Where do you get yours? (Movies & books)


Stack-DVD-Movies-White-BackgroundWe’re entering the Brave New World.  Well some of us are entering it kicking and screaming.  I decided I wanted to ask people where they rent or purchase their movies and books after I learned my daughter was getting her movies through Netflix via her Wii!!!  Remember going to Blockbuster?  Apparently, that’s passe’.  My husband and I have been known to rent via our cable company through our television although I think we pay a bit much for that convenience – $4.99.  Our latest movie rental was made through Redbox – for a buck.  The only catch is you really do have to return it the next day.

Books (hard copies) I often buy online via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.   My local Barnes & Noble doesn’t carry series romance mediumrombooks(LOUD SCREAMING), so I usually purchase my series books at Target or Wal-mart. 

I haven’t gotten an e-reader get because I want a tablet so I can buy from any place I want.  I know that Harlequin authors can get a higher royalty rate through ebooks purchased on the eharlequin site.  And there are sites such as smashwords about which I know little.  Although, I just heard my talented friend Elizabeth Bevarly is giving away MY MAN PENDLETON  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/70627  on that site.  FREE!  Almost makes me want to run out and get an e-reader.  But I’m determined to hold out for that tablet. 

So, where do you get yours?  Your movies?  Your books?  Your ebooks?  I’d love to know!



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38 Responses to Where do you get yours? (Movies & books)

  1. michelehauf says:

    Hey, Leanne! I get my movies through NetFlix and sometimes Redbox (but yeah, I’m so terrible to get them back the next day). NetFlix is awesome because you just sit on your couch, and pick a movie!
    Books I usually get from Amazon now that our local Borders (only two miles from my house!) closed. Sigh… I ordered a book from Amazon last week, and it arrived the next day. How can you beat that?

    eBooks, not so much. I have a Kindle, but don’t use it that often. More for reading friends’ stuff, proofing my own stuff, and sometimes a research book that I don’t want to pay a gazillion dollars for a hard copy. But I prefer the Kindle over a tablet-sort of device to read books because it is lighter. I don’t think I could read a whole book on my iPad. Too heavy and awkward for reading in bed. So you might want to think about that when purchasing too! No matter what you get, it’s fun to have an eReader!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Thanks Michele! I will have to look into Netflix. I know they’ve had quite a bit of controversy because they just went up on their prices. My daughter said she just dropped one of the services, so she’s esentially paying less. Do you get yours through your wii? Regarding the tablet, I want an 8 inch, not the Ipad. Demanding little wench, aren’t I? xo, Leanne

      • michelehauf says:

        No wii here. I just stream it through my Apple TV (which I love, because I can stream music from my computer through my TV cyber-magically).

        Supposedly Amazon is announcing their new tablet/Kindle this week, so keep your eyes open for that!

  2. Cindy Gerard says:

    Great topic Leanne. We recently switched from DTV to Dish and got a free Blockbuster movie trial offer – they are going the way of Netflix. I’ve canceled it already. I just don’t seem to find the time to watch the movies! I’m more apt to flip through my DISH guide and see what movies are playing and if I find one I like, I’ll DVR it and watch it WHEN and if I find time. For instance, this weekend I finally watched a movie I DVR’d 3 months ago.
    As for books – I finally broke down and bought a Kindle a month ago. Only $114.00. Much less than an Ipad and Michele is right – it’s so light and easy to handle. I think I’m really going to like it for travel instead of packing tons of books. And I pretty much see using it to ‘test run’ new authors because you can often buy for $.99 and not feel like you’re out much if you don’t like it. Still, I like my paperbacks and must admit that since I’m not close to ANY retail book outlet, I go to Amazon yet again for my mm paperbacks.
    What’s a girl to do but join the party?

    Michele – HOW do you proof your own work on you Kindle? I’m intrigued.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Thanks for the info, Cindy! I’m like you. It could take me awhile to get to a movie I want to see, so I’m not sure a subscription is the best option for me. As I said before, I want an 8″ pad. That’s what this baby wants for Christmas!lol xo, Leanne

    • michelehauf says:

      Cindy, you can send your word doc to your kindle email address. I use it as a final draft. You can’t markup the document, but for me, reading it in that different format helps me pick out a lot of stuff. I use if for my novellas, but haven’t done it with a full-length story yet, because I have to make notes of the changes as I go on a separate page. I have the original Kindle, but I suspect maybe you can make some markups with the newer Kindles?

