Crush. . . JUSTIFIED.

As a woman who now gives her age as “somewhere past puberty,”  I sort of figured I was past all the silliness (okay, glorious silliness) of romantic crushes.   Apparently I was wrong.  Gloriously, shamelessly wrong.  As my dreams of late have proven.

You see I’m a devotee of the television series “Justified” and the object of my new obsession is the guy pictured above and all around this blog.  Timothy Olyphant.  An actor with an amazing range, a quirky but impressive back list of movies, and a growing appeal.  I realized it was more than just a good time on Wednesday nights, when a tall, angular guy in a cowboy hat entered my dreams.  Apparently I’ve been smitten on a subconscious level as well as a conscious one.   And the only guy I see regularly who wears a cowboy hat is. . . Timothy Olyphant.

I’ve noticed him for some time in movies like Catch and Release, Dreamcacher, and Die Hard or Live Free, where he played a fabulous villain opposite Bruce Willis.  Then there was the wonderful little SciFi piece called The Crazies, where he played a small town sheriff.  And most recently I Am Number Four, where he played the hero’s mentor and protector.  Which, by the way, was a good movie.  Not a great “film”, but a really good movie.  Oh, and he was in Rango as the voice of the Spirit of the West.  Interesting choice of films, right?

And boy, does the camera LOVE him.  The man doesn’t have a bad angle.  I found out why he has that angular muscularity: he was a competitive swimmer back in the day.  Swimmers weight train and work out constantly– and it stays with them for a long time after their competitive days end.   But more than that, he has a long, tall WALK that is totally cowboy.  Don’t know if it’s his regular walk or one he affects for the role of Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens. . . but it works.  Big time.

That walk and that hat. . . a sensual intensity and a wry sense of humor. . . the total package.

And though I wasn’t a fan of the series, he played the very complex sheriff in the HBO series Deadwood.  So he has old west cred.

Makes me remember all the reasons cowboys are still heroes in American women’s hearts.  Kathy has it sooooo right on that.  I’ve never written a cowboy.  I may have to remedy that lack.  Kathy, can I call you for advice?

And while you’re enjoying this long, tall shot of him in his deputy marshal role, I’ll promise you one more treat at the end of the post.  Because I want to say a few additional things about the show “Justified.”

While Timothy is reason enough to watch, there is an entire cast of little known actors and actresses who are stellar at creating a place and a people that are too often reduced to belittling stereotypes.  Hill people in Kentucky.  This show has them in abundance and they often defy categorization.   More interesting yet is the marshal’s opposite number– a self-educated “son of the hollers” who is bent on destruction of all kinds, but wishes he weren’t.  Boyd Crowder is trying to save himself and is one of the most interesting and inventive characters television has ever produced.  The ending of the first season– a tale of two sons and two fathers– was simply heartbreaking.  You gotta see this show.

And here is the treat I promised:

Yes, underneath all that cowboy swagger and slow-talkin’ charm is. . . this.  The swimmer’s body.  sigh.  I’ve always had a thing for swimmers.  Did I ever mention that Pool Boy used to be a competitive swimmer back in the day?  And did I mention that the results of all that training stays with them after they quit competing?

My dream life has certainly improved lately.  And I’m not usually one to remember my dreams.  Cowboys, swimmers, hillbillies, and hitmen. . . quite an interesting mix.

Check out Justified if you haven’t already, and let me know what you think!  And while I might not have provided many chuckles this morning, you have to admit, the eye-candy is pretty neat.

Anybody out there willing to admit to a serious “crush” on a Hollywood type?

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30 Responses to Crush. . . JUSTIFIED.

  1. Michele says:

    Sigh, Betina, what a nice way to start the day!

    But you missed my fav Olyphant movie, Hit Man. He’s bald in that one, and very stoic, and has the intense look nailed. Loved it. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

    • Betina says:

      Oh, Michele, I sure didn’t miss Hitman. I did kind of mention it in talking about my dreams. He was perfect in that movie. His natural carriage is so erect, he can affect an “automaton” stiffness and still make it look sexy with that walk! I have to say, I like him better with hair than without. ::grin::

  2. Mary Louise says:

    Betina: You hit all the right notes on this one. I totally agree. I love Justified. It may be one of the best shows on TV. Olyphant was made to play Raylan. OMG his walk! Totally cowboy and sexy. I love his sense of “justice” which may skirt the paramters of legal. But he usually gets the bad buy expect for his longtime “friend” (now nemisis) Crowder? Truly twisted and scary individual. The dynamic between these two is tense and awesome. Others: will, I love Nathan Fillion as Rick Castle and love the cast of Law and Order L.A.

