myghoulishyearjpg Teenagers are on my mind for several reasons. One is that my teen is out of school in a few days and will be returning to those sluggish summer hours that make me a little crazy. Sleeping the morning away! Though he has a very part-time job, I think it’s also about time he gain some cooking skills. So far, his specialty is frozen waffles. I think we can improve on that.

Another reason I’m thinking of teens is that last weekend I self-published to the Kindle and Nook my very first young adult romance, My Ghoulish Senior Year. The “ghoulish” probably gives it away—it’s a paranormal. Ava Carson is forced to spend her senior year in a new town and a new school—Steadleyville High aka Deadlyville High for the otherworldies said to gather there. Ava deems that all nonsense until she discovers herself talking to a see-through guy in the passenger seat of her car! Things get worse when she kisses the ghost, and finds she likes it. (Cue Katy Perry song.) The “romance” aspect includes just a few kisses so I think it’s appropriate for any age teen and even tweens who like humor and a few shivers. A 40,000-word novel, it’s on sale right now for 99 cents.

can'thurrylovelowresTeens play a big part in my upcoming (July 5th) release from Berkley Books, Can’t Hurry Love. This is the third in my Three Kisses trilogy and Giuliana and Liam’s story. They fell in love as teenagers but then something happened that’s caused them to battle ever since. They’re forced to work through their feelings once a particular secret of theirs is revealed… I have an advance copy for one of today’s lucky commenters!

Summer was great for me as a teenager. I taught swimming lessons and lifeguarded at my high school pool. In my town, every high school girl played in a softball league on Sunday nights, no matter their athletic prowess, or lack thereof. Everyone showed up, from boys to grandparents, to watch the girls play. I’ll have you know that my lack of batting ability was almost made up by my speed around the bases.

What do you remember of your teenage summers? Please share! As I said above, one commenter will receive an advance copy of Can’t Hurry Love.

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33 Responses to Teens!

  1. kris says:

    really looking forward to Jules’ story!!!! i spent my youthful days of summer on the beach. all day, every day. once i turned 17, i started working in a bar during the summers. had a great time and it was really interesting!!!

  2. cindy gerard says:

    Double yea!! on you new releases, Christie! I’m so excited to see how your YA does! Already know your Berkley release will sell like gangbusters. I love that series!!

    Ah summer – mostly sunbathing, babysitting and hanging with my buds when I was a teen. I was very spoiled and lucky :o)

  3. christieridgway says:

    Kris and Cindy: So we were all fun-in-the-sun girls! I can still think of nothing better than to be beachside or poolside with magazines and books. Coconut-scented sunscreen and diet cola.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Summers for me as a teenager were spent working at a friends beach store at our cottage.. We worked all day and then spent the evenings getting all fixed up to entice the boys who walked the beach at night looking for girls.. ahhhh those times I remember so fondly… Of course we would just tease them…there was a concrete wall with steps at that they had to come up on. kind of like a porch…but if they got too overly friendly we’d squeal and head for the cottage… Thanks making me remember those wild days of summer and my teenage ways… God I am glad I don’t have to worry about being a teenager now….
    Looking forward to this book…

  5. Michele says:

    Congrats on both releases! I do like the style of the YA cover. Looks like the teen was doodling all over her notebook. Cool.

  6. christieridgway says:

    Kathleen: Isn’t it fun to remember those days? One summer my two BFFs and I went to stay at my bro’s apartment at college. We sat by the pool all day and pretended we were college girls. (We were 16.) My bro took us to a couple of parties where nice college boys flirted with us but didn’t dare to anything more, of course, because my big brother was there. It was perfect!

    Michele: I did that cover myself! Photoshop was a total time sink for me, but I had fun with it. And the stock photo is called something like “notebook doodle.” In the story, the heroine’s sister proposes they keep a “ghost count” in special notebooks, so it seemed to fit.

  7. Kristine says:

    I remember summers with my three best friends in the neighborhood were always filled with tons of outdoor activities. We were out from the time the sun came up to the time it set. When we were younger, it was alot of sports– kickball in the streets, tennis over two trash cans strung together by a rope, etc. As we hit early teens, we progressed to sweet tea on the front porch while we painted our toenails and listened to Aerosmith. My most memorable summer was probably the summer of 96′ though, when I met my first love. That summer was bonfires late at night, driving around town belting country songs during the day, making out by the river, rodeos, fairs, etc. It was a major time of growth for me– physically, emotionally, etc. I was no longer a little girl, but still not quite the woman I would become. But that summer definitely shaped things.

