another. (I’m glossing over all the hard work. It was HARD work, and frustrating at times, but mostly rewarding.)  Right now it’s available at Amazon in digital format, and should be showing up at B&N as we speak or within a day or two. And soon after it’ll be popping up at online retailers all over. As well, the print copy should be available within a few days at Amazon.  I’m holding a print copy in my hand right now.  It looks gorgeous!  The digital copy is marked at the amazing price of $3.99, and the print will be $13.95. (It’s impossible to mark the print version any lower when selling through CreateSpace and Amazon, but still, it’s lower priced than most tradesize paperbacks you’ll find in bookstores.)

So please, go forth and buy!  If you like dark paranormal romance, this anthology has something for everyone!  Click to my Swell Cat Press site for buy links.

This collection of novellas features paranormal pairings romance readers will pine for.  Vampires, demons, werewolves, faeries and even a mermaid will satisfy the darkest of cravings.  


When vampire hunter Nicole Ruiz nearly loses her life to a powerful vampire, she offers an alliance to her rescuer, a demon name Daktan. Demons might be an enemy, but she’d make a deal with the deal himself if that’s what it took to avenge her family.

ONE SOUL TO SHARE by Lori Devoti

Mermaid, Sarina Neri, is desperate to regain her sister’s soul. The sea spirit who has it wants a man who can survive in her realm, underwater, in exchange. Fortunately, Sarina has found such a man, vampire Nolan Moore. Unfortunately, Nolan wants the soul too, for himself.


Investigating the vicious werewolf blood games, vampire Revin Parker struggles with his attraction to the faery informant, Sabrina Kriss. Six months earlier she had cursed him with an addiction to faery dust. Can they risk the desire that demands they fall in love with the one who could become their worst nightmare?

HIDDEN by Sharon Ashwood

Rafe returns to the Devries werewolf pack to rescue his people from a scheming fey beauty. Pitting his will against her wits, he plans to seduce his way free of the ice queen’s trap. But surrender means death for the fey, and little does Rafe know that he’s gambling with more than hearts…

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8 Responses to A Labor Of Love

  1. kylie brant says:

    Congrats on the anthology, Michele! The cover looks great. And you’re right…why wait for publishers to deign you worthy of an anthology these days? A couple friends and I have had an idea for one for a few years and I think self-publishing it may be the way to go. Maybe I’ll be calling on you for advice one of these days… Good luck with the book!

    • michelehauf says:

      It’s very freeing to know you can do this nowadays. And if you like to learn stuff, it’s a great experience because you put on many ‘publisher’ hats to do it!

  2. leannebanks says:

    Michele, this is so exciting! And it sounds like you did it the absolute perfect way by writing it, submitting to your publisher then inviting other authors along for the adventure! I’m so proud of you! xo, Leanne

  3. Michele, I’m in awe of your accomplishment. As I write this I’m listening to Steve Jobs giving a commencement address–a clip that’s being played over and over today–hearing him talk about taking risks, doing it your way. That’s what you’re doing, and I commend you. You and a few others are leading the way, showing other authors how to take control of their publishing destiny. I’ve been skeptical of e-pubbing for years, but today I’m a believer!

    Gorgeous package, great concept–congratulations!

  4. michelehauf says:

    Oh, Steve. I was so sad to hear about his death. I watched that awesome speech as well. Someone posted somewhere that he was this generation’s Edison. I think so.

    Thanks, Kathy!

  5. Helen Brenna says:

    I didn’t know this was going to be a print book, too, Michele! How cool is that?!? And I love the name Swell Cat Press. You’re my new hero for taking on such a challenge!

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    Congratulations, Michele. And I agree with everyone. Great cover, great collection, and love Swell Cat Press. How clever.
    You are a dynamo.

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