    • Betina says:

      I’m so glad to have touched chord! Apparently a lot of people are tuning in to the show and I’m delighted. I hope it stays on the air for a while.

      And you hit another of my favorites– Nathan Fillion. I even liked him as a baddie in Buffy, way back when. Then Firefly– I just melted every time I saw him strike a pose in those boots and suspenders and tight pants and old-west shirts. And the humor he displays in Castle has endeared him to be all the more. He has such a delicious “yearning” face when he looks at Becket. sigh. Now that’s romance done right.

  3. Michele, I also love Justified, though while I agree Raylan is one tall drink of water, this season I am really leaning toward Boyd for sexy — did you see my blog on the two of them? I find the dynamics and writing on the show to be among the best –if not the best–on TV, and all of the characters are amazing. I have to admit, Raylan being with Winona, and his treatment of Ava, has taken a little of the shine off of him for me (though Tim Olyphant is amazing — did you see him on The Office? he’s sexy no matter what he does). But as to characters, the way they have brought crazy Boyd around, the shifts with him, have just knocked me out, and I LOVE Walter Goggin’s hair and voice. Any bare-chested pictures there? LOL

    • Betina says:

      Whoa, baby! I get everything you’re saying about Boyd. He’s intense and tragic and “hot” in a way I never expected. And the way he walks the knife’s edge of good and evil is totally fascinating. Yep– I kinda have a mini-crush on him, too. I hear the actor interviewed on public radio not long ago and he said he’s had a lot of input into the character. He refused to make him a racial bigot– wanted him to be more complex than that and it’s really working!

  4. Oh, sorry, but to admit to crushes, some come and go, but the one I have had for about 30 years now is Mark Harmon… and I’m not at all embarrassed to say so. LOL


    • Betina says:

      Okay, Samantha, move over. There are a lot of Mark Harmon groupies around here, me included. He’s sort of an earlier version of Olyphant. Stoic, laconic, dangerous. . . with a troubled past we’d all love to save him from. sigh. And boy has he aged well! A true silver fox in the best meaning of the term!

      Speaking of which, have you see the latest Liam Neeson movie? He’s had a hard time of it in recent years and it shows. And if I’m not mistaken, they used a “hand double” for him in the recent movie “Unknown.”

  5. Helen Brenna says:

    I keep meaning to get Justified recorded, so I can watch the series. I LOVE Timothy Olyphant – and I’m with Michele – Hitman was my fav, too, although he’s great in everything. That WALK! You so hit it, Betina. Wasn’t he in Deadwood, too? Yep, I’m pretty sure.

    Sam, Mark Harmon is one of those men who has aged so perfectly. He’s as sexy now as he was back in the day.

    As for my crushes … I have too many to list!

    • Betina says:

      It’s all right, Helen. You don’t have to be embarrassed around us. C’mon. Confess.

      Hey, did you hear? Bradley Cooper is single again!

  6. lois greiman says:

    You made my day, Betina. Thanks.

    Oh, just saw Megamind so guys with giant blue heads are my new crush.

    • Betina says:

      Giant Blue Heads? lol. Lois, dear, you really need a break from all that snow and cold. Try hauling out some of your old covers and basking in the steam they inspire. Some of your recent covers have been very, very. . . heat-worthy!

  7. kylie brant says:

    Betina, I love love love Timothy Oliphant!!!!! Love Justified…made John start watching it but don’t think he gets my passion for the show. Characterization is amazing. I first saw and was captivated by Oliphant as the bad guy in Die Hard 4. What that guy can do with eyes and facial expressions alone….and I love his voice.

    • Betina says:

      Yes! Kylie, the characterization is pitch perfect. Never goes over the edge to charicature. . . though it comes awfully close, some times. Last week’s showdown between the station chief/head marshall and the crook with the emphysema was to die for!!! A slow motion chase with two old guys– both totally believable and in character– you didn’t quite realize what was happening until it was nearly over! I couldn’t stop grinning that night and neither could Pool Boy, we chuckled about it in bed after the lights were out.