  3. Me, too, Leanne. No e-reader yet–don’t know what kind I want or whether I’d use it. If Michele says Kindle–and so does everyone else–that will probably be my choice. Maybe for my birthday.

    I left Netflix for Blockbuster by mail some time ago becuase NF was delaying shipment if you returned too quickly. I liked BB because I could trade in at the store. But now the store close to me has closed. Same with Borders. Personally, I think it’s a conspiracy. Somebody doesn’t want me leaving the house.

    I’m using Amazon a lot these days, and for more than just books. I just got free shipping and a discounted price on a pole saw. Clyde’s finally gotten the hang of searching for what he wants, finding it cheaper on Amazon, and all I have to do is push the buttons.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kathleen, that kinda sucks that NF was delaying shipment if you returned too quickly.:/ We don’t have many video stores locally either, but I’m kinda excited about the Redbox deal. I buy all kinds of things on Amazon too!!!! My sister buys her shampoo on Amazon!:) xo, Leanne

  4. Adam says:

    I’ve been mostly reading books and not watching movies quite as much over the past couple of years. Before that I would go out and buy 10-20 movies a month and watch all of those. For buying movies I usually go to Best Buy, unless I’m looking for a rarer movie in which case I’ll either go to Barnes & Noble or order it from Amazon. For all of my books I usually go to Barnes & Noble. I don’t have any e-reader and I don’t want one. I like my books.

  5. Leanne Banks says:

    Wow Adam! 10-20 movies a month! You’re a true movie aficionado! But it also sounds like you make great use of your local bookstore. I’m a member of the B&N club too! Thanks for popping in!:)

  6. Kristine says:

    We subscribe to Netflix for movies and tend to watch one per week. Worth the money and time to have service right at your door, er, mailbox! 🙂

    For books, I buy through Amazon mostly (Kindle). If I can’t get the deal/book I want there, then I hit The Book Rack (a book consignment shop here) or Books-A-Million.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kristine, I’m looking at Netflix. When I’m on deadline, though, I rarely watch many movies! But the convenience really appeals to me! I’m looking forward to seeing what that Kindle epad is going to be like! Thanks for popping in! xo, Leanne

  7. Quilt Lady says:

    We don’t rent movies often and if we do its from the Red Box. Books I get a Walmart or Amazon, no good book stores around.

  8. Charlene says:

    HI Leanne — Oh, a timely subject! Things are changing constantly. My son just got Direct TV, my sister U-Verse. ?? I have cable coming to my house and can buy movies directly from them, but we also have NetFlix — which, I used last night to watch When In Rome, for the 3rd time (I was bored).
    I have a Kindle, which I can now read on my iPhone and iPad or on the computer. The more ways to read, the merrier!!
    Have a great blogging day!!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Charlene, did you get Netflix via your Wii? I haven’t heard of U-Verse! Must do some research!:) I canNOT read on my phone. Too hard on my eyes!;) Thanks for popping in sweetie! xo, Leanne

      • Charlene says:

        Yes, Netflix is on the Wii and we have streaming or can send for DVD’s. Now that the fall TV season is underway with many of my favorite shows coming back, I won’t be so desperate to rent stuff. Only watch late at night after writing all day!!

