Love Letter to my Fans – Peggy Webb

Peg pub shot

Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble hits the stands September 27th. It marks the fourth Southern Cousins Mystery and nearly 70 books in a career that spans twenty-six years. It also showcases my love for comedy and my quirky nature. (In case you haven’t heard, Elvis is a dog.)

Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble, cover

My cozy series is lighthearted and fun to write, so different from my writing as Anna Michaels that my daughter remarked if she hadn’t known, she would never have guessed I wrote The Tender Mercy of Roses. (Bear with me, all this is leading somewhere.)

Always, interviewers want to know how books written under my pen name can be so wildly different from my Southern Cousins Mysteries – and even my early romances. My response is that I crawl into Anna’s skin, tap into a different creative stream, and fall into the story.

But it goes much deeper than that. Over the years, my loyal fans have written lovely letters and emails. They tell me how Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders made them laugh, how my newly released romance classic, A Prince for Jenny, made them cry. They tell me how they identified with the two women taking care of their feisty, ailing mother in Driving Me Crazy, how they identified with the women in Confessions of a Not-So-Dead Libido but weren’t going to admit it to a soul.

Fans come to the book stores where I sign, the conferences where I talk about writing, the readers’ luncheons and libraries where I tell them about all things Elvis. They share their lives – stories of their families, their pets, their favorite books. They send birthday cards and gifts – a watch with a dolphin on the face after I wrote Where Dolphins Go, a red scarf after I expressed my love for bright colors, a picture they’d snapped of the two of us smiling over a display of books.

Most of all, fans encourage me and give me feedback. They remain loyal, following me from genre to genre. And they forgive me, no matter what my mistakes.

It’s the fans who make it possible for me to write in three genres under two names. Knowing that they are waiting for the story, knowing that they deserve the best I can give, I pull out all the comedic stops in the Southern Cousins Mysteries, dig deep for the lyricism of my Anna books, and tap into a romantic soul for the love stories. And always, my stories are gifts to my fans.

Leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble! I look forward to hearing from you.

Note from Cindy: We are so thrilled to have Peggy (AND Anna) here today. And I love her stories about her fans. Have you ever given you favorite author a gift? If so, what was it? Even if it was a gift of praise (an e-mail telling him or her that you loved their books, a kind word at a book signing) it all counts so tell us about it. We authors are suckers for any kind of affection :o)


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30 Responses to Love Letter to my Fans – Peggy Webb

  1. Susan Wilson says:

    I’ve never thought of giving an author a physical gift, but i often send them an email if I’ve especially enjoyed their book, telling them why it touched me. Then I’ll recommend the book to friends and leave it a good review on Amazon or Goodreads. Most authors email back to say they’re delighted for the feedback – particularly if they’re having a bad day!

  2. leannebanks says:

    Peggy, what a lovely blog message from a lovely lady and writer! You’re such a fabulous talent! We’re all so lucky you give us such great books! Welcome to the convertible and congrats on your new ELVIS book!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) xo, Leanne

  3. Stonehawk says:

    Well I think I made an author’s day once when I visited a bookstore in a mall where there was this romance author sitting alone near the front with no one bothering to stop near her to ask about her or her books she wrote. I wound up meeting her and buying a book autographed to my name from her and the bookstore. I think I made her feel appreciated. I wound up liking her book part of a paranormal series that I bought the rest of them and even liked them as a result. I still like her romance novels including the one I got from her the best.

    • Stonehawk, you certainly made her day! Oh, the agony of a booksigning in a place not home, hoping for at least ONE person to show up so you won’t feel like a total flop. An author always hopes for readers like you at booksignings, someone curious enough to stop by and say hello, then take the plunge and purchase the book, love it and keep coming back for more. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. pearl says:

    I have sent a few authors e-mails telling them about the enjoyment that their books gave me. A lengthy and beautiful letter that made them feel good. I encountered a local author in town who was sitting alone and had a wonderful conversation with her. We talked at great length and I bought two books.

  5. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    Peggy I have read a few of your books over the years, not all 70, but a few. Though I have not read your Elvis series…They sound delightful… I must put them on my tbr list…
    Thanks for the give away Cindy…

    • Kathleen, thanks for following me through the years, and for putting the Southern Cousins Mysteries on your list. When I signed Elvis and the Dearly Departed in Tupelo on September 27, longtime fan Dot Harrelson was one of the first to arrive. She has been to every book signing I’ve had in my hometown for twenty-six years!

