The Way We Were

I grew up in the hippy era.

I probably wasn’t a REAL hippy, but I lived with the culture…you know, braless, halter tops, micro skirts, the works.

Are you old enough to remember Twiggy? There were bell bottom pants, funky head bands, beads of all sort, and  flowers everywhere.

In the seventies I used to disco. I wore metallic pants. Swear to God I did. Mine weren’t this cheesy silver though. They were red, garish red. I also had a Danskin skirt in every conceivable color and wore platform shoes that made me tower…and teeter…above my male counterparts.

The eighties had a love affair with shoulder pads…and stirrup pants. I wore those too. God knows why.

But after that…I’m really not sure what the trend was…or IS for that matter. Yes, our clothing tastes of yesteryear were weird, but at least I understood them. Now I seem to be in a fashion abyss. And as the RWA conference draws near, I have no idea what to wear. Do I go for a business look? A casual look? A fun look? I’m lost.

I have some halter tops from the 70’s that I still like. Maybe I should drag one of those out. Or perhaps I still have a jump suit left from the 80s. Everything used to be copasetic when I was dressed from head to toe in my seaweed green jumpsuit.

So how about you? What was your favorite or least favorite fashion? Do you faithfully change with the times or do you cling to the familiar? And what…please tell me…do you wear to a fashion-conscious, all female conference?

My look du jour generally involves spurs and a fine patina of horse manure and that just might not be the look I’m going for.

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17 Responses to The Way We Were

  1. Cindy Gerard says:

    LOL Lois. Love the ‘fine patina of horse manure’ image. Having been chore girl last week when the hubster was up north with his brothers communing with nature and beer – ahem – I wore my share of that stinky stuff.

    As for fashion – I’m in the same abyss. One day I may go for fun and funky, next, business casual and the next chore girl chic. i think that’s kind of what’s fun about ‘these days’. seems that anything goes. And you – well – you always look like a fashion plate when i see you so I don’t think I’d worry over much.

  2. TrishJ says:

    I remember bell bottoms, VW bugs with flowers stuck all over them, ironing my hair straight (there was a trick to that). I used to change with fashion — but now it’s all about comfort!! Find comfortable slacks and skirts and pair em up with cute tops! That way you only have to change half the wardrobe! 😉

  3. kc stone says:

    ha ha, I had the coolest bell-bottoms, followed by the slickest skin tight jeans, then the softest wornout Levis… but now? what would I like most to have back?
    THe BODY that went in them!
    Ah, to pick out clothes simply for the style and not think about slimming, or wearability, or how far south the girls may slip!

  4. Michele says:

    I remember how much I loved the neon craze in the 80s, and the rhinestones. Good times, indeed.

    Now, Lois dear, you look gorgeous in anything, including horse stuff, so wear whatever you desire and we will all nod and think ‘that woman can work anything’.

    I’m laying out my clothes now to pair up with shoes and underwear (mustn’t have lines!), and I have mostly skirts and dresses. I need to fit jeans in there somewhere, though. And I only have two pairs of shoes. I’ve seen authors posting pictures of all the shoes they are taking along. 6, 7 or 8 pairs! They’d need a suitcase just for that. Do I need to go shoe shopping?

  5. Leanne Banks says:

    I would personally find the spurs refreshing at conference. Maybe not the manure, though. I have “conference clothes”. I usually buy at outlets or on sale because I’m cheap. Still not sure about the dress for the Harlequin bxw…. Can’t wait to see you!:) xo, Leanne

  6. loisgreiman says:

    Thanks Cindy, but you know I’m not a fashion plate. Like KC said, these days I kinda wonder where certain body parts are headed. Generally south, it seems. And I had cool bell bottoms, too. I think they’re very flattering by the by. Not like SKINNY jeans. Skinny on who????

  7. loisgreiman says:

    Michele, I think coferencees should just pool shoes so that it seeeems as if we have a bunch of options but we’d each on have to bring two pair. Oh crap, I need to pack.

  8. Betina says:

    I refuse to buy clothes just for a conference. That’s my latest vow. Remains to be seen if it will be broken in the next three or four days. I have so many glitzy dresses purchased for a conference somewhere. . . worn once. . . and they haunt my closet to this day. They’re hard to get rid of! Those and the mother-of-the-groom dresses. ugh.

    And I’m one of those six pairs of shoes people. Got to have some style and some comfort both. I think I’m going for separates this year. . . stuff I can wear in my “real” life back home. It won’t be NY chic, but then. . . I’ll only be in New York for five days, and I’ll be back on the job and in the Florida heat for months and months.

    Lois, dear, you’re lovely in whatever you choose to wear. Just please leave the eau de horsebarn at home. Can’t have editors (delicate flowers that they are) passing out on us.

  9. loisgreiman says:

    🙂 Betina, at this junction a few passed out editors wouldn’t bother me a bit.

  10. Keri Ford says:

    High waisted jeans that butted around the lower part of your ribs are the WORST! I always felt like my lungs were tucked in my pants.

  11. Mary Louise says:

    Hi Lois: This is a (disturbing) stroll down memory lane. I did the bell bottoms, halter tops, platform shoes thing, but I have to stop becuase I’m scarring myself. Wear whatever is comfortable for you but definitely, bring the spurs in case you need to do some serious ass kicking. Ooops, is it okay to write that? Anywsy, I will be thinking of you in NYC and wish you all the best. Really, just rock that place!

  12. loisgreiman says:

    Mary Louise, I love you. 🙂

  13. loisgreiman says:

    But Keri, those high waisted pants are so much more flattering. Really. I actually have a waist then instead of being all hip.

  14. loisgreiman says:

    Anybody hear what the weather in NY is supposed to be? Not that we’ll be outside much. I guess I better bring my goosedown cuz I free in AC.

  15. Terry Odell says:

    I stopped following fashions in the 70’s when they were, in my taste, just plain ugly.

    Then we moved to Florida, where I existed in shorts, tank tops, and either bare feet or sandals. Now I’m in the Colorado mountains. If I go out, it’s jeans. In the house, it’s usually sweats. I’m going to visit my parents in LA in a couple of weeks and have NO idea what to pack (my mother being a suburb-of-Beverly-Hills-don’t-take-out-the-garbage-without-makeup kind of person.)

    And you know what they say: If you participated in a trend the first time, when it rolls around again, You’re Too Old!
    Terry’s Place

  16. loisgreiman says:

    Hah! That’s true, Terry. I’ve been waiting for clothes that fall at my natural waistline, but well, my waistline itself seems to have fallen. 😦

  17. Kylie Brant says:

    You know the leggings and oversized Ts from the eighties? Weren’t they the most comfy thing going? Loved that style. The look I’m going for this conference is anything that involves comfort and not having to shop 🙂 Just bought a new dress online. It arrived and fits perfect and I love it as much as I did on the website. It’s like I’m my own personal shopper…at 2 AM in my pjs…

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