  9. Linda Morgan says:

    I am a Paperbackswap.com lover. I often buy my favorite authors at Walmart or Sam’s Club when there’s a new release, but as soon as I finish it I post it on PBS for someone else. I’m sure it doesn’t help the authors’ as far as royalties unless it turns that person into a convert who can’t wait for waitlisted new books. I did buy occasionally at Border’s, which is walking distance, but it closed. I hate paying full price. I’m a senior citizen and have stacks of books to read so I am going to keep reading what I have. If I live long enough to catch up, then maybe I’ll get a Kindle. I could have it on my phone, but I’m probably not savvy enough to figure it out or be able to see the print. I don’t rent movies. I seldom watch them on TV, I’d rather read. Occasionally on a weekend I will watch a movie on TV. I rarely go to movies. The last one I saw was Eat, Drink, Love (or something like that). I find if I’m in a comfortable chair in a dark room and have to sit still, I am more likely to fall asleep than pay attention. I just hope I don’t snore.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Linda, I hate paying full price too. That’s why I buy most of my books via my Barnes & Noble membership card or Walmart or Target. I love it that you would rather read than watch a movie! Thanks for commenting ! xo, Leanne

  10. The problem I have with Redbox is the limited choice.

  11. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    I don’t rent movies anymore.. I just wait for them to come on The Movie Channel’s on our Express View..I can’t tell you the last time I rented a movie.. I guess maybe three years or so ago.. I have bought some movies.. If there is nothing onTV, then i can just pull out one of my favs and watch it. I watch for sales and then pick them up.. Okay if it is really a movie i like I will pay full price..
    My books I buy from Amazon.ca or Chapters/Indigo.. I also purchse books through Harlequin reader service.. I am one of those people who actually like to go into the bookstore and browse..

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kathleen, my husband doesn’t want to pay extra for our cable service, guess who doesn’t even get HBO?! I’m with you on liking to go to the bookstore and browse. One of my very favorite things.<3 Thanks!:) xo, Leanne

  12. Seconding the great deal for MY MAN PENDLETON. Love that book!

    Where I buy/rent: Since receiving my Kindle, mostly digital books. But just bought a lot of Mary Stewart backlist from Amazon. I have the prime membership which means stuff comes quickly and the shipping is free. Love it.

    I’m also watching movies/TV via Amazon. Sooo convenient. Am currently on the 4th season of Brothers & Sisters which I’d never watched before.

    The convenience of new technology is so addicting. Want a book or show? Get it instantly.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Christie, do you exclusively buy your digital books from Kindle? Or are you able to buy from other places? I loved Brothers & Sisters. Do you get the movies in the mail or streaming? Thanks for popping in dahlink!:) xo, Leanne

  13. Kristina Mathews says:

    I have Netflix, but I need to cancel the mail in part. I should send back the movies I’ve had for months, though. The streaming movies are convienent except for trying to find something worth watching. Although that may have more to do with quality in Hollywood. I usually just record movies off the sattelite movie chanells to watch when there isn’t a baseball game on.

    I buy most of my books at Wal-Mart or Safeway. I used to stop at Borders on my way home from my RWA chapter meetings, but even that was frustrating as they seemed to only carry superfamous authors and if I wanted to try something new I’d have to go through Amazon. I do have a Kindle on my phone, but I try to limit myself, as I could get into serious trouble there. Also, it is hard to browse if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I order paperback copies of writing books or one’s I know I’ll want on my keeper shelf.

  14. Leanne Banks says:

    Kristina, hmmm, so are you saying the streaming movie choice for Netflix isn’t that great? I’ll definitely have to take that into consideration, although as I told Kathleen, I’m so far behind on movies, almost everything is new to me!lol

    I know what you mean about the big stores sometimes only carrying the superfamous. I think that’s part of their survival plan.:( I really do intend to get an ereader tablet. I’ll let you know how it turns out!lol I love paperback copies for writing books. There are too many times I want to go back and review! Thanks for joining in!

  15. Keri Ford says:

    Hey, Leanne! We hardly ever rent movies any more, but wait for things to come on HBO and so forth. If we rent, it’s through amazonbox thing or off our cabel’s payperview. books mostly come from amazon too (paperbacks and for my kindle). and sometimes from walmart. no bookstore here 😦

    I load up my kindle with books from ARe too and my publisher’s bookstore. Haven’t tried through smashwords yet, but that’s because I don’t have an account already there.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Hey Keri! At least your hubby hasn’t banished HBO! So can you buy ebooks from other stores besides Amazon? THanks for taking time away from your donuts and chiming in!:) xo, Leanne

      • Keri Ford says:

        LOLOL those were some danggood donuts yesterday morning. AND they were storebought…. or mom&pop shop bought. one of those little hole-in-the-wall type places that locals flock to like nutters everysingle morning. It helps that the donuts (these are actually called spudnuts) are made fresh everyday.

