Heroes and Kindred Spirits! (By Catherine Mann)

Have you ever met a person and you just felt an instant connection?  You feel as if you’ve met a long lost friend.  Even if you haven’t seen each other for years, you both can pick up the conversation as if you just saw each other yesterday.

 Well, for me, Cindy Gerard is one of those people!

 Cindy Gerard and I first met when we both won a RITA Award in 2003 during the Romance Writers of America’s Annual Convention, that year held in NYC.  Cindy won for Short Category Romance and I won for Long Category Romance.

Fast forward to 2011.

What a treat it was to stand with Cindy again at the RITA ceremony.  This time, we celebrated that we’ll be side by side on the shelves with our July romantic suspense novels: Cindy’s “Black Ops, Inc” book WITH NO REMORSE and my “Elite Force” book COVER ME.

I have adored Cindy and her books for years.  But as a military spouse, I really connected with her when I heard of her great support for our troops overseas.  (Thank you again, Cindy!)  During this July 4th season, I find myself celebrating all the more our men and women in uniform, great heroes, not only in books, but in real life.

Who are some of your real life heroes and heroines?  One lucky commenter will receive a copy of my July “Elite Force” novel – COVER ME.




COVER ME, “Elite Force” Book 1

Sourcebooks Casablanca, July 2011

It should have been a simple mission… Pararescueman Wade Rocha parachutes from the back of a helicopter into a blizzard to save a climber stranded on an Aleutian Island, but Sunny Foster insists she can take care of herself just fine…

But when it comes to passion, nothing is ever simple… With the snowstorm kicking into overdrive, Sunny and Wade hunker down in a cave and barely resist the urge to keep each other warm… until they discover the frozen remains of a horrific crime…

Unable to trust the shady local police, Sunny and Wade investigate, while their irresistible passion for each other gets them more and more dangerously entangled…


Cheers and Happy Reading!

Cathy Mann


COVER ME video trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i35LHkTypM

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About cindygerard

Cindy Gerard is a New York Times best-selling author of action packed romantic suspense novels. Learn more about Cindy at http://www.cindygerard.com
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43 Responses to Heroes and Kindred Spirits! (By Catherine Mann)

  1. cindygerard says:

    Awe, Cathy. You are so sweet! I feel exactly the same way. And I picked up COVER ME yesterday at Wal-Mart! Can’t wait to dig in!!

  2. kris says:

    I love you both! I’m don’t have any family in the military, but appreciate all the military does for us. I “adopt” deployed soldiers and also do some of the other “random” things like cards at Christmas and collecting toiletries to send to to the wounded. It’s a very small way to contribute and, hopefully, let them know there are people out there who appreciate their sacrifice.

  3. Laurie G says:

    I enjoy both of your books!

    My hero is my SIL Dave. He works full time but still manages to volunteer for Tuesday night tutoring. Wednesday night he’s the Youth Group leader at his church. He sponsors speakers for both Save Darfur, Sudan and Kenya’s Lost Boys. He’s trying to raise money to build wells in Africa. He sponsors two children from Rawanda. Finally, he volunteers distributing food and clothing to homeless people. He’s an inspiration for me!

  4. Karen says:

    Cathrine I just love that you and especially your family support and fight for our country. There are so many men and women in uniform that’s deserves so much credit. Most people take that for granted. I don’t think that before 9/11 I really understood till I was penpals with about 2000 men and women fight overseas and Hear all their stories of what they are going thru and about their families they had to leave behind. I made sure everyday I would write them all just to let them know I was thinking of them and weeks could go by without word fromthem but I still wrote till everyone them got home. Then I decided that I would get donation cuz it was the least that I could do wishing there was more. I wrote every mayor, congressmen and even the president to help with the shipping of the supplies no one but Congressmen PETER KING would even help. Mr. King told me that he would endorse me anyway he could if I came up with problems. Finally I had it annouced on a radio station that I was colllecting stuff to send and I got so many donations from individuals to corp companies. So now the problem was sending them. Till one day someone gave me a Vet who was disabled in a past war and he was a vice president of an American Legions by me. He was able to get the stuff shipped overseas for free thru military planes in Uniondale, Ny. Till this I still speak to some of them the friends I made. I still pray everyday for everyone to come home safely. God Bless u and your family for everything they do for us. Just wish everyone would pray too. Luv ya Karen

  5. cindygerard says:

    Wow, Karen. I just read your post and had to respond. Love your story and your perseverance. God bless you for helping our troops!