  8. sneha sharma says:

    First of all-love the cover!:)
    Summers during my teens were all about visiting my maternal grandparents,spending time with my granny and cousins.We used to visit the near by beaches and temples.Miss those days!

    Thanks for the giveaway.And ALL THE BEST!


  9. christieridgway says:

    Kristine: You paint such a great picture of your summers. I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend a few summers back with my high school BFFs and it was just like the old days. We painted our toenails and gossiped like we were teenagers again.

    I also love your creative tennis net! We didn’t ever think of that. However, there is a big park just a couple of blocks from my house (where I played softball too) that has tennis courts. We played a lot of that for a while.

    • kriggs5 says:

      Christy, one of my best friends was able to make it to my big 30th last year. I hadn’t seen her in something like 8 years and wondered what it would be like. The minute she rang the doorbell, childhood came back. We both ran into eachother’s arms, cried, giggled, shrieked. It was hysterical! I hadn’t acted that girly since we were kids. Didn’t even know I had it in me still. It was like instant time travel back to the best times of my life. So I imagine your weekend was the best!

      And as for the tennis net, we got creative on many fronts since we lived out in the country and our parents worked full-time, thus were not able to take us to any decent sports places. 🙂 We played handball, which was a variation of kickball but hands instead. etc.

      Oh, and I failed to mention that I had the two-story clubhouse. So we had clubs of every sort and initiations to match well through middle school.

      • Kristine says:

        And “ChristIE”!!! I think I’ve done that once before like a dip, knowing full well how I hate people always spelling my name wrong! Please forgive!

  10. glee says:

    I am trying to convert a co-worked to your books with the Coronado duet. I have always enjoyed them. Looking forward to this next one. Thanks for many happy hours.

  11. glee says:

    darn it, that was “co-worker” — too early to hit the keyboard, obviously.

  12. Maria says:

    Exciting news.

  13. Debby says:

    Most awesome news about the upcoming release!

    And I was just reminded about my teen summers, as the church summer camp where I worked is planning a reunion of sorts. Reading others memories makes me wonder if I was the counselor to any of the younger girls. LOL! I had waitressed and then became a counselor before my senior year in HS. Sadly, I didn’t make it back as I was at a full-time job earning money for college the next year….

  14. carole says:

    I spent almost every summer on my grandparents farm in Macon Missouri, made alot of lifetime friends. I had a big crush on this guy name Mike and we fell in love but of course it didn’t last but he was my first love and first kiss. Mike went to Viet Nam and he served his country, wish he didn’t die for he was a really great guy and made me laugh, and honest-. I’m married and seperated from my hubby and he stopped being honest with me, but I’m happy at the moment with my life right now.

  15. christieridgway says:

    Glee: I read it as “co-worker” the first time. I love the Coronado duet–tell her she can have Christmas and New Year’s in June!

    Carole: Ah, the first love. And even more bittersweet to learn that he was killed. I’m glad to know you’re in a good place in your life, despite some sad times.

  16. Clare says:

    I’m afraid I can’t really remember that far back ! Having said that I went to Yugoslavia for a 2 week holiday on my own when I was 17 and my mum said she was surprised she didn’t go grey overnight. I’m not too street smart now but in those days I was about as green as they come.

  17. Laura Tavares says:

    I remember getting my first job and how exciting it was to have my own money. Now I am dealing with teenage love again in the form of My youngest who is 23 and in love with an 18 year old. And the fact that her parents are having a tough time letting her grow up and cutting the apron strings. Sounds this story will be so appropriate to me right now. Looking forward to it.

  18. christieridgway says:

    Clare: But we always think we know everything as teenagers, right? I bet you had such a great time in Yugoslavia.

    Laura: I know what you mean about teen love. I only have boys, but I can imagine it’s hard for parents of daughters be comfortable, no matter how great the boyfriend! Both my sons have learned a lot from the girls in their lives.

  19. Susan Kats says:

    My teenage summers were the best! Spending 3 weeks in July and every other weekend on a lake in Wisconsin with my best friend Nancy, where our biggest decisions of the day was which bikini did we wear and sandals or water skiis! We would lounge on the dock and wave to the guys in the boats. How exciting when the cute guys would stop and ask if we wanted to go for a ride in their boat, but we still had to ask our moms for permission. Then on days we were at home, we would cruise up to the park to watch our latest crush play softball and then head to the ice cream parlor. I can still remember like it was yesterday!