  6. kylie brant says:

    Welcome Peggy! I think it’s a tribute to your talent that you are able to write such different types of stories and touch readers with each. 70 books???? I am in awe!

  7. michelehauf says:

    Welcome, Peggy! Love that cover art. Did someone create that specifically for the story? Do you know who the artist is?

    I always make a point of emailing an author if I’ve loved her book. I know how great it makes me feel to learn a reader liked what I’ve written, so I want to spread that warm feeling around. 😉

    • Hi, Michele! Credit for the terrific cover goes to my amazing editor at Kengsington, John Scognamiglio (Editor in Chief), along with jacket designer, Louis Malcangi, and illustrator, Cathy Gendron. I agree with you that the Southern Cousins Mystery covers are FABULOUS! My only input was to have Elvis wearing his signature pink dog collar. I love the way the artist transmogfrified the dog just a bit – blue eyes and Elvis’ trademark black sideburns and swept back hair.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Quilt Lady says:

    I have sent authors emails of prase several times. By the way Peggy I just finished your book, and love it. It was so cute. Love Elvis, I need a dog like that. Thanks so much for the wonderful read.

  9. catslady says:

    I have written emails to authors after enjoying their books. That is one of the wonderful things about the internet because I probably wouldn’t have written a hand written note (although I’m sure that would be even nicer). I like variety so I think that’s great that you write in different genres. Your newest sounds like a fun read!

    • You’re right about the easy access with the Internet. In the early days of my career, BI (Before Internet), I got lovely handwritten letters sent to me in care of my publisher. The letters were then bundled up and forwarded to me. It was always exciting to get a stack of fan mail! No matter how the letters arrive, I cherish the contact with my fans.

  10. Welcome, Peggy! Count me in as one of your longtime fans, m’dear. You speak to a woman’s heart with characters that could be me and stories that remind me in such a variety of forms that it’s great to be female.

    • Ah, Kathleen…thanks! I’m a fan of yours, too. I remember in the early days when you would bring your husband, the very charming Clyde Eagle, to conferences, all of us would drool. 🙂 It’s so great to have a career that spans twenty-six years and to still be in touch with fans as well as all the wonderful writers I’ve met along the way.

  11. lois greiman says:

    Thanks for joining us, Peggy. Readers are truly a gift themselves, aren’t they?

  12. LSUReader says:

    You are a new author for me. Elvis and the Southern Cousins series sounds like it was written for me! On the TBR list it goes. Thanks for visiting today.

    In terms of author praise, I have to admit I don’t frequently do anything special. I basically offer recommendations to friends, post positive ratings on Goodreads (and my library, if it’s an ebook,) and keep reading those authors.

  13. Pat Moore says:

    Hi Peggy, hope you are having some interesting conversations with your fans today. I agree with Peggy, she does have a “quirky” sense of humor. For those of you who have never had the priviledge of meeting her, she is a very “special” lady. Love her books and if you haven’t tried them, please do so. You will love “Elvis”. He gets into more than my own shih tzu does & she’s pretty smart for a dog – so hope you love her “Elvis” as much as I do.

  14. Lee Einhaus says:

    Peggy, I love all your books, as you well know!! But especially the Elvis ones!! I’d love a copy of Double Trouble!! Hugs!

  15. Christie Ridgway says:

    Thanks for being with us today, Peggy! I’m amazed by your different “identities.” What a great range. I’ve never sent anything to an author I admire beyond emails of praise, but I did receive a gift I treasure from a fan. She is a cancer survivor and I sent her advance copies of my book and a slew of other feel-good romances during her recovery process. When she was feeling better, she sent me a lovely crocheted, beaded evening purse that she made. I feel happy whenever I use it, thinking of our exchange of creativity. 🙂

  16. MaryC says:

    Hi, Peggy!

    I’ve been a fan since reading Taming Maggie from the Loveswept series and am thrilled to be able to get some of your older books for my Nook.

    A local author was at a Barnes and Noble for a book signing. I stopprd by to say hello and informed the other three people who were at the table that the books were definitely a great read and they should really buy the books.

    While I have never given an author a gift, I have emailed them to say how much I enjoy their books.

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