Please welcome the fabulous Kristan Higgins!

Thank to the fabulous and talented Cindy Gerard for having me today! I beat Cindy in an arm-wrestling match, and this was my prize!

I’m so happy to back—it’s very fitting for me to be blogging about this book at this particular blog because take a look at this book cover… Mustang convertible. Yes, my characters do indeed ride with the top down!

MY ONE AND ONLY is the story of Harper and Nick, a divorced couple reunited after twelve years at a destination wedding, where they have to serve as best man and maid of honor. That’s bad enough, right? But the universe decides they’re not quite done with each other, and wouldn’t you know it? There’s a problem at the airport, and Harper’s only option seems to taking Nick up on his offer of a ride. It’ll just be a eight or ten hours, she thinks…why not?

How many bad decisions have begun with those very words? I can only imagine the dark thoughts storming through the minds of Nick and Harper as they quickly realize they’re trapped with each other…and twelve years haven’t been nearly enough time to forgive or forget why they divorced in such haste…and why they got married in the first place.

I thought it’d be fun to see what these two might’ve said if interviewed during this impromptu little trip…

Morley Safer (hey, it’s fiction): Nick, you offered to drive your ex-wife to the airport some ten, twelve hours away…and Harper, you accepted. Why is that?

Nick: She was pathetic and trapped, and as much as I enjoy seeing that, I was an Eagle Scout once.
Harper: I accepted because I wasn’t about to camp, Morley. Look at me. Look at my dog. I burn easily. She’s half Chihuahua. Do we look like campers?

Morley: Nick, you’re driving rather slowly…about 35 miles per hour below the speed limit. What does that say about your character?

Harper: Oh, me! Pick me! I’ll answer this one, Morley. He’s cautious, except when it to major life decisions. He’s never run a stop sign in his life, but ask him how long it took to propose to me.
Nick: I don’t think driving safely is a bad quality, Morley. Ignore her.
Harper: Thirty seconds, Mor. Thirty. Seconds.

Morley Safer: Harper, you keep fiddling with the radio, checking your phone and bringing up what are clearly uncomfortable topics for Nick. What does that say about you?

Harper: That I’m a woman?
Nick: She’s a control freak. Ask around.

Morley: And yet you seem to be delaying this trip, Nick. Are you really that excited to see the world’s largest penguin statue?

Nick: Come on. How many times in a man’s life can he see that?

Harper: He still loves me, Morley. Also, he still hates me. Fun, huh? And people wonder why I’m a divorce attorney.

Morley Safer: Favorite movie star?

Harper: Really? That’s your question? I expected more from “60 Minutes.”

Nick: Helen Mirren. Well, she’s tied with Meryl Streep. No one can top Meryl.

Harper: He’s only saying that to win over the female demographic.

Nick: I don’t need to win them over. Women love me. Look at your dog. Even she loves me.

Harper: Coco, please bite him. Morley, it’s clear you’ve run out of questions. Nick, pull over and let the man out. The world’s largest ball of twine is just ahead.

I’d love to give away a copy of My One & Only to a commenter, so here’s a question to ponder—have you ever been forced to spend time with someone in a terribly awkward situation? Do tell! And thanks so much to the gang here at Riding with the Top Down. It’s always such an honor to be here.



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53 Responses to Please welcome the fabulous Kristan Higgins!

  1. kris says:

    Congrats on the release! I’m hoping to FINALLY be able to get to the bookstore tomorrow! My awkward story is more annoying than anything else (and my own fault). Last summer, my daughter was competing in a dance competition and one of the dance moms (affectionately known as the Dance Diva Mom from H-E-double-hockey-sticks) asked me to share a condo for the week. I KNEW it was not a good idea, but did it anyway. I can honestly say it was the ABSOLUTE worst week of my life!! There were daily occurrences of crazy or annoying. I’ll give you the lowlights: upon arrival I was locked out of the condo for 2 hrs because she decided that I was a 1/2 hr late and “wasn’t coming” and went to the beach without her cell phone, and it took her 7 months to pay me my half of the returned security deposit. So, it was self-inflicted torture, but I still bear the scars. 😦

  2. Gina Borkowski says:

    Would love to read this one!