  20. I remember the summer I moved to the United States. I was scared and excited, I didn’t speak a word of English was being so shy, I didn’t know how I would make new friends when I worked so hard for three years in middle school to belong. I remember reading with a dictionary next to me trying to figure out the story. It was the most horrible and exciting summer of my life.

  21. catslady says:

    Congratulations on your release! Summers were for reading and reading and reading and more reading lol.

  22. Mindy says:

    Can’t wait to read Can’t Hurry Love! Love all your books-the trilogies are great, we get to see the characters evolve more!

  23. christieridgway says:

    Rose-Hermane: Wow. That had to have been an overwhelming experience. Hats off to you for sitting there with your dictionary! Like catslady, I read a lot every summer but in my own first language!

    MIndy: My own personal downside to trilogies is saying goodbye to the characters when all 3 books are done. I felt very sad when I finished writing Can’t Hurry Love. But now I’m up again because I’m close to sharing it with all of you!

  24. Sandy Ball says:

    Christie, I love that cover – it’s beautiful. I love your books – I’ve been a fan since I read “How to Knit a Wild Bikini”. And congrats on your new releases. My summers were spent like everyone else’s, it seems – sunbathing and reading during the day, dating and parties at night. As I got older, I learned to forgo the sunbathing but I still like to kick back on the porch on a sultry afternoon, with an icy drink and a steamy book. Ah, what a life!

  25. Laura M says:

    My summer’s were spent mostly sleeping in (Yeah – miss those days) and reading. Didn’t have alot of kids the same age around me so it was mostly independent time.

  26. christieridgway says:

    Hi, Sandy and Laura M! Sounds like we’re all nostalgic for summers as teenagers. I remember I did a lot of babysitting too, but the family I mostly sat for belonged to our same swim & tennis club, so it was mostly still hanging out by the pool and the fun of splashing with little kids as well.

  27. Rebecca SKeens says:

    I remember summers swimming and gardening. I still both of those things today, but I also remember the summer I had chicken pox. I was 16 and looked horrible the whole summer, especiallly for summer a summer camp i attended. That stunk. The next summer was better though. I graduated high school and my dad bought me a mustang (car) as a present. AWESOME!

  28. christieridgway says:

    Rebecca: Bummer on the chicken pox! But a Mustang the next year was cool. I always wanted a car as a present!

  29. Laurie G says:

    I grew up on the shore of Lake Michigan so we spent summers at the beach (water was usually numbing until mid July), at the pool, golfing , playing softball (on Tuesday nights) ,biking, jogging and working at the drug store. I also worked as a lifeguard. Oh I loved teaching the little ones how to swim. Biking, we’d cruise through town, go through Point Beach State Forest, check out the lake. We felt safe,secure. I miss that! I still keep in touch with 3 of my friends ..mostly through Facebook as we all live in different states now.

  30. Jessica C. says:

    I remember watching matinée movies and hanging out with my friends at the mall. Thanks for the giveaway!

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  31. Jaymy M, says:

    I remember sleeping in under a big box fan, with the window open, reading into the morning and listening to the crickets, deer, dog and panther prowling around outside. Of course, sometimes sleep was hard to come by. We lived in a cinderblock house with no air, in the country, but not near enough shade, wind or trees to offset those hot Southern days and nights.

    I looked forward to seeing friends, going to their houses (where they had air) and sometimes to the lake or skating rink to see who we could reel in for the day or evening, watching lots of movies, talking about boys and just generally enjoying being teens. More than 15 years and several states over, I keep in touch with two of the girls I hung out with during school. And the pals I made straight out of high school I still consider friends, no matter the physical distance between us. Can’t say the same for the guy I soon married. Sent him home to mom; I was still growing up, I didn’t need anyone else to raise. LOL!

    And I especially enjoyed the time I go to to spend at my grandparents’ houses, generally any where from a weekend to 2 weeks at a time. I had two sets to choose from, plus a set of greats who were wonderful. I still treasure. Although I have just one set now and don’t get to go “home” for visits often, I still love spending time with them; they truly are grand. And though grandmothers can talk your ear off, I wouldn’t change ’em and still learn so much each time, just about life in general, them and who I am, my family.

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