But It’s Clean Dirt!

I am ever lamenting my household appliances and their inability to last longer than a year.  Take my dishwasher.  Please.  🙂  It has never really understood that it should wash the dishes and return them to me clean.  How many times have I set the table, then during supper cringed as a kid cried out ‘Mom, this fork is dirty!’  ‘But it’s clean dirt,’ I reply.  It had gone through the wash, so any chunks the dishwasher didn’t dislodge were, at the very least, clean.  Sigh…

My microwave hates me, and often growls loudly as it’s boiling water for my tea.  I don’t dare stand too close for fear radiation will zap me red one day.

The ice maker in my fridge only give ice when it feels it’s necessary.  And if it could ever crush ice without landing chips all over the kitchen floor, I’d have to hug the thing.  No hugs yet.

One appliance I do adore is my Brady Bunch oven.  I call it that because it is the kind of oven that is set high, waist level, not on the floor.  Much like the oven Alice used to cook the Brady meals on the television show.  I love having an oven that height!  I hug it often (usually when it’s still warm and the house is cold).

I guess I should be thankful I have appliances.  I could be smoking my meat out in the shed, and cooking over an open fire.  Anyone else out there want to get a load off about their appliances?  I’m here to listen.  🙂


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13 Responses to But It’s Clean Dirt!

  1. Betina says:

    For the first two years of my married life, I had a dishwasher that smelled funny. Soon the garbage disposal started to reek too, and we never figured out why. I can’t tell you the boxes of soda and the piles of fresh lemons that went down that disposal! Only recently learned that the plumbing was probably wrong– no trap in the line. Yech! Thanks HGTV for that unsettling realization. It wasn’t the appliance, it was the plumbing.

    I have a new washer and dryer that I adore. They’re so quiet and so conserving– I feel virtuous every time I use them. But coffeemakers? I think they have a grudge against me. I went through them regularly (some pretty expensive gadgets, too) until this recent Keurig thing. Hard to say how long this one will work in my household, but it’s really nifty while it lasts.

    • michele says:

      Oh, Betina your plumbing story reminds me when we moved into this house 20 yrs ago, we couldn’t figure why the toilet overflowed so easily and so often. Finally, hubby bought a new toilet (old one was blue—blue!) and we discovered a calcified TV Guide right at the top of the pipe, that must have once been flushed. The things you find in your plumbing!

      • Betina says:

        Oh, Michele– a TV Guide! Somebody must have really been mad!!

        Oh, and by the way, my sister jut moved into a different house this past weekend and you won’t believe what happened today. This morning, the dishwasher overflowed in the kitchen! i\It hadn’t been used in a while and it turns out it wasn’t attached to the garbage disposal pipe like it was supposed to be. Bad plumbing again! THEN, if that weren’t enough, this afternoon the washer overflowed! Both in the same day! And on the day you blog about appliances. You’re scary, Hauf. Just don’t write about bankruptcies or losing your money any time soon! ::shiver::

  2. Helen Brenna says:

    LOL! I’m knocking on wood as I type this … I’m good with appliances except for garbage disposals. I’ve assassinated 4 or 5 of them since owning my first house. And it always seems to happen around the holidays when I’m making mashed potatoes!!! There’s something about those veggie peels …

    • michele says:

      My husband won’t let me put food in the disposal. What is with that? Isn’t that what they’re for? He gets very cranky when I do. But mashed potatoes-er, no. That starchy food does tend to clog up the pipes. I think it all comes down to plumbing, actually. The appliances are innocent! 🙂

  3. lois greiman says:

    Where do things go after meeting the garbage disposal? I’ve never understood that one. Appliances don’t hate me so much as technology. But computers make up for the lack of grudge on the appliance front. I HATE the obsolescence built into things these days.

  4. Stephenia says:

    I have a cranky ice maker too = it stops giving ice, I reset it and nothing happens. My hubby resets it and wa-la…it makes ice again!

    I have a GE handmixer from 25+ years ago that is still mixing away, gotta love it!

  5. DebraDixon says:

    Michele– You hug your oven? LOL! So funny. I don’t hug mine, but I’ve been known to stand there and open it to bask in the lovely heat.

    I tend to take my appliances for granted which I shouldn’t because I sure don’t want to be outside trying to heat quiche over an open fire!

  6. Keri Ford says:

    I am on either my 3rd or 4th washing machine and 2nd or 3rd dryer since I got married Sep. 2003. yeah. they hate me. no idea why. my clothes are not that dirty for such a fuss it causes.

  7. Doesn’t the garbage disposal stuff go with the sewage?

    Remember the good ol’ days when you knew if you paid a little extra for a certain brand it would last? When something broke down, it was worth repairing it. Daddy used to swear by Kenmore and Craftsman. Good, solid middle-class American Sears stuff. Nowadays they say most vacuum cleaners are made by the same outfit.

    My advice, ladies–get yourself a cowboy. He can fix anything that isn’t computerized. Even if it’s something he’s never seen before, he’ll figure it out. So far, pumbing isn’t computerized, and that’s a household biggie.

    • michele says:

      Or a carpenter, Kathy! Yep, anything that isn’t computerized. But show ’em a laptop or even digital camera, and they roll their eyes and excuse themselves from the room. 🙂

  8. Jacinta says:

    I had a microwave that would make all the sounds and light up but didnt actually heat anything no matter how long you left it in there for. I quickly threw it out figuring that the heat had to be going somewhere and it was possibly not going anywhere good.

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