Goodbye, Dear Characters

My latest release is the third book in a trilogy…well, a little more than that, because before CRUSH ON YOU, THEN HE KISSED ME, and CAN’T HURRY LOVE, a novella from that same world, “Original Zin,” came out in the anthology DOUBLE THE HEAT (you can now buy OZ standalone as an e-edition). This means that I have to bid a very fond farewell to the fictional town of Edenville in California’s Napa Valley as well as the winery, Tanti Baci, where the three Baci sisters live and work…and fall in love, of course.

It’s breaking my heart. And there’s a touch of relief, too, because when you write a trilogy (or more), you can write yourself into a corner with an offhand remark in Book 1, say, that comes back to bite you in Book 2. While I was writing the first book, I knew that Giuliana Baci and Liam Bennett had a contentious relationship–but I wasn’t exactly sure of the source of all their conflict until I started thinking about that third book and realized that all the little hints and asides in the previous two had built the foundation for their story. My subconscious was at work the whole time!

I love these two. It’s a reunion romance of sorts, they had been each other’s first loves as well as childhood playmates. But there is still plenty for them to discover about each other now that they’re all grown up. Old secrets. Old hurts. New dreams. All is laid bare.

The only thing that makes saying goodbye to them not so painful is that I’m working on Book 1 of a new trilogy. There are new relationships, secrets, dreams to explore. But when I think of the Baci sisters and the Bennett brothers, I feel a little blue.

As a reader, that’s happened to me more than once when I’ve immersed myself in a fictional world and then had to let it go. It was hard to say farewell to The Hunger Games trilogy (intense books!). Re-reading the contemporary trilogy by Lisa Kleypas about the Travis family still sucks me in (I want Joe’s story!).

Do you have a series of books that stick with you or that make you sad they finally came to an end?


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13 Responses to Goodbye, Dear Characters

  1. Willa says:

    I feel a little sad about Kylie Brant’s Mindhunters series coming to an end. This week I got my mitts on the last book – Raiker’s story and on the one hand I want to gobble it down as we have been tantalised by this character in the 5 preceding books – and on the other hand I want to slow everything down and savour every word . .. . will probably end up doing a bit of both 😀

  2. Willa: I know exactly what you mean! My solution: A fast read through and then go back and re-read from the beginning. Sometimes, when I have the latest (or last) of a beloved series to enjoy, I’ll go back and read the entire set of books before the new one.

    For some reason I read Carolyn Jewel’s paranormal series backward…so then I went ahead and reread it in the right order!

  3. Leanne Banks says:

    Christie, I can see why you’d feel sad ending such a fabulous series. They’re family now!
    Even when I enjoy a series of books, I’m usually not sad for long if I know the author is going to be writing more books!:) CONGRATS on your latest!!!:) xo, Leanne

  4. Kathleen O says:

    Christie it breaks my heart that we are leaving Edenville and the Baci and Bennett clans… I just finished reading Can’t Hurray Love. I was trying to savor it because I knew it was the last one.. But hey what about Seth.. doesen’t he deserve a story… And maybe someday we can go back to Edenville when all those Baci/Bennett/Parisi cousins grow up and take over the winery…

    Series are great. I love’em, but I am always sad to see them go. I know One of my other’s is coming to and end with Helen Brenna’s Miriabelle Island series.. You get to know all of these characters and they feel like old friends… But I will always look forward to making new ones…

  5. ov099 says:

    Oh lord, I can feel a little blue with missing characters in a series — more though if I’m reading all the books one after another, because there isn’t any time in between waiting for the next. Your series I read when each came out, so I will still miss them, but not as much as the last series that I read right through, which was the Bride Quartet of Nora Robers earlier this year. I finally got all those, so read straight through. And definitely missed them after. Time in between books definitely makes a difference. Regardless though, once you hit the last book, doesn’t matter when you read the ones before, you still know it’s the last, no more to come. Can suck a bit. LOL 🙂


  6. Kylie Brant says:

    Aw, thanks, Willa!
    Christie, I asked this exact question on my guest post for Jaunty Quills this week and several readers mentioned not wanting to see *your* series end! If find that the longer the series the harder it is to say goodbye. So with six books, The Mindhunters are really tough to walk away from. I’m already having second thoughts!

    • Willa says:

      Oooh – have some third and fourth thoughts too 😉

      I want MORE Mindhunters 😀 They just ticked all my reading boxes – mystery, suspense, romance and fascinating police procedural.

  7. Kathleen: I know, Seth is still single! I don’t have plans to write any more in that world but it’s fun to think I could return.

    Lois: I just reread the Bride Quartet books this past weekend. Love them! And you’re right, reading a trilogy/series straight through makes us bond even more.

  8. Keri Ford says:

    OH man. a few weeks ago I was writing the end on my first series. it was hard! I’d had these characters in mind over 6novellas and all of sudden I was on the LAST ONE??? I’m terrified this book will end on a flop.

    For reading, Gaelen Foley’s Knight series is one of my favs. was so sad to see it come to an end. I miss the Bride Quartet’s, Cindy’s Bodyguards in FL, your knitting gals, McCarty’s highlanders all tangled together….I could go on!!

  9. Sometimes the people in series becomes so real that it’s like leaving friends. Nancy Martin’s Blackbird Sisters Mysteries was that for me. Her characters would continue to chat in my head long after the book ended.

    I agree with Keri. I miss the gals from your knitting series…and I’ll miss the Baci babes! I need to get my hands on the last book and that novella!

  10. kris says:

    I always feel sad about the end of a series because I’ve come to know and love the characters. But, I also get excited over the ancipation of where my favorite authors will take me next.

    I absolutely adored the Baci sisters and Liam and Jules were definitely my favorite, but I did truly love them all!!!

  11. Helen Brenna says:

    Christie, I totally get this. My August Mirabelle book, Redemption at Mirabelle, is supposed to be the last in the series, but I’m having a VERY hard time letting go. We’ll see!

  12. Hey, thanks you guys for mentioning some other series that I need to read! Y’know it’s very clear to me why series are all the rage, now. We just love getting hooking into a whole world.

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