  8. What a gift, Betina! How have I missed “Justified”? Had no idea. I do remember Olyphant in “Deadwood”–which I hated the first season but gave it another try somewhere along the line and really got into it as the characters developed. He’s good. As soon as I stop coughing (I’ve had pneumonia for almost a month!) and finish this book (story of my life) I’ll be able to see a few movies (Rango!) but right now, TV is it for me, and Justified looks like just what the doctor ordered.

    Call me anytime, Betina. I was born to love a cowboy.

    • Betina says:

      Oh, Kathy, if you can get the first season– on HULU or something– don’t miss it. But start the second season, if you can’t get season one. It’s just good all around.

      And thank you for the kind offer to share your knowledge about cowboys. Who knows. . . there may be a cowboy story lurking in the back of my brain.

      • Betina says:

        Oh, and I meant to say best wishes and get well! It’s been a beastly winter for most of the country and I’m so sorry to hear it got you in its clutches. Tea with honey and lemon– spiked with some good sippin’ whiskey and some ginger. That was my dad’s recipe and it really works!

  9. kylie brant says:

    Helen, yes, Mark Harmon. Sigh. That man has been gorgeous all his life!

  10. christieridgway says:

    Timothy Olyphant was also great in Big Fish. Loved him and once I got used to the uh, grittiness of Deadwood I loved that show too.

    Now, I do have to suggest that Timothy might not be a tall drink of water, actually. For some reason I think he might be on the short side?

    Also loved him in Catch and Release. One of my favorite romantic movies!

    • Betina says:

      Christie. . . Big Fish? How did I miss that one? I’ll have to go back and search it out. Catch and Release was a fabulous romance. LOVED IT. Jennifer Garner is such a sweetheart and she can hold her own against all kinds of leading men. Including Olyphant and her hubby Ben Affleck.

      Oh, and I checked it out. Timothy is 6 feet even, according to everything I’ve read. Not majorly tall, but with boots on. . . a very respectable cowboy.

  11. LindaC says:

    Oh, he is delicious, isn’t he? Love him, love the show. Such atmosphere. The setting of it is a character as much as any of the human characters are. It’s amazing. Haven’t seen Deadwood, but I have seen Hitman and Die Hard and Live Free. I also caught him on The View.
    My other crush is Michael Weatherly. He is so cute!


    • Betina says:

      Linda, you have great taste in heroes. I love Michael Weatherly– a totally different kind of hunk than Mark “Jethro” Harmon and Timothy Olyphant. Michael is teddy bear cute and full of impossible, exasperating charm.

      You know who else I LOVE this season? Detective Cho on The Mentalist. He is so deadpan and so adorably hunky. I watch the show to see what he’ll do or say next. He’s quite a character– in the fullest sense of the word!

  12. Thank you, Betina! I just found the hero of a future book (but not as a cowboy). And apologies for misspelling your name last time I commented.

  13. mjfredrick says:

    I absolutely love Justified, though last week’s episode felt a bit contrived with the whole Winona thing. I actually like Raylan with Winona, and know I’m in the minority 🙂 I loathed him in Deadwood, though, but the character.

    My son made an interesting observation about the pilot episode of Justified, which I made him watch because Boyd is just so awesome. He said Raylan reminded him a lot of Mal from Firefly. I guess that’s probably true.

    I also love Arlo and Aunt Helen. Can’t wait for tonight’s new episode!

    • Betina says:

      MJ, interesting! I never connected Raylan and Mal. . . two of my favorite “dishy” actors in roles I love! Raylan and Winona. . . I’m lukewarm on that. Didn’t see him with Ava, but I don’t see him with Winona long-term. Been there, done that. I’m sort of glad Ava and Boyd are cohabitating. . . in the non-biblical sense. It was a real surprise and a pleasant one.

      And yes, last week’s episode was a bit contrived– at least the $100 bill part. But I LOVED the old crook with the oxygen tank. You know– they go way out of their way to make characters be and do the unexpected on this show. And they show the power of cunning in older characters that you don’t get in abundance on other shows. Interesting! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  14. Susan Shay says:

    Did you know he was in THE FIRST WIVES CLUB? Check this out:
    (Wish I had the clip.)
    He’s one of my favorites!! Y-u-m!
    I’ve watched Justified since the first show because of Timothy and never miss a show. Even got my hubby hooked. LOL.

  15. mgilbert says:

    It’s been quite awhile since any actor has really caught my eye olyphant is hot and yes he does look good from any angle I wish they would show him shirtless more often on justified he has aged well I think of him as the next Eastwood he will be around along time his character suits his looks in justified I love it he is straight forward I hope he is around for a long time

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