Goo Goo for GaGa?

Okay.  I’m going to show my geezerhood status and just come out with it.  GaGa.  I don’t get it.  I even watched a 60 Minute or Prime Time – whatever – special on her because I really wanted to know what ‘statement’ she was trying to make.  I walked away shaking my head and still befuddled.


Yes – the woman can sing – honestly, she’s amazing.  And yes, she writes great music – most of it’s great, anyway.  But seriously, is all the ridiculous make-up, hair, outlandish comments and costuming necessary?


Again – I KNOW she considers that her art, in its totality, are essential to the message she wants to deliver, but somewhere in all the circus pageantry, the egg carriages, and the meat dresses,  isn’t her message getting lost amid gaping stares and softly uttered ohmygod’s?  Come to think of it – what is her message?  Am I just too old to get it?  Do you have to be of the ‘Proactive’ acne generation to understand?  Or is there a secret handshake and so far I’ve been banned from the club?

Tonight, GaGa was the pro mentor on American Idol.  (This year has been fantastic, BTW )  While she was kind and helpful, the ‘fit’ between GaGa and the country crooner, Scotty McCreery was hysterical.  For example, here’s an excerpt from YaHoo news:

Gaga helped guide Scotty’s performance, telling him to do less of the side microphone slant he’s often taken on stage, and instead, to sing straight into the device.

“You gotta make love to your microphone,” Gaga told the country teen.  “Pretend you’re taking a big bit out of a hotdog … or better yet, pretend it’s your girlfriend and the mic is her mouth and she’s really gonna be –bleeped – if you don’t stick your tongue down her throat.”

“I just felt like I needed to kiss my cross [and say], ‘Lord, this is not my doing,'” Scotty said in a clip after spending time with Gaga.

His performance of the song did heed some of the superstar’s advice, but Scotty too left his mark on the singer.

“You made Gaga’s yaya go la-la,” Steven Tyler commented.

Okay.  So, we’ve established she’s different.  Different is good… but how far is too far when you want the world to take you seriously?  Clearly, she’s brilliant but does that make her extreme flamboyance eccentric or just plain goofy?  Can anyone help me out here?  What is she looking for?  Freedom of expression?  Freedom to make a spectacle?  Freedom to ride ‘crazy’ all the way to the bank?  Does anyone know?  What is she trying to say with all of her wacky GaGaness? 


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22 Responses to Goo Goo for GaGa?

  1. kris says:

    I have no idea what her message is; I just find her weird. And to top it off, I don’t think she’s exceptionally talented. Just sayin’.

  2. Leanne Banks says:

    I can’t watch her. I think I watched her give one performance and I didn’t feel for a repeat. I didn’t understand the meat outfit message. Was she advertising for the meat council? Or is she vegetarian? I don’t care, but a meat dress is just gross. Great blog Cindy! I look forward to being enlightened.:)

  3. michelehauf says:

    Not sure what her message is, though lately it’s ‘Born this way’, but I do like some of her songs. Not all of them. Good thing you can buy just a single song nowadays.

  4. Keri Ford says:

    I don’t get it. I don’t get her, so I don’t want to get her music. she looks like someone crying out and begging for attention. I rarely hear about her because of her music.

  5. Helen Brenna says:

    Let me say, first off, I LOVE Scotty! His voice is such an amazing cross between Elvis and Johnny Cash. Whether he gets #1 or not, he’s definitely got a career ahead of him. I do think he does the side thang with his mic a bit too much, though, so GaGa is right on that one. Missed it last night, so will have to catch up tonight.

    As for GaGa … I don’t get her either, Cindy. But I can’t help but make comparisons to Madonna. When she first started letting it all hang out years and years ago, I think a lot of people were shaking their heads and saying, “I don’t get it.”

    I think GaGa, like Madonna, considers what she’s doing art. I’m with you, though, her talent should and probably could stand all on it’s own.

  6. lois greiman says:

    She does seem a little insecure to need so much attention. But here’s what always gets me: I know she’s talented. But my guess is that there are probably millions….literally millions of people who are just as talented. So how did she make it huge? Is it because she dresses in meat?

  7. catslady says:

    Marketing lol. Like the cover on a book – you have to get interested first. I like some of her songs but I may not have paid much attention until she got her name out there. Some people are more willing than others to go to extreme measures. Would she have made it otherwise, maybe. Would that work for everyone, probably not. She may have been a 15 minute wonder but I do think it;s her music (or someone’s story) that keeps you going back for more.

  8. cindygerard says:

    Kris and Leanne – thank God! it’s not just me. Seriously, I thought maybe I have been missing something :o)

  9. cindygerard says:

    I agree Michele – born this way is an anthem to anyone who is ‘different’ and it’s great that so many kids, who might be considered misfits have a champion in GAGA and because of her may be able to embrace those differences instead of being embarrassed by them. I do appreciate that message – and it’s a great song too.
    But does she have to be SOOO different to get her point across? Maybe…

  10. cindygerard says:

    Helen – Scottie has been a huge surprise! I love him too. When he first started, I thought, oh darn, he’s a one trick pony. But he’s really shown he has a range… and he’s so darn cute and together for such a young guy.
    Frankly, I’m at a loss as to who’s going to win. Hailey is the best stylist/vocalist but she has a bit of an attitude. Lauren is just too cute for words and, man what a voice. Of course, there’s Scottie but James Durban has just won my heart. Talk about being different. This kid is dealing with Asperger’s syndrome and Turrets and trying to take care of a wife and a little one. I admire him so much. If anyone’s life could use a positive boost, it’s his. And wow, can he sing!