  3. Gina Borkowski says:

    Never been forced to spend time with someone in an awkward situation…other than on elevators, public transportation, etc….but what a fun storyline and I can’t wait to read about these two!

  4. Susan says:

    Oh this is an easy one for me. When I was dating my husband, his identical twin brother was dating one of my girlfriends. We were in college together and were good friends until she made it very clear in no uncertain terms that she really liked my hubby and tried her damndest to break us up. It made for very awkward family gatherings. She eventually cheated on my brother-in-law and I no longer had to endure those long family dinners.

  5. kym amaral says:

    Well, the one time that keeps coming to mind …is being forced to take care of my mother in law for a week at my house. (Yes, please forgive me ) She was the person I felt I couldnt ever please..I had two small kids at the time, and I would hear ” why did you make mac n cheese they should of had grilled cheese ” (sorry but as long as they ate…why does it matter ?!) She left chocolate cookies next to her bed, and my puppy ate them, I became upset and worried about the dog….and she became mad at me. Needless to say it was a VERY long week, and she taught me to stop trying to please everyone. ( Ok, kinda cause Im feeling quilty for sharing lol )

  6. Helen Brenna says:

    Welcome Kristan and congrats on what sounds like another awesome new release! Very cute interview from more great characters. A Chihuahua this time! lol

    I volunteered to chaperone 10 girls for a 6th grade three day –and night– field trip to an environmental camp. By the end, I was ready to shoot myself. Or them.

    • Glad you didn’t open fire on the children, Helen! Heavens! Horribly, I do understand the sentiment. Maybe we should try this as a confession method for terror suspects… “Tell us everything, or you’re chaperoning this girl scout troop…and yes, they WILL be singing Justin Bieber. Every single song, pal.”

  7. Leanne Banks says:

    Welcome Kristan! Another fab book from you! YAY!:) Have I ever been forced to spend time with someone in a terribly awkward situation? The words trapped and held hostage come to mind, but I’d better not name names or I’ll get in big trouble. So my answer to your question is: Too. Many. Times. To. Count.

    • Hi, Leanne! Waving madly! Now you have me intrigued, and I insist on a private audience so you can tell me your stories (and I can use them in upcoming novels…which I do, right, Cindy?).

  8. Amy Melendez says:

    I have a 10yr old daughter who befriended a lil girl @ school whom I absolutely adore. She came from Mexico w/ her mom & 2 lil sisters last year. Her mom has major health problems.
    Well cause of moms health problems she lost all her girls to children services. The girls still go to my daughters school. It’s so sad, my heart aches for these lil girls.
    One day her mom calls me out of no where. I only met her once when picking up my kids. She starts pouring her heart out to me. She misses her girls bunches. She has nobody in Cleveland. I have no idea what to tell this women I barely know. So she asked me to keep her daughter for an overnighter (since she’s allowed to still hang out w/ my daughter) so she can hang w/ her child. I couldn’t do it for her. I wanted to but I just couldn’t.

    The lady still doesn’t have her kids. And yes me & her are great friends.

  9. Susan Shay says:

    The day I sat next to my ex-boyfriend of 4 years and his new girlfriend in Sunday, while she tried to hide her brand new engagement ring from me was uncomfortable (to say the least.) Made it a little hard to pay attention to the lesson. LOL.

  10. Oh, gorry! Stage mom on steroids, woman making pass at your husband, critical mother-in-law, adolescent girls, ex-boyfriends and their new honeys…I don’t know which one is worse! Amy, your story is so sad! I’ve been in a similar situation…you want to help, but the other part of you is saying, “There is no good outcome here…” Oy!

  11. Kate Shelly says:

    Have I ever been forced to spend time with someone after an awkward situation? Too many times to count. But one instance occurred last week when my boss ran out of the restaurant we were having lunch at because her son had an emergency at school. Leaving me and my two boys, with one of our students. (We teach ESL to families). This student doesn’t speak much English, and I don’t speak French or Swahili. So it took us about 20 minutes trying to understand that she needed to go to the local thrift shop to pick up a sewing machine, and after that another 15 minutes of trying to figure out how to get her home. It was a very awkward afternoon.