        And dh is the reason we keep HBO and the other movie channels. I’d just assume we cut them off, but you know, once every six months a movie might come on that he wants to watch and then we don’t have service. I know, makes sooo much sense. but there you go.

        And yes! the amazon kindle main file is .prc. but it can read any .mobi files (mobi is typically what I pick up from ARe). AND the kindle can read .pdf. sometimes the file formatting can be wonky on a pdf, but if you get the wifi kindle, you can email the pdf to your kindle and amazon with automatically convert it to a prc for you during delivery. Confused much now? 🙂

  16. MaryC says:

    I borrow movies from my library – new releases are for seven days.

    I order books from Barnes and Noble and occasionally Amazon. The Borders that recently closed had a much better selection of books than the local Barnes and Noble. I also purchase books from a local store New England Bookfair – while all paperbacks are discounted 20%, they shelve books by publlisher, then title, which makes it difficult to browse.

    I reeived a Nook as a gift, so the bulk of my ebook purchases are at BN.com. I also use Smashwords, ARe and other ebook publishers. While I still prefer hardcopy to digital, the Nook has been wonderful for authors’ backlists.

  17. Leanne Banks says:

    Good for you using the library for movies! I “enjoy” browsing at my B&N, but a BAM has recentled opened close to me, so I would like to give it a try. I’ve heard the Nook is GREAT! What is ARe? I haven’t heard of that one! Thanks for joining in!!:) xo, Leanne

  18. Kylie Brant says:

    We tried to get our Wii set up to accept the Netflix streaming ( I signed up to get a month free) but hubby couldn’t get it done. One of the kids needs to be here to do it…actually only one of our kids is capable of those sort of technology skills 🙂 But am trying to drag hubby into the 21st century! I like to stream movies and TV shows through iTunes. Caught up on the AMC series The Killing that way…had I known how great the series was I’d have just bought the DVD!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kylie, I’m not sure we would be able to figure out the Wii streaming thing either…. although, maybe we could get our daughter to help us! Do you watch movies and TV shows on your iphone? Or is there another way you connect that with your TV? Thanks for popping in!:) xo, Leanne

  19. Stephenia says:

    I have been buying my must-have books on my kindle, my dh bought it for me last year and I preorder my favorite authors for the month. I do like the convenience of it, but it doesn’t replace the bookstore experience. I still purchase paperbacks, some at Walmart (can’t beat their prices) and some at B&N (can’t beat the browsing experience and I find so many new authors by actually seeing the book and reading the first chapter).

    Movies – Redbox. I find I rent less movies these days…originally because I didn’t have time to watch them and now because I don’t like the options available. We live in the country and don’t do dish/cable/satellite out here, yes I know that all sounds so prehistoric (my daughter has told me this). But I really don’t watch that much tv and don’t see the point in having the extra tv bill each month for the few things I would watch. Even my computer is dial-up…(I hear you laughing, smiles) …just know that it would be about $50/month to have a computer satellite hookup at the house and it’s really not worth the extra expense either!

  20. Leanne Banks says:

    I’m like you Stephenia. I like to save money, but I also like to browse. The B&N membership helps with the savings. We have cable and I do watch TV. I’m especially fond of some of the shows on the USA Network — Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Necessary Roughness and Psych, to name a few. I really didn’t watch HBO enough for us to keep it, but I still gripe a little because we don’t have it.lol

    Regarding movies, I don’t really like to go to movies in theaters that much. I prefer watching at home sitting on my mostly clean sofa with a gas fireplace in the winter and a glass of wine.:) So, for us right now, it’s either Red Box or renting from the cable company.:)

    Good for you not getting chained by technology! Let it work FOR you. Thanks, Stephenia. Just mentioned your namesake in another book.:) xo, Leanne

  21. MaryC says:

    ARe cafe is part of All Romance and OmniLit.

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