Debra– Sick As A Dog

If ONLY I were this cute.  Seriously.  However, this is not my current state of cuteness.

I look in the mirror and all I can think is that someone switched my nose.  I have someone else’s red nose.  I’m pretty sure I’m the victim of a drive-by clowning. 

I do have this little guy’s almost closed puffy eyes.  And I totally have his “whatever” attitude.

You’ve guessed by now that I’ve been laid low (lain low? Whatever!) by some vicious little trollop of a respiratory virus.  Ears, eyes, nose, throat, chest…you name it and that virus is kicking its butt.  My butt.

I’m on day 10.  Yep.  Day.  Ten.  No end in sight.

I’ve given it to my Ops Manager and my husband.  So, two people I rely on are pretty much just giving me the stink eye anytime I make eye contact.

Feed a cold; starve a fever?  Or is it feed a fever?

I need help people.  What are your tried and true remedies?  My husband has me inhaling green tea steam.  And I have to say that’s worked better than just about everything else.   (I don’t look like the picture on the right either.  She is way too perky to be involved in Snot Wars 2011.)

Some folks have pushed z-this and z-that at me.  Others have their favorite allergy/decongestant type medication.  My mother keeps telling me to go to the doctor.  (But I think that’s just retaliatory for my making her go to the doctor a couple of weeks ago.)

What do you swear by?  Is it just sleep I need?  Will anything make this cold/nasal nastiness go away quicker or is time the great healer?

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24 Responses to Debra– Sick As A Dog

  1. Leanne Banks says:

    Oh, Deb, so sorry.:( Whatever you’ve got sounds miserable. Is it at all related to allergies? All the cars in Richmond are covered with yellow dots (from pollen). I’m a big proponent of trying to keep things clear, so I use a steroid spray (which you must get from your doctor). I also don’t believe in over-suffering. After 10 days, I would go to the doctor. Do you have a fever? Hugs and hope you feel much better soon!<3

  2. Kathleen says:

    Sorry you are having a rough time.. Respitory infections are now fun.. I know I have one or two in my time.. Nothing you do seems to help.. They give you anibiotics, but you just have to sweat it out… so to speak.. Hope you are feeling better soon..

  3. Helen Brenna says:

    Echinacea. But it works the best at the beginning of a cold or flu and you need the liquid form. The dried tabs don’t work. I take it the second I start feeling a sore throat or whatever, and the thing doesn’t have a chance to grab hold of me. I haven’t been sick once this past winter. Knock on wood.

    Hope you feel better, Deb.

    Could allergies be exacerbating your symptoms?

  4. Deb says:

    Hope you feel better soon. SLEEP is a big healer, seriously. I take Claritin-D and Vitamin C. My husband believes in Nyquil—nasty stuff, but he swears by it.

    • DebraDixon says:

      My son and husband are big Nyquil believers. I did try some early on so I could sleep but that stuff is so nasty that I have to be really at death’s door before I can knock back that little cup of vileness!

      I got more sleep last night so I’m on the sleep train tonight too. Work just has to wait until I get well…for real. 🙂

  5. DebraDixon says:

    Thanks, guys!

    I am beginning to wonder if the allergy “season” is prolonging my suffering.

    I had high fever early on an now I’m at normal but just miserable. 🙂 Yay!

    It is better today. I think. I hesitate to tick off the universe by declaring myself better!

  6. kylie brant says:

    Commiserating, Deb. Sinus infection sets in for me every November and in April I’m still battling it. What I’m using right now is Comtrex. Ehhh. It works for a few hours. I’ve been on medication four times and I’m sick of the doctor. So I’m waiting it out. Hope you feel better soon!

    • DebraDixon says:

      Kylie– Really? Since November?? Okay. I’m sitting down and shutting up. LOL!

      Comtrex? That’s one I haven’t heard. Let me go look it up. Because I think this sucker is going to hang on and that’s something I haven’t tried.