  12. Hope Stern says:

    First, LOVE Harper and Nick….hee hee and I love To Kill a Mockingbird and named my tiny Yorkie Scout after one of my fave characters so I was thrilled to read that is probably why Harper was named Harper…after Harper Lee…
    AND then, and then…..and then I was a SHOCKED as Harper when in the end…it was because of a MAGAZINE LOL….I think I just might have finally shared a characters shock exactly as they felt it.

    as for awkward, that is what I do….many situations and many outcomes. Mother in Law was one…she was always welcome but I would feel as if I had to be on my toes the entire time…and she kept telling me to relax! Little did she realize SHE was the reason for my stress! I caught her going through the rooms , checking things out and looking in drawers…her answer was she wanted to know what we had so she knew what to get us for presents on birthdays and holidays…yup…..

    FUN Kristan FUN
    AND BTW, I do so enjoy ALL your books….thanks

  13. LSUReader says:

    Does being with in-laws count? (It should!)

    Love your books, Kristan. I’m looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for visiting. And congrats on arm-wrestling Cindy.

  14. CrystalGB says:

    I have had to attend social events with family members who’s spouse’s family I could barely tolerate. I was miserable but I made it through it.

  15. debbie haupt says:

    Hi Kristan, I have to say that I LOVED this novel, loved the characters and adored Coco, thanks for this one in a million read.


  16. Miss Rose says:

    I was forced to watch a very erotic movie with an assistant pastor. Didn’t know if I should turn it off or continue to watch it. I opted to use the restroom throughout that particular scene. By the way the movie was supposed to portray a story from the bible, awkward.

  17. Jessica C. says:

    I had to sit through the weirdest 3 minutes of my life when I ran in to my ex-boyfriend and his new squeeze. He was really laying it on thick in front of me and at that moment I couldn’t have been happier that it wasn’t me he was pawing over.

    Kristan, I love all your books and I would be so delighted if I won My One and Only!

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  18. cindygerard says:

    Okay first – Welcome Kristan.
    Second: Kristan did NOT win the arm wrestling contest. I let her win because I love her and because she would have tattled on me to our mutual agent and then I’d have been in trouble. So there. :o)

    Uncomfortable situations? Oh, my yes. But I like to think that sticking them out made me stronger … if not a little psycho :o0

    • Please, Cindy. You don’t have to be embarrassed at losing. You put up a valiant effort.

      I agree; those awkward situations are (ahem!) teachable moments in a person’s life. If agonizing, too.

  19. never been in that situation but book sounds like one i’ll not be missing to read.

  20. pearl says:

    There have been many instances of enduring a difficult stay with someone who you would rather avoid. We rented a condo during the summer for one week with another couple and it was total chaos. They did what they wanted, when they wanted and were totally inconsiderate and thoughtless. Needless to say we have nothing to do with them and never forgot this memorable vacation.

  21. debbie haupt says:

    Hi again, sorry I forgot to answer the question, we’ll just call it a senior moment.
    I had a similar situation to Ms Rose except I saw the movie with my dad LOL, it was Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Too bad we didn’t check out the blurbs before walking into that one. 🙂


  22. Kathy P says:

    I think the awkward moments are at the gym when someone working out beside you does not smell good…you have to walk away from what you are doing in the middle of it.

  23. Alison says:

    Can’t wait to read My One and Only!

    One awkward situation I can think of is the night of my rehearsal dinner. We all went out after the dinner and I ended up a table with my divorced parents, and my dad’s new girlfriend. Needless to say the conversation was forced…I was so glad with other people showed up!

  24. susie says:

    Hey Kristan first of all I wanted to tell you I loved My One and Only. It made laugh so much:) I just loved all the characters, dennis reminded me of an old boyfriend I used to have so it really cracked me up. I have not had a situation where I was stuck with someone for a long period of time but I’ve had really bizzare moments with my husbands mom, she’s a little on the off side if you know what I mean lol 🙂

  25. I laughed throughout this blog…especially picturing the half Chihuahua. (I once owned a Chihuahua and know they’re not the camping sort.)

