Where in the world…

Up here in the northland it’s been awfully cold for an awfully long time. So long, in fact, that I’ve been thinking maybe I should move somewhere where words like Cuddl Duds and Under Armour aren’t household names. Somewhere where goose down isn’t spoken of in hushed and reverent tones. Somewhere, perhaps, where the word windchill doesn’t strike fear into the heart of the stoutest Viking.

But where would I go? The ocean, while fascinating, has always felt lonely to me.


The mountains, though breathtaking, are not my home. Europe calls to me, but is that even a viable option?


I’m not a huge fan of the heat, big cities, or foods I can’t pronounce. I AM a big fan of family, security, and that indefinable feeling of belonging. My family is here. My friends are here. And while I could work most anywhere, my husband’s business is firmly set HERE. It’s kind of a trap. I can feel my children getting caught in it already. They, too, seem to be a little weary of frozen digits and subzero everything, but…their families, their friends, their jobs…. I don’t even know how to advise them. Should they bolt before it becomes even more difficult to make a change, or should they nurture the sense of community and continuity most of us seem to long for?

And how about you? Do you live in the land of your forbearers? Do you see your sister on a daily basis? Do you wish you didn’t? 🙂 And if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Honestly, if you had the choice, would you stay where you are because it’s comfortable or would you take the risk of finding somewhere better?

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11 Responses to Where in the world…

  1. Betina says:

    I live in the land of sunshine, and I love it. But my heartstill tugs toward Minnesota, where my kids both live (for now) and where my grandkids roam. If I had mucho money, I’d have a second home/place there. Maybe someday. . .

    It’s hard sometimes being away from “home.” But there are benefits. . . you learn about the sunsets and sounds and people of different places and come to love them. Your heart enlarges to accept the good in lots of people and situations you wouldn’t otherwise know.

  2. kris says:

    I grew up in Massachusetts. I’ve lived in Miami and Montgomery, AL and now live just outside of DC. The only place it wasn’t too cold for me was Miami, and I’m a beach girl. I don’t know that I’d live there again (too big a city), but I definitely like warm temps and being near the ocean.

  3. lois greiman says:

    That’s so tricky, isn’t it, Betina. I just don’t think I could leave my kids no matter how old they are…or how cold it gets. But warmer climes…whoa…gotta have ’em.

  4. michele says:

    I’ll go with you to Europe, Lois. But I’d prefer a country that speaks English just ’cause my ole brain can’t learn a new language at this point.

    I too, would love to live where it’s warm, but for some reason I am rooted to MN like one of those gnarly old weeds you can never yank out of your garden. Sigh…

  5. Mary Louise says:

    Lois: Interesting question. I have thought about living elsewhere, but I guess my roots are here. I was born in So. Boston and grew up in Quincy….. I’m still there. Yes, my family is in the area and I see them often. I love the change of seasons, even the blizzards. I love the ocean and live in a marina. I have been fortunate to have travelled to a lot of places on this planet but it is always a warm feeling to land at Logan Airport. It’s like saying ahh…. I’m home. (Having written that, I would not mind living in London for 6 months.) Question: How’s Chrissie?

  6. lois greiman says:

    Mary Louise, traveling does tend to make us realize what we have at home, doesn’t it?

    As for Chrissy, she’s being shopped around Hollywood, but hasn’t found a new publisher or a producer yet. But she’s tough, so don’t give up on her. Thanks for asking.

    • Mary Louise says:

      Wonderful news!!! Chrissie Lives!!! ( I know one person can change the world, just not the publishing world.)

  7. Great question, Lois! Difficult to answer, especially that “where would you live” part. I’ve lived so many places, I think I could live anywhere. I do feel connected in some way to many of those places, but I think it’s a connection to people and to a time in my life rather than an actual place. I have some negative feelings about some places, too, and I know those feelings have to do with time periods and other things that have probably changed. I do think that my travels have served me very well. It’s been an important part of my education, among other things.

    As the saying goes, no matter where you go, there you are.

  8. Helen Brenna says:

    Lois, I feel the same way. Too many roots to pack up and leave permanently and I would never want to be too far from my kids. Most of my brothers and sisters have left the state. They were smart – left before they had kids!

    Me? I’m stuck here at least until retirement and then I hope I can afford to go south for January and February. The rest of the year, I think, I can handle.

  9. lois greiman says:

    Kathy, I do think that travel can really broaden people’s minds even if they try to fight it. Experiences change us.

  10. lois greiman says:

    Helen, I don’t have a single sib who has left the frozen north. Isn’t that strange?

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