Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch…

minnesota closed

To my Rider buddies who are whooping it up in NYC at the national RWA conference:  Those from Minnesota are missing summer.  The heat index in the TC reached 106 yesterday, and it’s probably close to that today.  As you know, our weather refuses to pay attention to the calendar, so by the time you get home, we could be enjoying an early autumn.

Now, about that coming home part…

As of today, we’re sort of closed.   If you’re driving, be sure to go potty before you hit the state line because the rest stops are all locked.  But don’t be in too much of a hurry to get to a gas station because the state troopers are still on duty.  If you forgot to get a fishing license before you left town, forget it.  They’re unavailable right now.  You can’t go to any of our beautiful state parks or the MN Zoo or the History Center or the race track.  If you were hoping to win the lottery, buy your ticket in another state.  If you haven’t received your state tax refund, don’t hold your breath.  Taxes, however, will still be collected.  You can still attend college and university classes, and unemployment checks will be sent out, but if you’re hungry, forget food shelf distribution.  Oh, and if you forgot to renew your tabs, that could be tricky since the DVS is closed.  But don’t forget about the state troopers.  They’re still out there.

This morning I heard that Connecticut is getting down to the wire on budget negotiations as well.  That’s where my baby sister lives.  Hey, Jill, this is no laughing matter!

Hey, everyone else, this is no laughing matter.  The whole country could be shut down in another month.  We elected people of various political stripes to represent us.  What are they doing?  In my opinion, they’re playing games.  Remember the chicken scene in “Rebel Without a Cause”?  Have you ever played that game?  Neither have I.  My question is, if the car goes over the edge of the cliff, who’s locked inside?  Our elected reps? 

I don’t think so.

Meanwhile, back in the Big Apple, the Riders will soon get gussied up for the big finale.  The RITAs will be awarded tonight.  Helen Brenna, you go girl!

Back at’chall later. 

Your TopDown anchor,



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Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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2 Responses to Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch…

  1. yes it is way hot..I’m told when I came back from Asheville, NC..we brought it w/ us as it was raining in ND. Uff’da. Happy 4th of July. Nicole

  2. Don’t believe it, Nicole. ND and MN would never allow NC weather to cross state lines because you can’t say uff’da about anything from the South.

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