    My awkward moment will be ongoing for a while. A friend of mine (also an aunt (on my son’s wife’s side) dissed me at a local singles dance to another friend all night while I danced away the night on the dance floor. The other friend called me the next day and had to tell me she was shocked at what this “friend” was telling her especially since I’ve encouraged her to get out there and dance and have a social life.

    She’s a good person but tends to become jealous at times. Since I’m the grandmother of my son’s children and she is their great aunt, the whole thing has caused a riffed in family dynamics to the extent that I am now uncomfortable going over to my son’s house. She babysits them a lot on weekends while I’m off dancing the night away on those same weekends.

    Consequently, she becomes the “good aunt” and I’ve become the “wayward” dancing grandmother. But hey life’s short and I dance!


  26. JV says:

    Oh, yes! I’ve always disliked hurting peoples’ feelings. (As a child, I’d cry if I beat my father playing checkers because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.) This made me a pushover and put me into many situations I really didn’t want to be in, like when my best friend in high school guilted me into going with her cousin to his junior ring dance. She played me like a violin, telling me that he probably wouldn’t be able to get a date because of a physical problem he had and how much he had always liked me.

    You guessed it. I wound up going to his ring dance with him, where he acted like a complete jacka**, telling a high school chum of mine who was also there that he pitied her for having known me since 4th grade. That did it. I told him (fairly loudly) that if he didn’t want me to come, he shouldn’t have called and asked me 4 months in advance, and we spent the rest of the evening in a chilly truce. I got him to take me home as early as I could manage, considering we were with 2 other couples, and thought that was the end of that.

    Nope. He called me a few days later and profusely apologized, saying he liked me so much but knew I’d never consider going out with him again because he had been such a jerk. Well, once again, the desire not to hurt his feelings kicked in, so I went out with him again, this time to a car race of some kind. He was a volunteer firefighter, and I was surrounded by women in the auxilliary who told me I needed to join and could wait with them for “our men” to come back from the fires. Once again, awkward! Although he was very nice that evening, I studiously avoided his calls after that to avoid going through all that again.

  27. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on the new release Kristan! They sound like quite a couple but aren’t most couples or else they’d be boring. I know there have been many instances over the years where family blow-ups have made awkward situations but I thought that was normal.

  28. JV says:

    Oh, and speaking of awkward moments with soon-to-be in-laws, the first time I met my future sister-in-law and her family, they came over to my then-boyfriend’s house and brought a video. I had been warned that my sister-in-law was very strait-laced, so I was stunned when the movie started up. It was called “Birdy”, I believe, with Nicholas Cage. If you’ve ever seen it, you know that it’s very weird and implies that Cage’s character has a sexual thing about his pidgeons. Eeew! It was most uncomfortable sitting through a movie like that with people I was meeting for the first time (and whom I wanted to impress), especially knowing that my sister-in-law-to-be was mortified about the movie, too, having gotten it on someone’s recommendation.

  29. Sherie says:

    I have been alone with my in-laws before, not fun! Oh and work when someone gets in trouble.
    I Love Kristan’s books!

  30. lois greiman says:

    Hey Kristan, thanks for joining us. The book sounds fantastic.

  31. Carrie Evans says:

    I can’t wait to read this one!!!!! I love your books!!!

  32. chey says:

    That hasn’t happened to me.
    This book sounds fantastic!

  33. Kirsten says:

    About two months ago I had dinner with a friend who brought another girl she knew from work along. This lady had some “interesting” stories to tell. She was having an affair while married with two kids. I did not approve nor wish to hear about it but she had a glass of wine or two, felt like sharing and just wouldn’t stop talking!

    I quickly excused myself after the last bite of dinner and promised my friend I would meet up with her another time. Because I ate so fast I burned my tongue, had a few stains on my favorite shirt… All the while having horrible visuals swimming in my head. I was sorry about leaving my friend alone with her, but I couldn’t have stayed another minute without saying something I would later regret.

  34. teddi says:

    well, the most awkward moment was when I had to attend my son’s wedding (it was immediate family only so it was a rather confined space) with my ratso rizzo husband (we were only separated) and the ‘other’ woman. And watch her hug and chat with my kids. i’ve never hated him more. wait, yes i have. it’s a continuous process. In fact, when Nick said you can only hate those you truly loved, well, i say yes and no on that.