  6. XXOO! Thank you, Cindy!!!! You know I adore you too!! Thanks for letting me hang out here in the convertible today. 🙂

  7. Kris, how awesome that you adopt a soldier and send cards, etc to them! That really is awesome! I can tell you from personal experience (we have many military members in our family) that those cards from strangers truly do mean a lot!! Thank you!

  8. Laurie, your SIL Dave truly sounds like an amazing person – I can totally see why he’s your real life hero pick!!

  9. Karen, what you’ve done for the troops is truly amazing!! As a military wife, I thank you for your determination and generosity. YOU are a hero!!

  10. Leanne Banks says:

    Catherine, welcome to the convertible! Huge CONGRATS on COVER ME! Your hero looks and sounds yummy!:) You’re such a fab writer! I’m so glad you’re here! xo, Leanne

  11. Hello Top Down Riders…I’m late but I made it. CINDY…I love you, and the rest of the drivers here. It was great seeing you at Nationals. You really helped to brighten my day.

    Hey Cathy, it’s great to see you in another one of my favorite haunts in the cyberworld. This topic is very near and dear to me as well. Thank you for the support you show to the military through your books and in life.

    My heroes are numerous, soldiers, police officers, firefighters, authors, musicians, poets, teachers…etc, so it would be very difficult to pinpoint any one person. I take pride in the fact that I was able to serve with some of my heroes, who remain friends to this day. I mourn the loss of others, but try to my best to remember the good times with them.

    Being away from home and hearing your name during mail call is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It is a very lonely spot to be in when you are waiting, hoping and praying that someone sent you mail, and you get none. I’ve been there. So keep supporting all your heroes…they don’t just have to be in the military because there are many civilians out there who need the comfort of a letter or phone call to help brighten their day. Just a word to let them know they matter. You’d be surprised how much a difference that can make.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

    • Paula, thank you for offering up such a personal and touching note about how much a letter really does mean to people serving away from home. I recall one time when my hubby was away and there was a guy with a very similar sounding name – my hubby was getting tons of letters from me and the kids, but this guy didn’t get anything. Yet every mail call, his ears would perk up as my hubby’s name was called – then the guy would realize it wasn’t for him. My youngest daughter heard about this and she started writing to him instead of her dad (she was only about 7 at the time.) She said she knew that’s what her daddy would want her to do. My hubby told us later the guy posted all her letters on his wall. Funny how I hadn’t thought of that story in a while…. thank you for reminding me! I’m off to hug my daughter right now!

      • Your daughter is so precious. She must have really made that soldier’s day, and he will never forget it. Give her a extra hug from me too.

        Peace and love,
        Paula R.

  12. carole says:

    Good Morning! I love both your books, I always head to the book department to look to see who’s books are out or what I haven’t read yet!
    I love helping out the troops, my mom started having some sailors who didn’t have family come for dinner way back in the 70’s during the Viet Nam war, so its been the same for me. Over the this July 4th a history teacher was making up care packages for the homeless vet’s that are in the Tallahassee area,it was such a heart-warming exiperence and met a few new friends, made me feel better,too! I’m not homeless,but am looking for a job like they are and it gets you down when you can’t find one. We all went home with smiles on our faces. What a nice July 4th! I like hearing your stories and gave them some of your books that I have kept for I’m running out of book shelves. Have a nice day!

  13. Kathleen O says:

    Catheriine, if I love Cindy books, then I know I am going to love yours… And I LOVE Cindys books…
    My Heroes… well the obvisous ones, are the men and woman who each day risk their lives in keeping both our nation and cites free from danger. Which includes, Military, Police, Fire and the many other who are in these types of jobs.,
    But my everyday heroes…are the friends and family I have that give me strength to live out each day. They are the ones who are in the trenches of my life. I have had a few rough times over the last number of years and my friend and family, espeically the female side have kept me together with their love and support.
    The person that I have always was thought of as my “John Wayne” hero.. was my Dad. no matter what I did or where I went. My DAD was there for me. As was my Mother. They are now both gone, but will live always in my heart as my one true HEORES…

    • Kathleen, I’m truly taken with a phrase you used: “The ones who are in the trenches of my life.” What a profound way to put it! I’m so glad you had that kind of support around you when you needed it most!!!

      (And BTW, one of my favorite movies ever is John Wayne’s THE QUIET MAN!)

  14. Janet says:

    I’m thrilled to see you have a new series out! I so enjoyed your last one. I love these kinds of romantic suspense. Yay. Now, to find time to read all the new books that just came out that I’m dying to read, and then be ready to drop everything to read Cindy’s when it comes out! 🙂

    • Hi Janet! I do so enjoy hearing that folks have enjoued my books in the past and that those stories hooked a person in to read more. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the start to my “Elite Force” series!!

