Independent Thinking

Happy 4th of July! 


As most of you know, we Americans celebrate July 4th because a bunch of independent thinkers got together and put together the Declaration of Independence.  We decided that, as a country, we wanted to be the boss of ourselves.  We are by no means perfect.  Sheesh, do we have problems!  But one of the things I like about being an American is our freedom of expression.  I like it that someone can loudly criticize the government and they won’t be arrested for it… unless they’re actually making death threats or something like that.

As a writer, I especially value the fact that I have freedom of expression.  0711-9780373656097-bigw[1]

If anyone happens to wander by the Top Down blog today, I’d love to know what you like about America… or perhaps any Americans you’ve met.  If you’re American, what do you like about being an American?

Speaking of self-expression, here’s a pic of several of the Top Down Riders at the Harlequin Black and White Ball at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.  Enjoy!Smile



Leanne Banks

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15 Responses to Independent Thinking

  1. Hey Leanne, Happy Independence Day to you too! I am proud to be an American. I love the fact that we live in a country where many are afforded an opportunity to work, live and be happy. Freedom of expression is by far one of the most advantageous gifts we give those who live or visit this wonderful land of ours. The freedom to just BE is what I love most. As a former soldier, it makes me even more proud of what we accomplish as a nation despite all the differences that surround us. We fight for freedom of equality and way of life. I tip my hat to all my battle buddies, those who are gone and to those who continue the fight.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Paula, what great thoughts. Thank you for sharing them and thank you so much for your service. Another thing about America is that we admire those who better their lives with hard work. I’m from the same stock. My parents were very hard workers. THANKS for commenting! xo, Leanne

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Happy 4th of July to all American friends and family… I have always enjoyed the company of many family and friends accross the Canadian border. I have several really great friends in many parts of the US I love to vist with. I have also vacationed in many wonderful states, mostly up the eastern seaboard or in land through NY and PA.. I have had some good times and I hope more to come visiting the US… God Bless America and the freedom that both our countries allow us.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kathleen, thanks for joining in! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the exchange between Canada and the US. MUST CONFESS that I would LOVE to visit Canada! Where do you think I should visit? Bless you for joining in! xo, Leanne

      • I hear Vancouver is a great place to visit as is Prince Edward Island. A lot of my international students go to either of those two places on family vacations when they head further north.

        Peace and love,
        Paula R.

  3. What a gorgeous bunch! Basic black and white attire really plays up those sparkling smiles.

    What I like best about America is that it’s a work in progress. Government of, by and for the people is our ideal. Equality under the law is our goal. We stumble along the way, but we keep trying. I watched a couple of hours of the History Channel’s “The Revolution” last night and was reminded that Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration–the one he presented to the Continental Congress–would have put an end to slavery. Much to his dismay, that part was changed. As we all know, it was not a done deal. America continues to evolve, and that’s the genius of the Constitution.

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kathleen, GREAT thoughts — a work in progress! SO very true! Your post made me feel hopeful. Thank you. And as for the black and white, I love the roses in the teeth and the xo, Leanne

  4. Kathleen O says:

    Leanne, I am very partial to Toronto… born there, but we have many beautiful places to visist.. Our beautiful Maritimes provinces or the Praries of Alberta and Vancouver Island to the very west..Like the US, there are many wonderful places to see.. You are welcome anytime…

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Kathleen O, I’ve been thinking about visiting Toronto for some time. You make me want to move it up on my list.:) If/when I go, I will tell you! Wouldn’t it be fun for the two of us to meet up! THANKS! xoxox, Leanne

  5. cindygerard says:

    Happy 4th of July all. Thanks for remembering, Leanne! Miss you already :o(

  6. Michele says:

    Seeing the Statue of Liberty this weekend made me feel very patriotic, and then a trip to Ground Zero really doubled that feeling. Proud to be an American!

    • Leanne Banks says:

      Michele, thanks. Isn’t it amazing how you kinda think you’re too big or numb or jaded to be moved by those things, but then you are! And it’s so wonderful to FEEL those feelings. I’m so happy for you that you got to experience both of those sights. xo. Leanne

  7. Kathleen O says:

    Leanne, that would be fantastic.. I would love to show you parts of Toronto that I love..

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