  35. Linda Morgan says:

    I chaperoned a busload of radio station contest winners from St. Louis to Chicago to see the Beatles in 1965. They were really noisy and rowdy going. I could barely make out the Beatles in the baseball stadium, and I did not hear a single word or note due to all the screaming. I am sure that’s partly why I am hard of hearing now. I think they were all sound asleep within 20 minutes of getting back on the bus and we all slept all the way home. At 18 I was too naive to realize how unfun the event was in retrospect, but I did get to “see” the Beatles in their 2nd tour of the US. I’ve already bought My One and Only and will start it as soon as I finish Roses (darn but that’s a big book!).

    I do have one question. Was your prize that Mustang convertible or the privilege of posting here? I am confused (and maybe really envious!).

  36. Paige says:

    Love Kristan Higgins! She is awesome!!! Most awkward moment is probably when I had to ride along with some family to a wedding for a weekend. My husband and brother don’t get along and it was quite a long trip. The wedding was nice though!

  37. Tiffany K says:

    Great interview!

    My most recent awkward moment was when I went over my best friends house to visit her and just have a girls night. It really didn’t occur to me at the time that her sister would be there. Her sister and I used to be best friends until I realized the only reason she wanted me there was to do her homework. My “friend” decided that her sister and I could work it out if wer were left alone for the night. She ended up leaving us there all night, not calling or answering either of our calls and just disappeared. It was a horrible night, I said two sentences to her sister and they were both forced.

  38. Joy Smith says:

    Just got your newest on my Kindle–and sent a hard copy to my daughter in NC. Can’t wait to dig into reading it. We love you, Kristan!!
    Ahem-for the awkward circumstance. Years ago, I attended a Tupperware party with a girlfriend. In the car, and all night, I smelled this awful odor. I figured my friend ate too much cabbage for dinner, or something and keep mum. That night, when I got hope and took off my shoes, I saw I had stepped in dog poop.

  39. Hellion says:

    This book sounds perfect! I can’t wait to read it!!

    Awkward moment. You know, my life is littered with these things, but I try not to remember them too often…or recount them on the internet where they can remain permanent.

    There was the time I got a flat tire and ended up going back to a boyfriend’s house. I called my dad to explain what had happened and where I was. Boyfriend and I went to bed. 45 minutes later, there was a knock at the door–and I sat boltright in bed. “It’s my dad.” “No,” my boyfriend says, “it can’t be.” But I was already out of bed and dressing as if the building was burning down. Which I figured might be next if one of us didn’t answer the door very quickly. My boyfriend answers the door–it’s his place–in boxers and cowboy boots–and I come flying down a different hallway, fully clothed (in less than 30 seconds of prep time) and greet my dad as if I’d been clothed, awake, and in a completely different room the whole time.

    The awkward part is that it wasn’t only Dad at the door but my best friend and her boyfriend, who happened to live across the street. Dad didn’t remember where my boyfriend lived, so he woke THEM up first and everyone made a group trip across the street to get me.

    Sadly this wasn’t high school. This was college-esque, still living at home (I know, I know), and it doesn’t matter because fathers never want their baby girls defiled by some dirty little punk.

    The boyfriend (now an ex boyfriend) still recounts this story because he was always amazed with which the speed I dressed. “You’re like Samantha from Bewitched! I swear, one second you were completely naked, and then I answer the door, turn around, and you have on every stitch of your clothes! How did you do that?”

  40. I love reading these stories! There are some recurring themes…ex-husbands and mothers-in-law. Hmmm….

  41. susan leech says:

    I would love to win this book. I am trying to find your page on facebook to sign up as your follower..wish me luck. susan L.

  42. Barbara Elness says:

    I can’t think of anything too prolonged, but I do have to share elevator rides with people I don’t know at work all the time. It’s so awkward just standing there wondering if you should say something or just ignore them, while locked in a tiny room for the trip up or down 7 floors. Luckily it goes by fairly quickly, even though it seems like forever.

    My One and Only sounds like a wonderful book, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  43. Well, we’ve definitely covered some VERY awkward moments (hours, weeks). It’s been lovely hanging out with you! A thousand smooches to Cindy and the other lovely women here at Riding with the Top Down!

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