Another Day, Another Diet

I never really thought of myself as a yo-yo dieter, but a healthy dose of realism forces me to examine the definition a bit more closely.  Lose and gain the same seven or eight pounds several times a year?  Check.  Ears perk up every time a new diet or weight loss gimmick is mentioned on the TV?  Sorta.  Diet, yes, but my hubby is the sucker for the weight loss gimmicks.  (I told him that heavy foil belt to wear around the mid-section would not melt away fat as he slept.  I mean, really.)  Always wanting to lose ten pounds?  That’s my hand in the air again.  Never satisfied with the way you look?  Weeeell, I think I was satisfied fifteen pounds ago 🙂

Okay, so the definition fits.  I also have the usual justifications to go along with it:

“But I don’t eat that much!”

(True, but I also have the dietary habits of a ten-year-old.  Why bog down the stomach with fruits and veggies when Cheetos and Skittles are so much more satisfying???)

“But I retain water!”

(Also true.  But drinking more water a day might help toward that end.  Lord knows swigging endless quantities of Diet Coke daily hasn’t helped.)

“Undiagnosed hypo-thyroidism!”

(Yep.  But I recently did go on medication and for the first time in years the weight is actually coming off.  Goodbye last excuse.)

As usual, I needed proper motivation to prepare to take the diet plunge again.  We’re going on a family vacation in 9 days.  To the beach.  That means swimsuits.  <Shudder.>  And if that wasn’t enough to motivate me, I happened to get caught on video last week when the students’ were putting on their play.  Sure, a camera adds ten pounds but there weren’t *that* many cameras on me!

So that was it.  I decided last week to go on Dr. Moreno’s 17 Day Diet.  It’s the name that caught me.  I mean, who couldn’t stay on a diet for 17 days?  And it also promises rapid weight loss.  I’m the sort who needs immediate results to keep me going.  So I ordered the book and started the diet last Saturday.

As for results…I have to admit, I consider diet menus as suggestions rather than strict rules 🙂  So I followed the diet exactly for 24 hours <g> before I started substituting with food from other days and maybe sorta blew the diet on two of the days.  BUT…I’ve still lost 5 1/2 pounds in five days so count me as a happy camper so far.  The main thing is absolutely no sweets and only certain carbs on the diet.  And the menus are varied enough that I can always flip through and find something I like.

The diet is set up in cycles, so the dieter can actually go on it three consecutive times, each for 17 days. New foods get added with each cycle. I’m the sort of picky eater who is just fine selecting my favorite foods from the menus to eat over and over but for those wanting more variety the menus are really set up to provide it.

It’s early yet, (tomorrow is day 7) but color me pleased with the results so far. I have a friend who lost 30 pounds in 51 days on it (but she also followed an aggressive exercise regimen). I’d be satisfied with half that. All I need to do to re-motivate myself is to play that video again!

Have you ever followed the new diet getting all the buzz? Do you lose and then ‘find’ the same pounds over and over again? Or are you a sensible eater who
never has to watch your weight?

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16 Responses to Another Day, Another Diet

  1. Jacinta says:

    Yep, hello 5kg. Im a make it up as i go dieter. I pick the bits from other diets i like and smudge them all together into my super diet. Dont loose one week, well i take something out. Loose alot the next week, have a snack as reward. Its an interesting method but i think its a more sustainable one, i get to choose what i eat, no diet, just a reshuffle of menu so i can actually have indian some times, or go out with friends, i just have to miss out on that desert the next week.

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Jacinta, that’s sort of what Dr. Moreno says is the lifestyle *after* the diet. Watch what you eat during the week (eating sensibly) and then on the weekends you can splurge for that Chinese or Italian 🙂 I can handle that, I think.

  2. TrishJ says:

    I have yo-yo dieted so much the string broke!! I’m “sorta” following Weight Watcher’s point system. Been about 2 months and I’m down 25 lbs. For me, it’s all about portion control! But honestly, 3 cheetos isn’t going to satisfy that craving! But good luck with your diet — and enjoy the beach!

  3. Kylie Brant says:

    LOL, Trish 🙂 25 pounds in two months is awesome, I think. And you’re right…if I have to limit myself, it’s best not to break out the Cheetos at all!

  4. cindy gerard says:

    I could have written that post, Kylie – all but the thyroid issue. But I have other ‘issues’ so ALWAYS have an excuse.
    I’m going to give the 17 day diet a go! it sounds healthy and sensible and I’m all about those kind of results!
    Good luck!

  5. Michele says:

    No sweets, I think that’s the key. No sugar? The pounds will literally drop off you. I picked up the Belly Fat Cure last fall and since dropping sugar from my diet (only 10 grams daily) and going low carbs, I’ve lost 57 lbs. Yay, me!
    BUt what I learned was how to eat right. You are what you eat. I LOVE salads now. No dressing. Have one every day. I cringe at the sight of sugar and chocolate. (I know!) But I think once you’ve done something for a few months, it becomes habit, and I like this new habit.
    Congrats to you, Kylie! Stick to it! It’s a good thing to treat your body right.

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Michelle–57 pounds???? Congrats to you! That’s wonderful! I think the sweets are the key to the belly fat. That and chips. Since they’re both my weaknesses it presents a challenge. I cut out the chips several months ago so now I can leave them alone–but it’s better if they aren’t in the house. But I’m a huge candy fiend. So far the fruit (which I never much ate before) is satisfying the sugar cravings. Moreno says carbs cause the sugar cravings so maybe the low carb diet is help curb that. Just hope I can show half the strength you have!

  6. Leanne Banks says:

    Congrats Kim! I would love to lost 5-7 lbs, but I’m not willing to do anything too radical to make it happen right now. I just try not to look in the mirror very long when I put on my bathing suit.:) Look forward to seeing your svelte self in JUNE!:)

  7. Keri Ford says:

    I have five pounds that come and go. I did the dieting stuff and finally broke down and started the gym thing. made it two or so weeks before getting sick this week and it’s taken me out.

    Now I have to get all mentally going again. :/

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Keri it is tough to get back with the exercise regime once we have to drop it for a while. But I feel so much better when I stick to it. It’s *hard* to fit in with work and family, though!

  8. Helen Brenna says:

    I’m one of those relatively sensible eaters who’s been blessed with a good metabolism. Until about ten years ago.

    Since then, I’ve steadily put on a pound or so every year and am finally thinking about an actual diet diet. This one that you’ve mentioned is the only one that actually intrigued me. It makes sense. I’m just not sure, though, that I can actually follow a diet. I have this feeling I’d obsess over food and end up eating more.

    So … I bought a bike a month ago and have been trying to get in a really long ride at least once a week. It feels as if this extra workout might do the job. Haven’t lost more than a couple pounds yet, but I feel better than I have in a long time.

    Good luck, Kylie! We get to see the new you at conference!!

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Helen, my metabolism kept me steady until I hit 47 or so. Then the thyroid problems hit and the weight followed. Now I have the thyroid under control but need to get rid of the weight. I’m determined that this is going to be *the* summer!

  9. Barbara Elness says:

    I’m actually doing Weight Watchers right now, and it’s working very well for me. In the past I’ve usually just did the sensible eating plan, but it seems the older I get, the harder it is to lose, or maybe it’s the lazier I get? I like this weight loss plan because it’s all up to you how you use your “points,” and the more sensible you are, the better you do. I’ve lost over 15 lbs so far, but I have quite a few more to go before I’m done.

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