Wanna Bet?

I’m not much of a gambler. Mostly because I don’t like losing money but really I just like guarantees. I’m all about betting on the sure thing, because I’m sooo not a risk taker.

And it’s not usually much of a risk to bet on my beloved Iowa Hawkeye football team. Sure, I knew we’d be in a rebuilding year. I had faith in our quarterback, though. And they looked pretty good at the season opener, which shall be forever remembered as Monsoon Game ’11. And betting against the Cyclones, our inter-state rivals didn’t seem like to-o-o great a risk. Our win record against them is 6-4 in the last decade.

And it’s just so delicious to rile the Cyclone fans who gear up for this game all year 🙂

So I buried my doubts and made a couple bets on the game. Not for money. That’s no fun. I bet one kid that if the Cyclones lost he was going to have to burn the Iowa State shirt he was wearing. Breezily, I promised to do the same. 8-2 record. Who wouldn’t take those odds? I bet another former student that he’d have to wear an Iowa shirt if the Cyclones lost, and I’d wear a Cyclone one if Iowa lost.

Bad bet.

Some in the state claim that last Saturday’s game was a great one–triple overtime. It was NOT a great game. The Hawks stopped playing after quarter one so it was painful to watch. Even more painful than sitting in the pouring rain a week earlier.

And you know what was the most painful? Yup. Paying up.

Don’t tell anyone but the Iowa shirt I sacrificed was on its way to Goodwill anyway. I nearly lost a hand in that deal as dh got a little carried away with the lighter fluid!

As for wearing the Cyclone shirt…. I doused myself with holy water prior to putting it on, but it still burned the skin. *That’s* going to give me nightmares.

Have you ever made a bet you lived to regret? Do you play it safe or will you take a risk now and then? What’s the most outrageous bet you ever made (and did you pay up?)

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17 Responses to Wanna Bet?

  1. Cindy Gerard says:

    OMG, Kylie. That has to be pure torture – you, wearing an Iowa State Cyclones shirt. A truer Iowa Hawkeye fan never existed! My condolences. And I’m proud of you for owning up and even posting a photo

    As for bets I’ve regretted and lost, the painful part for me is admitting I was wrong. I just HATE that part. I like to be right. Always. but, I’m betting the odds of that happening aren’t very good :o)

  2. michelehauf says:

    I’m sorry, my eyes glazed over at first mention of any sort of ‘team’. 😉 You do look good in that shirt, though.

    I generally don’t make bets I know I can’t win.

  3. Thanks for the Post! Not a big gamble but remember a similar story of a Corn Huskers fan in a Nebraska Jersey Sitting Next to his wife In Mizzou Jersey In Missouri fan territory during the game. During half time he went and bought a Mizzou Tshirt to stop the stares. .

    • kylie brant says:

      Wow, Alexx, I don’t know that I would ever go THAT far, but it’s uncomfortable sitting in the midst of the other team’s fans. I’m always extra nice to people I see who have to sit in the middle of the Hawkeyes.

  4. Leanne Banks says:

    Kylie, you look like such a fan cutie!:) So sorry about the shirt. More sorry about the game (you can always buy a newer, cuter shirt). We had a similar experience a few years ago between Va Tech and JMU. It was SO humiliating. xo, Leanne

  5. AlisonP says:

    I’m not much of a better…I never seem to win 😥
    My hubby and I had a similar experience at a Houston Texans game. We showed up wearing our MN Vikings gear and got a lots of spicy comments and stares. We stayed strong and supported our team!

    • kylie brant says:

      Alison, it’s so funny when you wear your team wear on vacation. It always draws comments. You’ll find co-fans anywhere you travel! It makes it seem like a small small world.

  6. I love it when people make bets like yours, Kylie. Pure fun. And you’re such a good sport. I can’t remember making a bet on anything I wasn’t sure of. I don’t even like flipping a coin. I’m not a college sports fan, but there are 3 pro teams I’ve given what there is of my ball game heart to. Not football–not a fan. I haven’t been able to watch my Timberwolves very often lately–too sad. Other than that it’s the Celtics and the Redsox for me. I’m like you–wouldn’t bet money, but might be fun to bet my shirt.

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Never let it be said that I’m a welsher 🙂 Once we had a Winnebago that we took tailgating over night. I asked the kids (in college at the time) what time they’d be there and they said 6:00. I scoffed. *No way* would they go downtown until 2 and be at the tailgate at 6. I bet ’em $100.

      Don’t ever bet poor college kids money. Not only were they there at 5:55 beating on the side of the camper, they brought several friends who agreed to tag along for $5. I learned never to underestimate what poor college students would do for money!

  7. Helen Brenna says:

    Okay … I wanna hear about the bet you made with Cindy that turned out so well for her! LOL

    • Cindy Gerard says:

      Helen – there may actually be an olllldddd blog post about it somewhere. :o)

    • Kylie Brant says:

      It was when we were in Atlanta. Remember that great hotel bar? Ah fond memories…Lots of business men there who couldn’t figure out why their sanctuary had been invaded by women. One young attractive guy in his mid-thirties was sitting by himself and I bet Cindy $50 she wouldn’t go over to him and get a date. It took her a little while, which Roxanne hissing, “No, Cindy don’t do it!” But Gerard gets her nerve up and off she goes and sits down with him.

      When she comes back she has his room number on a napkin. Not good enough, I tell her. She could make up any room number. So we go back and forth for a while and about a half hour later the guy comes up to the table and says, “Miss Cindy, orgy’s at 11.”

      Well, everyone knows that an orgy isn’t a date, right? But I paid up. Pitchers of margaritas were on me all night.

      When the bar closed Cindy ‘fessed up. The guy was scared out of his wits that she was hitting on him so she played the grandma card and cajoled him into playing along. He was a good sport. One of my favorite RWA memories!

  8. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    Been there, done that and bought the TShirt…. I have learned in life that nothing is a sure thing, but some times you just have to take the risk…

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