  15. TrishJ says:

    Love your books! My husband is retired from the military. Kinda sad actually. I really liked the military life. One big supportive family. One of my sons was an Air Force Captain. Of course I admire the soldiers — but the families left behind to cope with the missing soldier are truly amazing. Love to win a copy of your book!

  16. Kelli Jo Calvert says:

    Love both of you and your books!! The men and women serving our Country always have my praise and adoration. But my real life HERO is actually a HEROINE, and it’s my mom. She raised me all by herself, gave me great guide-lines on right and wrong, trusted me to make my own decisions, and gave me my love of reading!

    • Kelli Jo, your mom sounds like an amazing person! What a tough road she had going it alone, but sure sounds like she did a stellar job!! 🙂

    • Hi Kelli Jo – Love it that your mom is your heroine! What a tough road she had to go it alone, but wow, sure sounds like she did a stellar job!! 🙂

      • Kelli Jo – LOL over my multiple posts – it didn’t post first time – so I rewrote the gyst of the note again only to find both posted! But then I figure your mom deserves the X2 kudos!

  17. Welcome, Catherine! Love the title, love the cover, but it’s the premise that has me racing over to drop COVER ME into the shopping cart. First a rescue, and then a couple stranded in the wilderness. Can’t wait to find out what else is in that cave.

  18. stephanie h. says:

    Two of my favorite authors!! I’m lucky and honored to have both Cindy’s With No Remorse and Cathy’s Cover Me already — great stories, with characters that speak to my heart. My dad, uncles, friends and other family members have all served our country in some capacity — and I think I was one of a handful of kids who wore MIA bracelets (remember those!) many moons ago. Through my friend Kris (who I met through Suz Brockmann another outstanding author!) — I sent lots of packages overseas when her hubby was deployed. And through Cindy’s efforts have been honored to send holiday care packages and notes to soldiers serving far from home, too (thanks Cindy!). In my opinion, the words heroes and heroines are over- and mis-used. Our true heroes and heroines served with grace, grit, great sacrifice, and silently — and I am truly grateful to them and their families. Cathy – thanks for the great post. As always, it’s an honor to read both of your stories — keep them coming! oxox Stephanie

    • What a beautiful post, Stephanie – but then you’re truly a beautiful person through and through. Love what you said: “Our true heroes and heroines served with grace, grit, great sacrifice, and silently.” Perfect!

  19. Jane says:

    Congrats on the new release and series, Catherine. In addition to the service women and men, I really admire what teachers do.

  20. lois greiman says:

    Welcome to the Top Down, Catherine…and to own mutual adoration of Cindy. 🙂 You’re series sounds great. Can’t wait to read it.

  21. Gail Chianese says:

    My real-life hero is my husband, Jim, a twenty-two year veteran of the US Navy (and still going strong). He’s sacrificed birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and just every-day time with his family to help keep our country safe. Granted there has been rumbling and grumbling along the way, after-all he’s human and male, but neither of us would trade our life or change a thing. Some other real-life heroes are the men and women who serve in the police and fire departments. These people put their lives on the line every day they report to work. They, along with our military members, do not do it for the money (trust me on that), or the fame or even our gratitude, but because they care and want to make a difference. My kudos to all of them and my heart-felt thanks!
    p.s. Cindy, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your new book WITH NO REMORSE! Cathy, can’t wait to start reading COVER ME which is calling out to me from my nightstand! Thank you both for honoring our military members.

    • Gail, thank you for adding COVER ME to your to-be-read stack on your nightstand! I’m tickled pink and look forward to hearing what you think of the book. Thanks also to you and your hubby for your continued service through your Navy life!

  22. catslady says:

    Oh, there are too many to count. My husband is a vet and now an officer in our American Legioin so we do a lot of volunteering and we know so many wonderful men and women who have served. They love telling their stories and we really enjoy lending an ear. Cover Me sounds wonderful!!

    • Hi Cat! Isn’t it great hearing hearing the stories straight from them? I always appreciate the opportunity to speak with someone …. their esperiences… .the way they phrase things… fascinating and humbling!

  23. Deborah R says:

    As the saying goes “my heroes wear combat books”. I don’t have one in particular, I honor all who serve. I have made cool ties for our soldiers in Iraq and quilts of valor for the wounded warriors. I think that’s why I like to read about those alpha males so much! lol

  24. Deborah, what an amazing service you provide with the ties and the quilts. That’s awesome! Your gifts have undoubtedly touched so many!!

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