  7. Poor you, Deb! Nyquil works well for me because it knocks me out and decongests. I’ve been suffering from allergies that I usually never have (that’s what happens when we have record rain in SoCal). So my nose is red too (the =skin= of my nose itches!) but I don’t have the fever symptoms which can really lay you low.

    Feel better soon!

    • DebraDixon says:

      Christie– It’s weird to have allergies that you didn’t used to have but I’m with you. I think that’s part of what is going on and making this worse because it’s spring time.

  8. Laney4 says:

    When I cough at night, I spread Vicks (or a generic brand) on the soles of my feet, put on my socks, turn out the light, and my cough disappears 5-10 minutes later. I don’t cough until I wake up, whether 3-4 hours later for a pee break or 7 hours later in the morning. If you wake up and want to go back to sleep, you’ll need to reapply. Apparently the soles of the feet absorb really well. (I used to put Vicks on my neck, chest, and nose while growing up and up until I read this last year. Now I only put on my soles and I get a restful sleep every time. I wonder if it works in the daytime too???)

  9. catslady says:

    So sorry you’re sick 😦 I refuse to try Nyquil anymore (my husband loves it too – what is it with men!). Yeah it may let you sleep for a short while but I swear it just keeps everything in and I feel ten times worse in the morning and usually end up hacking my lungs up). As long as you don’t have a fever or nasty colored congestion, I usually skip the doctor too lol. I just use the old standbys – plenty of sleep, rest, liquids – especially tea and chicken soup and lots of water. Having a family to wait on you hand and foot would be nice too lol. Get well soon.

    • DebraDixon says:

      Catslady– Yeah, men seem to love the Nyquil. What’s up with that? I never checked to see if I had a bad coughing morning after Nyquil. I’ll be testing that theory next time I take Nyquil. I have to be pretty sick and not sleeping. One of the things I hate most is a morning where you’re hacking the lung up!!

      If I start coughing, I’m always wondering if it’s going to turn into one of those mornings. The kind where the husband comes from the other end of the house and says, “You going to live?”

  10. First, Deb, take this hug from one who’s been there recently, and then get thee to a medical practitioner. I kept thinking they wouldn’t do anything for me because these things have to run the course if they’re viral. But the dr ordered a chest x-ray. Turned out I had pneumonia, and it lasted FOREVER. Well, over a month. A week after I finished the z-pack I went in again and they put me on the 5-day steroid thing. It just wears you out!

    Seems like everybody and her dog was sick this winter!

    • debradixon says:

      Okay. I’ll go if I’m not dramatically better tomorrow! The reason I have to decide is that I’ll have to call tomorrow to even get an appointment next week. It’s crazy getting into the doctor (the one with the xray machine).

  11. Keri Ford says:

    Laney beat me too it! vick’s on the feet is a lifesaver. I started it for my little boy and I tried for me one night when I couldn’t even *smell* the vicks in the jar. I thought it’d ruined. really helps me breath at night. my husband also drinks nyquil (gag) but I find the pills work just fine for me.

    and yes, drag up to the doctor already!! 10 days is about 4 days too long!

  12. LSUReader says:

    Your Mom is right. If you’ve been sick this long, something else may be at work and you need to know what it is. After the doctor’s visit…lots of rest and fluids. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Stephenia says:

    10 days? I agree with mom, time to go to the doctor. I hope you feel better soon!

  14. debradixon says:

    LSU Reader and Stephenia– Okay!! I’m giving in. That’s what doctors are for. Thanks for the solidarity. It’s kind of hard to say you’re *all* wrong. LOL!

  15. Betina says:

    Deb, I’ve seldom read a post that made me laugh and made me “awwww” with sympathy at the same time. Ditto on the doctor and by all means used that Vicks on the feet. The soles of the feet are great for absorbing stuff– strange but true. Lots of nerve endings and connections down there, too.

    “Sleep– that knits up the raveled sleeve of care”. . . your body has to do the healilng. All you can do it lend a helping hand and give it some tools to work with.
    Get better sweetie!

  16. Vicki H says:

    Sorry you are sick but that little puppy is soooooooooooo cute!!

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