    Back to GaGa – maybe she wouldn’t have gotten noticed if she hadn’t made such a spectacle of herself??

  11. cindygerard says:

    Lois and Catslady – I think you’ve nailed it. It’s all about marketing ALTHOUGH, I certain she would be the first to say otherwise. I want to believe there’s a deeper reason – just can’t get myself to buy it.

  12. Dianne Kinzenbaw says:

    I never understood her either. I just figured I was too old!! :o) After watching this interview with Barbara Walters, I had different feelings about her. She really is an intelligent and caring person. Some of her music I like….some I don’t. Anyway, watch this interview and see if that helps!

  13. cindygerard says:

    Wow, Dianne. Thanks for that link. I just watched the video. Leave it to BaBa WaWa to shed new light on GaGa :o)

    Several of GaGa’s comments struck chords with me.
    She said she felt like a freak when she was a kid. Her ‘act’ which she refers to as ‘Shock Art’ is intentionally staged to draw the attention of young people and liberate those kids from their freakdom.

    Okay. I can respect that. I may not respect some of her methods – or her graphic sexual content especially since kids are her core audience, but I do appreciate that she is attempting to instill some confidence.

  14. Robin says:

    She reminds me so much of Madonna from back in the day and her shock videos Like a Prayer, the weird outfits, etc. She has a great voice but has made a name for herself because of her persona she’s established. Same as Madonna she would have been lost in the crowd. It sets her apart. I’ve seen her in several interviews and she is one smart cookie. She hides behind the outfits because she lacks self confidence.

  15. cindygerard says:

    Interesting take, Robin. I guess that looking at the big picture, she’s a smart and savvy business woman. i have a feeling, however, that she might have made it without all the hi-jinx .

  16. Linda Morgan says:

    I love her music and think she’s incredibly talented, but I don’t get the outlandish costumes either. Could this be a sign of being getting old? My mom didn’t get “it”
    either, and I remember the Beatles landing in the US to the cries of dismay and outrage at their long hair. Those were the Sinatra fans. Elvis was scandalous – they only showed him from the waist up on TV because his hip gyrations were too much for the TV viewers. And Ricky and Lucy slept in twin beds and never did use the word “pregnant”. I love GaGa’s dance routines, but the hair, makeup, etc., aren’t my thing. Fox bleeped her shoes. Take a look at the heels on They were lucite penises! Walk tall and carry your own dildo???? But I still sing along and have her CD (and I am 64). I just don’t watch. lol

  17. Jacinta says:

    Im 27, not young, but friends with some 20yr olds. My take is that you arnt susposed to get it. That is the point. All pop stars dress to comform to what others want them to wear to make their ‘image’. Gaga literally pushes the barrier to be completley different, do you think her wardrobe manager said ‘ today you will wear a meat dress instead of the Guchi,’ nope she probably fainted lol Thats my take, cant say that i have ever liked one of her outfits, but thats why i like her, noting about her fits or sells out for money.

  18. cindygerard says:

    OMG, Linda. I’ve got to check those shoes out right now!
    And yes – the Beatles and Elvis were scandalous too in their day ;o)

  19. cindygerard says:

    Jacinta – Hum. I agree that she is her own woman … and I want to believe she hasn’t sold out for money. Just a hard ‘sell’ for me :o)
    in the meantime, there is no denying her talent. It’s just so difficult to look past the outrageous antics. To me, it’s blocking the ability to appreciate her as an artist … but that’s just me. What ever is behind it, it’s working for her… more power to her.

  20. Betina says:

    I have really liked most of her music– and think the rest, the theatrics are a combination of self-expression run amuck and clever marketing. I mostly shrug at the media and “Wonderwall” obsession with her. It’s like she tailored her career (not to mention her costumes) for the photogs/papparazzi who supply the internet. One sharp cookie. . . who isn’t always appetizing.

    Interestingly, when I think of her, I don’t get a clear picture of a person. Not really a face or image of a human, just a blur of planet-ring hats and wild pointy bras and shoes with ten inch platforms. Also the face paint and masks. Hmmm. . . there’s theme there somewhere. HIDING maybe? Interesting that someone with such a craving for attention chooses to hide behind so much costumery. Probably enough for a whole psychiatric convention worth of papers there.

  21. Linda Morgan says:

    Perez Hilton really promoted Lady GaGa on his website before she was “somebody”. I’m glad Diane posted a link to Barbara Walters’ interview. I saw it when it first aired and was amazed to see a normal, beautifully dressed, intelligent young woman. She’s
    only 25, and it must be exhausting coming up with new looks constantly. Her new single is “Judas” – I just looked up the lyrics and am not sure it’s going to be printed in future hymnals or sang in Sunday school. lol

  22. Kylie Brant says:

    Love her music. I just listen and try to not look directly at her 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, music videos ruin songs for me…often I don’t want to see these singers!

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